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Things to do in Schengen

Schengen is the small wine making village and commune in south eastern Luxembourg near the trip point that has Luxembourg bordering Germany and France. There are plenty of things to do in Schengen. The two villages in the commune are Wintrage, and Remerschen. The latter makes for the largest settlement.

Schengen City

One of the coolest places to visit here would be the Schengen castle. It dates from 1390 even though it was completely rebuilt in the 19th century. It now harbors a conference center and a hotel. The beautiful city has so much to boast about but all of that seems to be overshadowed by the brilliant part it played in Europe’s history. Don’t let this sway you as there are tons of things to do in Schengen. Schengen is a small city in the eastern region of Luxembourg, which is located in Western Europe. With a total area of 31.42 square kilometers or 12.13 square miles, along with a total population of over 4,400 people, Schengen is situated just near the border of Germany and France and is the very city in which the Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985. There are many things to do in Schengen. If you are considering a visit the city for your next tourist destination, Schengen Castle is one place you should definitely explore. The Castle dates back to late 14th century but was redeveloped centuries later. Today, the Schengen Castle is a conference center and hotel, but it is as much of an icon of medieval Europe today as it was in the past. If you ever thought there are not enough things to do in Schengen, Schengen Castle is definitely the answer for you. Upon visiting the castle, you will get to witness the beauty of its gardens as well as the spectacular architecture of the medieval castle. Other things to do in Schengen include going on a fact-finding adventure at the European Museum Schengen, which contains vast amounts of information of countries within the Schengen Area. Exploring the Museum is relatively quick and can provide you with lots of useful information you did not know about.

Schengen agreement

One of its most significant attractions is the European museum that was opened in 2010. This was built more than two decades post the Schengen treaty that was meant to create Centre Europeen. The permanent exhibition that this place hosts displays the importance of the Schengen Agreement, as well as the history of the area. You might even get to see videos and footage from the time this treaty was signed, and see everyone who played a major part in it. Schengen has lots to offer to tourists. It is the city where the Schengen Agreement was signed by six European countries in 1985, which has given birth to a borderless and passport free Europe. Any person who obtains a Schengen Visa is allowed to visit any of the 22 member countries. In addition, Schengen is ideal for tourism. There are many hotels tourists have the opportunity to stay in. Some of these include the Chateau de Schengen hotel, which is ideally located near the motorway complete with comfortable living amenities and facilities. You can also stay at the Hotel Casino 2000, well known for its splendidly large rooms and friendly customer service. The rooms give off an aromatic vibe that is perfect for relaxation and comfort. Another hotel that you can stay in is the Victor’s Residenz – Hotel Schloss Berg. This hotel provides you a spectacular view of the lush green hills and clear blue sky. The buildings’ illuminating blue roofs gives an exquisite appearance is reminiscent of medieval European buildings. Furthermore, Schengen has plenty of other points of interest that can captivate tourists. Among these include the European Museum Schengen and the Haff Reimech. So if you ever decide to visit Schengen, be sure to check out these places.


Things to do in Schengen - Schengen Castle

Things to do in Schengen  - Schengen Castle

Schengen Castle is situated in the town of Schengen in the south-east of Luxembourg near the fringes with France and Germany. Dating from 1390 however totally modified in the nineteenth century, it was lodging and gathering focus until it was sold to Regus in 2016. The fourteenth century invigorated stronghold was torn around the industrialist Jean-Nicolas Collart in 1812 who constructed a private villa in its place. All that stayed of the medieval building was its round focal tower. The mansion's most acclaimed guest was surely Victor Hugo who went by the Collarts in 1871 and made an outline of the old tower.


Things to do in Schengen - European Museum Schengen

If you ever wondered about the things to do in Shengen, taking a trip to the European Museum Schengen should be sufficient reason for visiting the birthplace of the Schengen Agreement. The European Museum Schengen is a state-of-the-art center providing vast amounts of information on Schenger member countries. There are many things to do in European Museum Schengen. Upon visiting, you will be able to experience the joy of entering an incredibly modern facility with exceptional lighting and décor, reminiscent of a futuristic design. Here you can obtain all the important information about the activities of the European Union. You can also partake in guided tours, through which you will be able to cover all types of details and guidelines about the Schengen Area, including its member countries, and its borders. The Museum also has its very own cafeteria, which is ideal for stopping by and munching on your favorite snacks and tea or coffee. The museum’s opening hours are between 10 am and 5 pm every day in months November to March. From April to October, the opening hours are between 10 am and 6 pm. Visiting the museum is a great way to know more about the history and significant of Schengen and the Schengen Agreement.


Things to do in Schengen - Haff Reimech

Do you want to visit Schengen but not sure if there are many things to do in Schengen? Enter Haff Reimech. This is a nature reserve which houses a wide variety of animal and plant species. Although its environment is not natural, Haff Reimech’s large sand mining and gravel provide a unique habitat to preserve the many species of plant and wildlife. The reserve contains a wide collection of amphibians, insects, mammals, birds, along with plants, such as poppies, water lilies, bur reeds and much more. There are many things to do in Haff Reimech that are not easily available in other Schengen attractions. Firstly, the site is a haven for animal and plant lovers. If you are a student of biology or have a general passion for animal protection and the preservation of species, this is definitely a place you should visit with your friends. If you have children, Haff Reimech can be a wonderful opportunity for them to explore the many different kinds of wildlife and plants. In the case of animals, there are plenty that you can watch including wild pigs, boars, muskrats, toads, lizards, turtles, frogs, and snakes. Furthermore, the site is a great place to take photos of picturesque landscape views, especially during sunset.