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Things to do in Shanghai

With a population of more than 24 million people, Shanghai is not only the most populated cities in China; it is also the most populated cities in the world. Shanghai has always enjoyed a great prestige in China in terms of culture. The resurgence of China in the past few decades as an economic powerhouse has resulted in the city becoming one of the major financial and trade centers of the world.

Shanghai China

The fast moving city of Shanghai is bustling with tourists enjoying the city, visiting different places, and exploring them. A few things to do in Shanghai include a ride on the Shanghai Maglev Train, which is something one would not want to miss out on. Mag-lev, or the magnetic levitation train, gives a ride from the international airport to the main city, and goes up 430 km/h, reaching the destination in about 8 minutes. A walk in the Fuxing Park is also something touristy. Taking a stroll with your loved ones, enjoying the beauty of the park is a must, when it comes to things to do in Shanghai. The Shanghai Museum, which holds the country’s 5000 year old history, is a must visit as well. The Chinese history has fascinated various people and visiting their museums is interesting for all kinds of people. The Chinese cuisine is definitely an obligation to taste. The Din Tai Fung provides an exquisite range of dumplings, which are simply mouth watering. After a long day of travelling, a massage is perfect to end the day. The famous “Green Massage” provides the ultimate relaxation experience. It may not be soothing at first, but after a bit, you start to enjoy the experience.

What to do in shanghai

The city of Shanghai has various places to visit. The Chen Yi Monument, for e.g. was named after Chen Yi, who was a mayor of Shanghai and served as a foreign minister of China. His statue, known as the Chen Yi monument, is located at The Bund, which is home to numerous historical buildings. The City God Temple of Shanghai, also known as the Chenghuang Miao, the City God Temple of Shanghai is found in the old walled city, with over a hundred shops and stored found in the area. The Gaoyang International Cruise Terminal is an underground placed facility, which has a bubble shaped glass covering over it. The infrastructure of the building is quite eye catching and attracts many tourists. The terminal mainly serves as a transportation station. Another tourists’ attraction includes the Jing'an Sculpture Park. It is a sculpture park, which houses a variety of different sculptures, making it an interesting visit for many. A temple is also found in the same district, which is the Jing’an District. The Jing'an Temple is a Buddhist temple, which literally translates to “the temple of Peace and Tranquility”.


It’s extensively perceptible for its skyline, sited on the waterfront and one of the world's most stirring urban areas where modernism occurs together with antiquated conventions and traditions. At day time you can explore brilliant view of Pudong Skyline under high rise structure.

It is presently rapidly recovering its position as one of the greatest financial powerhouses on the planet. This town is turning into a showcase of present day structural planning and is rapidly gathering an accumulation of sky reaching to structures. Skyline consists of manmade structures and natural landscapes and the Pudong Skyline is perfect in all the way. In the midst of your trip of this town kindly don't miss the Pudong Skyline broadly noticeable for its skyline in morning and night.

If we discuss about night view of skyline than it’s a truly majestic, brighten buildings on the waterfront gives terrific view of skyline. So explore night perspective of skyline in any event once in the midst of your visit and catch all staggering view in your camera.

The Bund is also called the Waitan in Shanghai. It is the water front area in the city and offers a famous tourist destination for people to come and enjoy the luxury of the city. The area runs along a section of the Zhongshan Road and such is its popularity that it has been featured in multiple movies. The Bund has several attractions for the people including Pedestrian transit tunnels which are decorated by eccentric lighting. The river area is a good place to sing, eat and enjoy the beauty of the water front in Shanghai.

The Chinese value their struggle for revolution and that is marked best by the Monument to the People’s Heroes. The Monument is made to remember and pay homage to the men and women who lost their lives in the struggle for revolution in the 19th and the 20th Century. The monument lies south of the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and has the Tiananmen Square on the south. Tourists can visit the impressive 10 story obelisk to read about the history of the revolution.


Chen Yi Monument

Chen Yi Monument

As mentioned earlier, the Chen Yi monument is located on The Bund. The Bund is located on the waterfront in Shanghai, and is said to have a number of historical buildings and monuments in it. There are many things to do in the Chen Yi Monument and surrounding areas, especially if you are taking a walking tour.

Photography is the most common activity observed, where hundreds of people are found exploring the area and taking numerous pictures of the monument. The monument was created as a tribute to the former Mayor. It is generally a place for sightseeing purposes, where friends and family have a good time exploring the vast culture of ancient China. It is considered one of the most interesting things to do in China.

If you want to explore the old and the new Shanghai, then head to the Chen Yi Statue. When walking in this area, you will get to witness the beautiful colonial era architecture and buildings. And if you head to the broadwalk area, you will get the best of both eras including the rustic colonial buildings and the modern skyscrapers. The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the modern buildings in the area.

On the off chance that you are exceptionally inspired by the scenes of Shanghai, Shanghai travel will turn into your best decision for your vacation. You can exploring this glorious park amid your Shanghai travel, and is loaded with miracles and energizing.

As the most impel European-style cultivate, the Huangpu Park Sculpture records Chinese past, which allure outsiders. Being conceived in 1886, this park is an old witness of the vital undertakings and occasions of Shanghai.

The Huangpu Park Sculptures are commended one and urge voyagers to consider the histories of those statues. Amid your Shanghai travel, you could meet extensive scale stone help, which is 120 meters in length and 3.8 meter high. It respects advising the truth to tell the guests the genuine important history occasions. The arranged sculptures are fragile wreath plan, which speaks to the remembrance the Shanghai individuals to progressive saints. These reliefs could be separated into seven gatherings and 97 run of the mill characters, which all communicated the immense battle results.

HSBC Building, the Bund likewise called Huifeng Building and Shifu Building, HSBC Building used to be the workplace of Shanghai Municipal Government. HSBC Building is the most attractive one among the intriguing building groups.

The compositional development has a spot with the steel framework, and the outside is made of the squares and woods. Moreover, the inside of the HSBC Building, the Bund, is highlighted with traditional styles like the ionic sections, the marble-cleared floor, bosom wall and columns.

HSBC Building, the Bund has the most progressive central heating and cooling equipment. It used to be a branch of HSBC in Shanghai; Shanghai HSBC Building was profoundly remarked by the American to be most choice structural planning. Another highlighted scene in HSBC Building is eight vast wall depictions included many beautiful mosaic parts with a few square centimeters spread-out.

It’s another eminent region of this dynamic town, interestingly this site is take you back in history of the town. Amidst of your visit you will find old but well retained structure which unquestionably entice you. Lots of eminent architecture sited in this region.

It's extremely convenient to arrive by taking ride of lovely water crafts of the town, on the off chance that you are not interested by vessels than different alternatives likewise accessible to arrive. Just to explore this old and well-kept edifice there is a street on waterfront, amidst of exploring here you can find every kind of tourist across the world. In huge crowd while exploring, you will definitely get a memorable experience.

Bund Observatory additionally prominent among the sweethearts gives extremely sentimental view in day and night time, so lovers can spend quality time here. The Bund Observatory was implicit 1907 on the west side of the Huangpu River in town, and one of numerous recorded structures along the Bund.

The Zhongshan Road is the dream come true location for most shoppers. The place offers some of the best cuisine, shops for luxury and affordable day to day items and anything and everything that you want to buy. The road is an exclusively walk only road which is because of the hustling and bustling nature of the street. The types of shops differs, you can find clothes, cafes, souvenirs and good food all in one relatively small street. Tourists can enjoy a cup of green tea as they have their stuff packed.

The Waibaidu Bridge is the first and perhaps the only surviving example of the camelback truss bridge. The bridge is also referred to as the Garden Bridge in English and it was created back in the 1856. The bridge offers an all steel way of crossing over the Huangpu River. It is now more than a simple bridge owing to all the history that it comes with. It is a constant in the skyline of the city and tourists can enjoy multiple photographs in the area.

The Yu Fashion garden is a unique take on a market. It is not just a place to shop that is spread out across a vast field. The shopping market offers more than simple shops, it provides a sanctuary of sorts for shoppers, where they can enjoy, relax and make the most of their time. There is an option of lounging around if tourists and visitors are tired of going through the garden’s plethora of fashion brands and clothe shops.