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Things to do in Sigatoka

A small town in Fiji, Sigatoka is on the island of Viti Levu and is found on the Sigatoka River. It is 61 kilometers from Nadi and has a population of around 9600 people, according to the census in 2007. It is the urban sector of the province of Nadroga Navosa.

Sigatoka Fiji

As mentioned earlier on, the boating experience on the Sigatoka River is quite a fun-filled experience for tourists. It also houses the Kula Eco Park, which helps endangered species. Among the various things to do in Sigatoka, visiting the Naihehe Caves is a must too. An off road experience, the journey provides you with a rush of excitement, and various stories told by the Fijian villagers themselves. They share the hundred year old history of Fiji. The entire experience ends with a scrumptious meal and a fun-filled day. Other things to do in Sigatoka include going and exploring the magnificent Sigatoka sand dunes. Another historical site, with a rich history, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes shows the remains of an old civilization. The place has a very rugged look, with shrubs and wines. Lastly, shopping in Fiji is a must too. Since it is an economical place, the items available at big hotels are found here at lesser rates. The handicrafts sold here are so rare, they cannot be found at any other tourists’ market. Their flamboyant skirts and shirts are quite light and breezy. Also, perishable items like vegetables and fruits can be found in abundance too.

Eco adventures

There are various places in Sigatoka, which one can visit and enjoy. Kula Eco Park is such an example. The Kula Eco Park, as stated above, is a natural home to the endangered species. Here animals are bred and taken care of so that they do not become extinct. The tourists are also encouraged to help the authorities and saving these animals and birds. The safari experience on the Sigatoka River Safari provides the ultimate river fun-filled time, which can be enjoyed while exploring the clean waters of the river and admiring the beautiful marine life living under. A visit at the famous Sigatoka Sand Dunes is a must too. Although it is not a place for all, but all those people who enjoy cultural heritage and history, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes hold the ancient civilization of Fiji, making it rich in culture. Visually it may not be appealing but otherwise, it is a beautiful place. The Mango Bay Resort provides a luxiourius, yet down to earth experience for its visitors, and serves to provide an interesting experience for all visitors. The 12-acre resort provides many modern day facilities like free wifi, tea and coffee makers. It also offers free scrumptious breakfasts and a range of activities.


Things to do in Sigatoka - Sigatoka River Safari

Things to do in Sigatoka - Sigatoka River Safari

River safari itself is one of the most exciting things to do in Sigatoka River Safari. The fresh clear waters show the beautiful marine life present under the boats. The over-all experience also includes a trip to the Sigatoka Valley, which has a vast plantation of an array of fruits and vegetables. A fun-filled and entertaining night is spent while enjoying this experience, making it one of the most anticipated things to do in Fiji.

And if you are in search of a day of outdoors entertainment in Fiji, then this is the best place to visit. You can take a jet boat to explore the breathtaking landscapes surrounding the valley. When you make a stop at the traditional village of Sigatoka you will get to witness the beautiful and unique culture, and the way the people of the village get by. During the tour you will experience the taste of the village food prepared by the women of the village. Here you can take part in the Kava tasting ceremony while enjoying songs or simply dancing to the tunes being played. Being seated and eating with the Fijian village people will be the best thing you experience during the entire trip.


Things to do in Sigatoka - Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Things to do in Sigatoka - Sigatoka Sand Dunes

For a rich and cultural trip, a visit to the Sigatoka Sand Dunes is a must. Established in 1987, one of the most interesting things to do in the Sigatoka Sand Dunes is experiencing and learning history, with first hand information shared by the villagers themselves. A 2 hour walk is recommended to experience the dunes with full fervor.

The park has a few archaeological sites with artifacts and bird watching programs in the dry forests. Along with this, it also runs a volunteer “Native program”, which basically includes planting native trees. All this makes it a popular destination, since this shows how one definitely has many things to do in Fiji.

These massive dunes have become popular amongst adventurous tourists who want to take part in various adventurous activities. When in this place, you will get to witness uncovered pottery that dates back more than 2,600 years. The Sigatoka Sand Dunes is also the place of one of the largest burial sites in the entire Pacific region, which is in itself a great thing to explore. Because Fiji is widely popular for its numerous breathtaking landscapes, these dunes standout from all other tourist spots for its archeological relevance.


Things to do in Sigatoka - Mango Bay Resort

Things to do in Sigatoka - Mango Bay Resort

There are not many things to do at the Mango Bay Resort, except for just having a relaxing time with your loved one(s). A peaceful and tranquility filled environment is found, where you have a modern as well as out-dated experience. While staying at the resort, you will get free wifi and proper netting throughout the site to save you from mosquitoes. Attached baths are also there with the suites. However, there is no air-conditioning provided and the people tend to enjoy the environment with just ceiling fans.

If you want to spend your vacations admiring the beauty of nature, then you will find many things to do in Fiji, and if you are looking for a decent place to stay, you should choose the Mango Bay Resort. There is plenty of land around the resort, which means that you will get a chance to enjoy outdoor recreation in the most exciting way. This resort is ideal for those who want their time in Fiji to be thrilling and packed with adventures. The gorgeous blue sea and white sand near the resort will keep you feeling excited throughout your stay. Fish feeding, beach volleyball, snorkeling, crab racing, and kayaking are among the many outdoor activities offered by the resort.


Things to do in Sigatoka - Kula Eco Park

Things to do in Sigatoka - Kula Eco Park

There are several things to do in Kula Eco Park. It provides a natural environment to the animals and birds on the islands of Fiji. These species of animals are mostly extinct and need to be saved in order to avoid full extinction. The tourists visiting the place are also asked to be helpful in looking after these animals, which live in a natural habitat that is provided to them. Other than this, it has a rope bridge which links the park to the vegetable and fruit plantation, providing fresh and exquisite vegetables. This is one of the most interesting things to do in Fiji.

This breathtaking park is one of Fiji’s most attractive tourist spots that is also a breeding ground for endangered species. If you want to learn about the natural habitat and life of many animals, take a tour of this park. Head onto the suspension bridges that will give you a great view of the park and its beauty from a great perspective. The park successfully breeds endangered iguanas and then releases them into the wild to populate the area which is their natural habitat. You will also witness some breathtaking natural streams and live corals in the park.