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Things to do in Shanghai

Best attractions to visit in Shanghai

31. Shanghai Municipal History Museum - Shanghai

Shanghai Municipal History Museum

China is one of the oldest countries in the world, the Shanghai Municipal History Museum is a place that tries to portray all about Chinese history in a matter of few rooms. Spread out over a vast area, the museum takes tourists and locals alike through the various layers of Chinese history and culture. You are allowed to take pictures and marvel at the stunning and rich history displayed at the museum. The Museum is made up of multiple rooms and floors and each area is assigned to specific period in history.


32. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Shanghai

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium comprises of two pyramid shaped structures, a fundamental building and an annexed. The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has a setup of four submerged passages, the peculiar subsea tunnels with moving walkways and Omni bearing touring windows of 160 degrees and 270 degrees make viewers feel like they are specifically remaining in the scene. There are thousands of rare fish to see like the most typical ones is the toxin dart frogs, emperor penguins and albino sea basses and so on. It is intended to make accessible the knowledge and see all the sea animals that can be found in the entire of Asia Pacific. It additionally shows the geography and culture of their natural places by images, voices, and so on. The above chambers are large and well maintained and illuminated that it feels like your walking under water with the fish swimming overhead. For the most interesting part the aquarium gives a journey to visit covering the globe.


33. Gaoyang International Cruise Terminal - Shanghai

Gaoyang International Cruise Terminal

Located at the waterfront, the Gaoyang International Cruise Terminal has a state of the art building which catches the eye of any passerby. There are many things to do at the Gaoyang International Cruise Terminal, but the first and foremost one includes travelling. People visit other places from this cruise terminal and photography of the glass façade building is observed by many tourists. Travelling from here is quite fun-filled, which makes it one of the most fascinating things to do in China. People travelling to China don’t miss out visiting this impressive site as it is a treat to watch. Its location along the Huangpu River is another plus as the visitors get to witness beautiful views of the surroundings. The architecture of this terminal is an addition to the already-impressive Shanghai’s diversified buildings. There is also a public park in the urban district of Gao Yang, which is great for some outdoor recreation and fun. If you are visiting this place, you will get to find a lot of activities to stay busy all day long. The park is along the river, making it a much more thrilling park with a dynamic range of activities for tourists.


34. Tianzifang - Shanghai view 360

360 virtual tour

35. Yuyuan Market - Shanghai view 360

360 virtual tour
Yuyuan Market

Yuyuan Market of shanghai is very attractive and amazing market. There is overhead ten hypermarket running in the highways. You can purchase a number of remembrances or section limited refreshments. Markets are the best ways to get connected with the past lives of the city and the Yuyuan Market is one of them to attract outsiders. “Yu” means peaceful and “Yuan” means round. Yuyuan market is nonviolent and brilliant abode in shanghai. Today the bazaar is the demonstrative advertisement of the Old Shanghai. Several citizens and visitors go to buy the unique objects. And other side grab a taster to eat at one of the several restaurants. It is alienated into two fragments by Guanyi Path. The eastern segment outspreads to Renmin Path and the western segment to Henan Path. The Lane was an Old Way collecting all the 360 crafts of China. There are several wine shops, cinemas, teahouses, etc.


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