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Things to do in Sfax

Sfax is considered to be one of Tunisia’s main commercial hubs and is a bustling city. Boasting a number of attractions, the city is a great place for any tourist who wishes to take in the local culture and explore the stunning walled Medina. Besides fun day trips, Sfax also has unique architecture. All in all, a trip to the city will leave you with lasting memories you can cherish for years to come.

Sfax attractions

Sfax is a fine city that was established around 849 AD on the old ruins of Taparura and Thaenae. The city is the capital of a Governorate and it is quite large with a population of around 340,000 people. It is a port city and is famous for having the phosphate industry. One of the primary things to do in Sfax is to enjoy fishing as it is the largest fishing port in the whole of Tunisia. The city is a famous trading center on the Mediterranean and services many inland places in Tunisia. Among some other things to do in Sfax, the visiting of its farms that produce olives remain quite high on the “to do” list of visitors. It is casually termed as the second capital of Tunisia due to its economic and administrative importance. There are also other things to do in Sfax such as enjoying the Arab calligraphy that is practiced as an important art in this region. Sfax is the second largest city in Tunisia and one of the best things to do in Sfax is to visit the Bab Diwan which marks the entry into Medina, the city center. It is the most important landmark of Sfax.

Places to visit in Sfax

Sfax is especially a wonderful city for tourists. There are so many places to visit in Sfax for a tourist. The city has a small Medina, which is a place often full of tourists that come from all around the world. The Kasbah which was added more recently in the 17th Century is also a nice landmark in the city and receives many visitors. One of the best things to do in Sfax is visiting the Folk Museum. It is an amazing museum that describes the history of the region. It is housed in a great two storey mansion which belonged to a wealthy Andalusian family. One of the different places to visit in Sfax is the Commonwealth War Cemetery that has graves of soldiers from both World Wars. The French section of the city is also very beautiful and visiting it should be included in the things to do in Sfax list of tourists. The “Second City” of Tunisia has so much on offer that it requires at least a week to fully enjoy all the landmarks and historical places that are littered around the historical city of Sfax. There are amazing places to visit in Sfax such as the Grand Mosque and the archaeological site of Thyna.

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