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Things to do in Sion

Switzerland is one of those countries that are visited by tourists all year round. Its snowcapped mountain peaks and beautifully colorful valleys are a source of delight and joy for everyone who visits the place. Another reason why so many people visit the gorgeous country is because it offers adrenaline inducing sports like skiing, sky diving, parasailing, paragliding, snowboarding, kayaking and canoeing. This is the reason why Switzerland is one of the most toured countries and a haven for all beauty lovers.

Sion Switzerland

The capital of the Swiss canton of Valais, Sion is used as a military base by the Switzerland government. Two of the most famous landmarks of Sion are Chateau de Tourbillon and Basilique de Valere. Research suggests that Sion is one of the oldest settled cities of the world, with some of the most preserved historic sites in Europe. Some of the settlements that have existed since antiquity are Valeria, alluvial fan of Sionne, Tourbillon hills and the rocky slopes above the river. Some of the earliest settlements in Sion were of the Mesolithic age when man came here to settle down. Checking out these ancient sites and ruins are only few of the things to do at Sion. There are also many other sporting options and wonderfully preserved archeological marvels for history buffs. Some huts form the Neolithic age, Early Bronze Age sites and Middle Bronze Age structures are not only well documented but can still be viewed. There are a lot of things to do at Sion for people of all kinds of interests. Tourists do not only have to see the historical wonders, but can also become a part of checking out the natural marvels available in Sion. Be it a quiet night in a villa or an adventurous day tour of water sports, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on where the interest lies.

Sion Attractions

When in Switzerland the important things to do in Sion include: exploring the entire city by going on walks; taking guided tours of the historical places; sipping and tasting at vineyards; having picnics or boating trips on lakes; going for diving; having a day trip at the adventure parks; visiting museums and other architectural marvels; participating in water activities, among other activities. Additionally, there are also dozens of eateries and dine-out options that tourists can consider that offer excellent food and services. Some of the must see places in Sion include: Museum of Archeology, Musee de la Nature, Chateau de Tourbillon, Church-Fortress of Valere, Derborence Lake, RealFly, Parc Adventure, Notre-Dame du Glarier Cathedral, La Verre a Pied, House of Supersaxo, Air-Glaciers SA, Ermitage Notre-Dame de Longeborgne, Maison du diable, Swissraft Activity, Piscine Olympique Couverte de l’Ancien Stand, and Le Reservoir among others.


Things to do in Sion - Le Cube

Suspended between heaven and a number of breathtaking vineyards high up in Sion, Le Cube is a wine maker’s and lovers’ paradise. The location has been lovingly turned into a wine tasting site that offers vintages from the house of Phillipe Varone. The site certainly reflects the fine tastes of its owner with its modern décor which juxtaposes well with the traditional tours. There are things to do in Le Cube besides wine tasting though. Tour guides also offer other refreshments and dishes that go very well with the vintages on display. Savor the site with all of your senses for an unforgettable experience and magical moments that will make your body and soul tingle with delight. It is small wonder why Le Cube is considered to be the primary stop for couples and honeymooners who wish to partake in a personal experience unlike any other. When it comes to things to do in Le Cube and to enjoy them, the months between May to October are the best times to book a tour. That way you will get the chance to meet people who share your interest in fine vintages and local diversity. A single sip will be enough to mesmerize the senses so much so that it might take you a while to leave.


Things to do in Sion - Au Cheval Blanc

If you find yourself in Sion, Switzerland, and are in search of a good place to eat that offers scrumptious local and French cuisine, then Au Cheval Blanc will not disappoint. Nestled in the Old Town of Sion, the restaurant offers a number of fine dishes that may be a bit on the expensive side, but the money you spend will be well worth the taste. One of the things to do in Au Cheval Blanc is just to breathe in the atmosphere. That will be enough to ease your stress and melt away the fatigue that touring the city will result in. It might look spacious from the outside but it is quite cozy inside and can get a bit noisy. However, once you taste the specialties on the menu, those factors will not matter in the least. In fact one of the things to do in Au Cheval Blanc on your list should be to sample the delicious oysters of the region. These are caught and prepared fresh so you will get your money’s worth for sure. Feast on their succulent flesh while you are sitting on the French terrace and feel the tiredness slip away. Better make reservations quick though. Their tables are booked way in advance.


Things to do in Sion - Château de Tourbillon

Things to do in Sion - Château de Tourbillon

Boasting well preserved palaces and ancient fortifications, the Swiss Canton, Valais is a location that is stuck in time, in the Middle Ages to be precise. This only adds to its charm and particularly its castles that fortified trade routes during the Second World War as well. The magnificent structures dotting the terrain make Valais come alive with a fairytale charm that is uniquely its own. It is little wonder why things to do in Château de Tourbillon and other forts are some of the main concerns for tourists visiting Switzerland. Based on the top of the verdant Rhone valley, the fortress is a charming ruin that still retains much of its medieval construction. The rocky path can be a challenge if you are not a hiker but the trek will be worth the postcard worthy view you will get at the top. There are several other things to do in Château de Tourbillon that will keep you occupied throughout the day. The site can be reached through a steep set of stairs that wind around the hill the fortress is based on which will give you a picturesque view of the entire valley. There is even a slender watch tower in the corner which dates back to the medieval era along with other attractions that will keep you entertained.


Things to do in Sion - Château de Valère

Things to do in Sion - Château de Valère

With well preserved fortifications that are its timeless castles and fortresses, Switzerland has a lot to offer to historians and general tourists. The palaces and fortresses still stand today as a testament to what the country went through during the Second World War when the citizens were compelled to defend themselves. The structures make the Valais come alive and it has a lot more to offer such as the Château de Valère. There are several things to do in Château de Valère that will not disappoint. The church stronghold dates back to the 11th century and is based on the picturesque hill of Valere right across the majestic Castle of Tourbillon. The walled complex is one of the main attractions in Sion since it is also home to the Cantonal Museum that chronicles and details the history of Valere. This also includes one of the largest and oldest working organs that dates back to the 14th century! One of the things to do in Château de Valère cannot include a round on the organ but you will not fall short of things to do if you look around. Take part in one of the site tours and if you feel hungry, head to the on-site cafeteria for some much deserved rest and sustenance.