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Things to do in Sipaliwini

One of the largest districts in the south of Suriname is the place Sipaliwini. It does not contain a capital as the government is run by the national government of Paramaribo. It is based on many smaller villages that include Pontoetoe, Anapaike, Pokigron, Apoera, Kamp 52, Cottica, Godo, Apetina and many more. An interesting thing to note about Sipaliwini is that most of the land is not in use. Only the western and northern parts of the place are occupied and developed. But this does not mean that there aren’t things to do in Sipaliwini.

Sipaliwini Suriname

Its history and plenty of things to do in Sipaliwini continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Tourists love exploring Stoelmanseiland as part of their Marowijne journey. Marwijne is a river that passes through Cottica, a district in Sipaliwini. The island was named after Stoleman, the Dutch lieutenant, the commander of the army of slaves during the 18th century. The place offers tourists a chance to explore history. The place is said to have been occupied by the Paleolithic people who used to survive on their hunting and gathering skills. The place was also not colonized and major developments only began in the 20th century. Sipaliwini is basically based on 6 resorts, Boven Coppename Coven Saramacca, Boven Suriname, Coeroeni, Kabalebo and Tapanahony. When it comes to things to do in Sipaliwini, there is a lot to do. This includes checking out all the resorts and nature reserves, as well as checking out the many eating places that provide excellent dining options. There are also some places that souvenirs can be collected from. Some of the most native things sold here are the colorful pangi wraps and bowls that are made of calabashes. These are specially designed for tourists as most people love collecting them for keepsake. Other decorative items sold include purple hardwood and hand-crafted plates, wall decors, bowls, wooden boxes and canes.

Places to visit in Sipaliwini

Besides this, exploring Sada waterfall and creek is also among the many fun things to do in Sipaliwini. Adventurous tourists love it the most as the main highlight to the Sada waterfall is the forest hike that can take approximately 1 ½ hour. Passing through the rocks and tree roots and the sound of birds accompanied with the sound of calm river water is truly an experience. When it comes to things to do in Sipaliwini, there are quite a few choices to select from. Tourists can plan a day trip for the Danpaati River Lodge that allows accommodations, food as well as tours of the area. Awardam jungle Lodge is another must see place that is full of wooden cabins for people to stay and a superb view, unrivaled by any other. The pace also offers different kinds of recreational activities like fishing, bush walking, visiting the local village etc. Kabalebo Nature Resort is a beautiful place that offers a serene and comfortable experience, and many planned activities for tourists. These include fishing, swimming in the river or the pool, painting and drawing, bush walks and canoeing. Kayaking in the river and going for hikes among the surrounding jungle is also an option for those who want to take an adventure. Jungle Lodge is another place that is ideal for all those who want to experience what it is like living in an actual jungle. Even though the cabins are basic, the place is still very exotic and offers amazing touring programs for visitors.


Things to do in Sipaliwini - Julianatop

Julianatop is the highest mountain in the South American country of Suriname. Located in the Sipaliwini district, the 4,199 feet (1,280 meters) majestic mountain dominates the skylines in the region. The mountain rises from the surrounding forests and is perfect for advanced climbers. Visitors can admire the mountain from nearby hills and towns that are situated in the district of Sipaliwini. Adventure and thrill seekers will find many things to do in Julianatop. It is perfect for professional climbers, presenting an adequate level of challenge to them. The mountain also presents the ideal opportunity for amateur climbers to test their trekking skill. Ascending and descending the mountain is relatively easy for both novice and professional climbers. Equipped with the right gear, climbers can easily trek the mountain without encountering any severe weather similar to one that occur in other mountains in the world. The mountainous trail passes through different vegetation zones and climates. You will come across different communities and pass through different rivers and valley while trekking the mountain. Apart from climbing the mountain, there are many other things to do in Juliantop. You can experience it all once you book a flight and visit the place yourself.


Things to do in Sipaliwini - Tafelberg

Tafelberg is a mountain that is located in the South American country of Surinam. The mountain is the one of the highest in Surinam, rising to a height of 3,366 feet. It forms part of the Tafelberg Nature Reserve, a favorite tourist attraction in the country. Visitors can find plenty of exciting things to in Tafelberg. The mountain is situated in the district of Sipaliwini in Surinam. Visitors can access the area through the nearby Tafelberg Airstrip. The majestic flat topped mountain offers lots of opportunities for the visitors to have a fun and exciting time. You can take part in many activities and find many things to do Tafelberg. The waterfalls near the mountains serve as a relaxing and exciting place for the visitors. Here you can experience the wonders of nature at its level best. The flora and fauna of the area are quite exotic that has remained here for thousands of years. You will be captivated by the unrivalled beauty of the place that contains unmatched biodiversity including birds, frogs, majestic trees and much more. Taking part in the Tafelberg hiking trail will allow you to create memories that will live with you for long after visiting the place.