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Things to do in Shanghai

Best attractions to visit in Shanghai

21. Shanghai Exhibition Center - Shanghai

Shanghai Exhibition Center

Shanghai Exhibition Center offers a vast scale meeting and presentation administrations for critical political, financial, science & innovation and social exercises. This spot was located up with the endorsement of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Shanghai Exhibition Epicenter (SEC). Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC) has an aggregate floor space of 81,000 square meters, of which 22,500 square meter is open for display purposes. It gives you the most innovative offices, systems administration and ventilation frameworks. Not just this, it additionally comprises of gathering rooms, eateries, coffeehouses and parcel of adequate stopping office. Shanghai Exhibition Center is isolated into two edifices, the Northern part Includes Preliminary Gallery, No. 1 East Colonnade, No. 1 West Chamber and No. 2 West Gallery. The Southern part figures an exhibition region. SEC is a flawless site for gathering, display and huge scale occasion in Shanghai. Shanghai Exhibition Center is the absolute approach to deal with the past presences of the city.


22. The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center - Shanghai

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is the center and colossal appearance of the downtown area that takes up a full upper floor. It is located at the People's Square; it indicates present and future improvement and its greatness. Extent over five stories, with one makeshift show space that progressions each three to four months, the historical center displays Shanghai's urban reestablishment. The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center has numerous capacities, for example, display, reference, study, statement, diversion and excitement. The fundamental body of this building covers Shanghai's improvement from old times to the present and future. There is a little model towards the Shanghai passageway, not to be mixed up with its big brother upstairs. The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is very well known, and visitors can easily reach it by boarding the local conveyance of the city. There, you will discover shops, tea-houses and eateries in the storm cellar, presented as a duplication of a 1930s Shanghai Street.


23. Jing'an Sculpture Park - Shanghai

Jing an Sculpture Park

With its greenery and big sculptures, there are various things to do at Jing’an Sculpture Park. One can enjoy the beauty, and spend some quality time with your friends or family, photographing the sculptures. Located in the north of Jing’an, one can walk freely on the grass as well. It is also home to the National History Museum of Shanghai, which was inaugurated in 2015. With an entrance fee of 30 RMB, the park is as beautiful as it gets. The attraction of the sculptures makes visiting one of the most important things to do in China. The various sculptures and works of art are displayed in quite an interesting way inside the park. You can admire the beauty of these structures, but going close to them or touching them is prohibited. The Urban Fox designed by Alex Rinsler, is one of the most impressive sculptures to look at. This huge fox sculpture is 8 meters wide and 7 meters high. The fox calmly sits on a red shipping container and is a representation of the increasing number of foxes entering into urban areas of Britain, Another great structure to admire in the park is the “Tour" by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, which is an old gothic style steel building.


24. Taipingqiao Park - Shanghai

Taipingqiao Park

Taipingqiao Park happens to be a prominent top pick places in the tourists list. It is a best peaceful spot in whole area, people love to come this place after their busy schedule of work. The delightful regions of the Taipingqiao Park covers a sum of 44,000 square meters, and you will see its every last bit is really perfect and great. Tall trees and a lot of low lying greens are among the trimmings that enhance this park. Inside of this peaceful bit of heaven there is a tremendous lake. The magnificence of this lake is overpowering; for settled in the heart of this structure is a rich wellspring and 2 fascinating islets named magnolia and harmony, stunningly drifting at first glance. A long 1200 meter way makes a lovely bend cut onto the lake. This prompts the Shikumen compound quiet a building miracle itself that stands as the most recent image of the city of Shanghai.


25. Shanghai Underground - Shanghai

Shanghai Underground

Shanghai Underground is a quick, protected, comfortable and helpful method of transportation for going around Shanghai. By the help of Shanghai Underground, you can reach some of your top list to visit and it is currently working with 14-tunnel line. Voyagers can take a solitary tramline or make exchange uninhibitedly between specific lines. You are advise to obtain a ticket at you're beginning terminus, in light of the fact that it is more advantageous and the ticket toll is much lesser than that you obtain two tickets at you're starting and exchange depot. This pass is not required to be returned after use so passenger could keep it as a souvenir. There are two sorts of exchanges: physical exchange and virtual exchange, for a physical exchange, voyagers can exchange between tram lines without leaving the station. When you get off the train, please recall not to leave the gate of Shanghai Underground.


26. Shanghai Ferry - Shanghai

Shanghai Ferry

It is another exciting way of traveling across the town. On the off chance that you are going to explore this town than why not know-how Shanghai ship to explore this site trust me your outing will gives you an exceptional experience. So start your trip with colorful ferry of the town, there are huge number of ferries available in the town. You can choose ship as indicated by your decisions and keep in mind to catch picture with your family and close ones. Ships will cover all real vacationer destination of the town which you have specified in your list of things to get. There are number of flyover, passages, and subways are constructed, individuals have substantially more options when going by ship. Shanghai ferry assume a foremost part in the city's conveyance with the goal that it turn out to be powerful method for passage. Perfect time to visit Shanghai ferry is the November time, in the midst of these months climate keeps calm.


27. Shanghai River Cruise - Shanghai

Shanghai River Cruise

Shanghai River Cruise is one of the most interesting spot to witness both the old and present day Shanghai. Cruising on the Shanghai River Cruise begins from the Shiliupu Pier toward the south of the Bund, going along the interesting spots of the New Bund and so on. The most common course of Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise trip takes exactly 60 minutes, there are also 2hrs and 3hrs trip for those who have more time to explore the river. The 3hrs voyage sail along the Huangpu to the mouth of the Yangzi River and back takes into the most leisurely and complete energy about the stream. What's more, the 2-hr trip at Shanghai River Cruise stops at Nanpu Bridge further on the north, both exceptionally graceful suspension bridges (a bridge uncovers its excellence more promptly when seen from the side, which is the outlook that gave by Huangpu River Cruise).


28. Lujiazui - Shanghai


The finance sector of Shanghai is home to 3 sky scrapers, namely the Shanghai World Finance Trade Center, The Jin Mao Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. They have the most number of tourists visiting them for different purposes. The Financial Center, for instance, holds an exhibition of photographs from the National Geographic Society on the building’s 94th floor. The same building also has the world’s highest Chinese restaurant, accompanied by a swimming pool and a hotel. All this adds to things to do in China by a tourist. The Jin Mao Tower, on the other hand, has some tourism programs as well. A “Monkey-Themed” fair is held during a new Lunar year, to celebrate the Year of Monkey. The Oriental Pearl provides a breath taking view of the Huangpu River and the foreign architecture present on the Bund. It has a 5D movie theatre, along with Asia’s largest indoor roller coaster. These are a few things to do at Lujiazui. When in Lujiazui, you will find many interesting places to visit including the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Pudong Riverside Promenade and Park, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, A day out in this financial district will keep you entertained and the many restaurants and gift shops in the area are great for some relaxing time.


29. Shanghai World Financial Center - Shanghai

Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Finance Center is the marvel of the world in terms of architectural brilliance. The fourth tallest building in China and the 8th tallest in the world, the building is made up of several different layers of commercial activity. The ground floor has a shopping mall which can be used to shop and it offers an observation deck where tourists can take a view of the Shanghai city from the top of the building almost 474m above the ground.


30. Shanghai Panoramic View From the Pearl Tower - Shanghai

Shanghai Panoramic View From the Pearl Tower

Experience the Shanghai Panoramic View from the Pearl Tower and you will always remember the most astonishing moment of your lifetime. The tower contains of six fundamental parts and three huge sections the first circle is entitled bottom-ball the second circle known as upper ball, and thirdly the circle named space case, other 5 little circles, basement and the square. There is a transparent display lift between the sections offering a peaceful decent perspective of Shanghai and was the first completely transparent lift on the planet. Shanghai Panoramic View from the Pearl Tower is so amazing that it will refresh your mind for a moment. It has turned into a typical bit of building design and a most loved sight for sightseers in Shanghai. The tower also features an unexceptional rotating cafeteria, situated at 876 feet, and the Shanghai Municipal History Museum, a gem of an exhibit tucked away in the tower’s basement.


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