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Things to do in Sanya

Best attractions to visit in Sanya

1. Dadonghai Bay - Sanya

Dadonghai Bay

Hainan Island in Southern China is very good tourist spot due to the city of Sanya which incorporates many beach resorts and naturally recessed bays and Dadonghai Bay is one of them. The all-weather friendly 3 km coastline of Dadonghai Bay is surrounded by grassy hills from three sides making the bay crescent-shaped. With easy commute to a place which is so naturally gifted and laced with scenic character, Dadonghai Bay is a perfect holiday destination.


2. Yalong Bay  - Sanya

Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay is located in the southeastern part of the Saniya city famous for its beaches. Yalong Bay is near to the downtown and easily accessible from there. The beach has a 7.5 coastline with cleanest waters. Do banana boating or swimming or just lie down on the beach and enjoy and absorb the golden shimmering sunlight, Yalong Bay facilitates you in every way possible. You can find many restaurants there as well to treat your taste buds.


3. Sanya Bay - Sanya

Sanya Bay

White sandy beaches with a long line-up of coconut trees swaying back and forth by tropical breeze, Sanya Bay is the biggest coastline in the city of Sanya. The beach is stretched on more than 20 km of coastline. Sanya Bay has also got an artificial resort island called Phoenix Island. Therefore Get a long walk with your loved one on the unobstructed sidewalk of Sanya Bay or dive in its clear waters. The good tropical weather makes him the favorable spot for tourists.


4. Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture - Sanya

Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture

If one is looking for Zen then Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture is a must-visit place, located 40 km in southeast of Sanya city. This tourist zone is a spectacular cultural experience for people who are intrigued by the spirituality associated with Buddhism. Circumscribed by Nanshan Mountains on one side and sea on the other, this tourist zone is imbued with Buddhist cultural references. The cuisines offered there are also healthy and nutrition enriched complementing the essence of Buddhism.


5. Luhuitou Park - Sanya

Luhuitou Park

Luhuitou Park is situated on top of hill in Luhuitou peninsula, 5 km away from Sanya Bay. The name Luhuitou literally means “the deer turning its head back” derived from a melodramatic urban legend. The park also has the sculpture designed according to that story. The park gives the breathtaking 360 degree view of seas, mountains and Sanya city. Apart from providing views, Luhuitou Park also has many spots like Lover’s Island, Immortal ponds, and an observatory deck to see comets.


6. Fenjiezhou Island - Sanya

Fenjiezhou Island

Fenjiezhou Island is located on the southeast coast of Hainan. From afar the island looks like a lady is resting on ocean’s surface that’s why fishermen there named it Sleeping beauty island. The Lingshui County form where you can get on boat to reach Fenjiezhou Island is just an hour drive for city of Sanya. Of the 8 tourist submarines all over the world, one is present here to take tourist on underwater journey around the Fenjiezhou Island.


7. Sacred Fig Woods - Sanya

Sacred Fig Woods

There is a garden of Ficus religiosa, which belongs to the species of figs, in the city of Sanya, Hainan province. The garden has hundreds of figs tree planted so orderly that walk in between them guarantees a surreal spiritual experience. The history of this tree also signifies the importance of this garden because it has been cited that Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment while mediating under the tree of Ficus religiosa hence this specific species is called sacred figs.


8. Nanshan Temple and the Goddess of Mercy - Sanya

Nanshan Temple and the Goddess of Mercy

Nanshan temple is located on the most beautiful location in Sanya City. Visit to this temple will be a treat for people who are very keen to know more about the philosophy of Buddhism. The temple has several Buddhist scriptures, artifacts and halls which are designed with the central theme of Buddhist beliefs, but towering 108 meter statue on the seashore called Goddess of Mercy is the highlight of Nanshan Temple.


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