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Things to do in Seoul

Best attractions to visit in Seoul

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace - Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace

This is the largest of the five grand palaces of Joseon dynasty that they built. Originally built in 1395, it used to be the home of the kings and the government of Joseon. Sadly, these premises were destroyed by fires in the Imjin war but all 7700 rooms were rebuilt later. It consists of the king’s rooms, the throne hall, and several other dwellings that take the onlookers back into the time of the Joseons. The architecture boasts the royalty of ancient Korean culture. It also houses the National Folk Museum of Korea.


2. Jogyesa - Seoul


In the order of Korean Buddhism the order of Jogye has Jogyesa as its chief temple. Originally built in 1395 in the times of Joseon dynasty, its modern rendition was made in 1910. Located near the Gyeongbokgung Palace, it also has an ancient white pine tree in its ground. This tree is South Korea’s Natural Monument no. 9. The Jogyesa temple is a place of religion and history and as part of the historically important places in the country it bears importance for the locals and is a tourist attraction for visitors.


3. Coex Aquarium - Seoul

Coex Aquarium

For those who are fond of marine life, this is a place they can’t afford miss to see if they make a visit to South Korea. The Coex Museum impresses visitors with its underground marine tunnels that are presented in a manner that leaves tourists in awe. 90 tanks contain 40,000 creatures from 650 species, divided into themed areas such as Garden of Korea, Fish in Wonderland Amazonia world, and 13 other themes arranged in a specific touring order.


4. Grevin Muesum - Seoul

Grevin Muesum

Also known as Musee Grevin, this wax museum is an amazing tourist attraction located on the right bank of Siene River in Paris. It is named after its first art director Alferd Grevin and was incepted in 1882. It consists of wax statues of notable persons from French history such as Charlemagne and Napoleon as well as sports stars such as Zinedine Zidane and those from entertainment industry. It also has a mirror maze and a magic show theatre to have a great time at.


5. Gwanghwamun Sqaure - Seoul

Gwanghwamun Sqaure

Also known as the Gwanghwamun Plaza, it is a pedestrian friendly open space for people of the city of Seoul. An open space for centuries of Korean history, it was converted into a proper 16-Lane road in the 20th century and is a tourist attraction for it is also the location of the six ministries. Its outstanding and astounding feature is the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin, a war hero who led Koreans to victory over the Japanese.


6. Gwangiang Market - Seoul

Gwangiang Market

Formerly named Dongdaemun, this is amongst the largest and oldest traditional markets in Seoul with more than 20,000 employees in over 5,000 shops. This market is built over 42,000 meters and has a daily footfall of around 65,000. Historically, this is the first daily market in South Korea when others were just temporary. It has groceries, fruits, fish clothing, handicrafts, kitchenware, souvenirs, and many more categories of items to buy. Traditional Korean cuisine is also available at stalls and restaurants.


7. Insa Dong Street - Seoul

Insa Dong Street

South Korea’s food for Seoul can be found in a neighborhood that is commonly known as Insadong. Whether you prefer street food or a restaurant, Insa Dong Street has all. Dotting the street are emporiums known for their rich tea culture, galleries for art enthusiasts, souvenir shops, as well as vendors showcasing an assortment of antiquities and ceramic goods. Located in the city of Seoul’s Jongno-gu district, Insadong-gil with its network of alleyways attends to both traditionalists and tourists alike.


8. The N Tower - Seoul

The N Tower

Towering over Seoul with a height of 236 meters, the N Seoul Tower is a telecommunications and broadcasting tower. It was built in 1971 and has served as the first general radio wave tower in Korea Republic. Apart from the observatory it consists of a café, Children’s theatre, photo studio, and a revolving restaurant. It is situated at the Nasman Mountain and is reachable by a cable car up the mountain for tourists. Its day and nighttime panoramic views are perfect for photographers


9. The National Folk Mueseum of Korea - Seoul

The National Folk Mueseum of Korea

Located in Gyeongbokgung Palace in Jongno-gu, Seoul, this is a historical museum that consists of replicas of objects that are used to depict history, tradition, and life of Korean people. Its original location was Mount Namsan’s site but it was moved to its present location in 1993. Its might led to its merging with the National Museum of South Korea, which is the country’s national museum. Like the objects inside, the building’s design itself is inspired from many historical buildings throughout South Korea. The museum contains 98,000 artifacts.


10. Lock your love at Soeul Tower - Seoul

Lock your love at Soeul Tower

On the second portion of the N Tower is Seoul, which is the N Plaza the second floor has a strange yet amazing place .It’s called Trees of Love Locks. Strange but true, these love locks are declarations of love made by couples (or even singles) made eternal by locking them. There are specially designated areas where people can leave put locks with messages to their loved ones and these locks include padlocks, cell phone covers and even paper pieces. It’s a unique act that locals take quite religiously.


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