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Things to do in Sinnamary

French Guiana is a French Department that is located on the northern side of South America. It is commonly termed as just Guiana. It has a land area of over 83,000 square kilometers but a very low population of around 250,000. Most of this population though lives in its capital city of Cayenne. The area was colonized by the French and it has been an overseas part of France since 1946.

French Guiana Sinnamary

Sinnamary is a small town that lies near a river in French Guiana. It lies between the communes of Iracoubo and Kourou. It was the place of the second French settlement in the area and its establishment dates back to around 1664. The town is home to different communities which produce mostly artwork and jewelry. Sinnamary lies over 100 kilometers from the capital of Cayenne. These art items are often purchased by tourists who visit this place. One of the things to do in Sinnamary is to visit the Soyuz launch site. Although many facilities of the European Space Center are at Kourou, the main Soyuz launch site lies in the commune of Sinnamary and is termed as Soyuz at Sinnamary, although it is not common. According to the latest census figures, the commune has a population of around 3000 people. It has a large area though and is spread over 1,300 square kilometers. One of the things to do in French Guiana is to enjoy its calm atmosphere. Some of the great things to do in Sinnamary include the buying of local jewelry. The Sinnamary River defines the geography around this area. It starts from the south near the heart of French Guiana and goes into the ocean near the city of Sinnamary. The city area is all built near the river.

Places to visit in Sinnamary

Sinnamary is an excellent place to relax and many people visit French Guiana to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere provided by this desolate location. There are many facilities of lodging in Sinnamary and this is one of the activities that people can enjoy living in a tropical environment. One of the best places to visit in Sinnamary is the Sinnamary River. It is a very friendly village. There are a lot of people here that belong to the Indonesian community and therefore you can find a culture completely different from that present in the Americas. These people love to form artwork and handmade jewelry. The Hôtel du Fleuve is one of the best places to visit in Sinnamary. The Lead Mountain is a city sight which lies south of the city. There are small creeks running on both sides of the small town. The name of the town refers to the phrase that there is nothing without Mother Mary that shows that the town was established by religious Christians. Some of the best things to do in French Guiana include learning more about its religious and cultural elements. There are some archaeological remains near Sinnamary which reveal that the area was inhabited by different Amerindian tribes even in historical times.


Things to do in Sinnamary - Canoe down the rapids

Things to do in Sinnamary - Canoe down the rapids

The rapids are dangerous river beds which are famous for canoeing and other such sports. The Canoe down the rapids is a famous sport for tourists in the area. The rapids around the Canoe are hard to negotiate but it offers an exciting avenue. The Canoe down the rapids is a good way for tourists to enjoy the variety of the river beds, their brilliance, and the scenic beauty on either side of the river bed.