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View Jing'an Temple in 360 virtual tour

Jing'an Temple-1 Jing'an Temple-1
Jing'an Temple-2 Jing'an Temple-2
Jing'an Temple-3 Jing'an Temple-3
Jing'an Temple-4 Jing'an Temple-4
Jing'an Temple-5 Jing'an Temple-5
Jing'an Temple-6 Jing'an Temple-6
Jing'an Temple-7 Jing'an Temple-7
Jing'an Temple-8 Jing'an Temple-8

Translating literally to the “Temple of Peace and Tranquility”, there are several things to do at the Jing’an Temple. Once a year, a temple fair is held in remembrance of Buddha’s birthday. During the ancient times, villagers used to come and sell handcrafted goods, along with specialty products. Now when held, this fair lasts three days and is one of the most anticipated things to do in China. People from near and far come to worship at the different halls, and ever since, the temple fair has become a tradition, held on annual basis. Other than this, the temple is open for worshipping purposes all year round. It is considered a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. While visiting this place, one can enjoy the calligraphy and painting in the Exhibition Hall of Buddhist Relics, by the Eight Eccentric Painters of Yangzhou. There is a Temple Fair held once every year. The temple features three main halls including the Mahavira Hall, the Three Sage Hall, and the Hall of Heavenly. Inside the temple you will witness Mainland China’s biggest Sakyamuni pure jade portrait. This portrait reaches a height of 12 ft and is quite impressive to look at.