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Things to do in Sofala

Sofala is a name given to one of the provinces located in Mozambique, East Africa. With Beira as its capital. Sofala’s various attractions include the Gorongosa National Park, also Parque Nacional Da Gorongosa, Macuti Lighthouse and Shipwreck, Beira Railway Station, Beira Cathedral, as well as rivers like the Buzi River, the Chiveve River, and the Púnguè River.

Sofala Mozambique

Sofala Mozambique is an area of Mozambique. It has a populace of 1,642,920. Beira is the capital of the region, named for the demolished port of Sofala which is 35 kilometers toward the south. Sofala Mozambique Province is one of the fortifications of the RENAMO. In late 1978 RENAMO guerrillas were "running into Sofala Province and propelling assaults along the Beira–Chimoio street and rail line, the Dondo–Inhaminga passage". Sofala Province, in focal eastern Mozambique, covers a zone of 68,018 square kilometers (26,262 sq mi). The territory is flanked toward the north by Tete Province, toward the upper east by Zambezia Province, toward the south by Inhambane Province, and toward the west by Manica Province.

Sofala Attractions

The Sofala Province is named after one of the most established ports recorded in Southern Africa, Sofala (now called Nova Sofala), which was found as far back as 700AD. Portugese soon found Sofala and utilized the port as an exchanging post for gold and slaves. Nova Sofala is around 20km from the capital of the Sofala Province, Beira. The Province Hosts a couple secured stops and holds: The Gorongoza National Park, the Marromeu National Reserve, Chinizuia Forest and the Rio Save Game Reserve. Noteworthy seaport arranged at the mouth of the Sofala River on the bank of what was Portuguese East Africa, now Mozambique.


Things to do in Sofala - Dondo

Things to do in Sofala - Dondo

Present in the district with the same name, Dondo is a city in the province of Sofala in Mozambique. With a population of roughly 78,600, it is also the second biggest city in the Sofala province. The Mozambican railway system in Dondo connects the junctions of Malawi and Moatize as well as a line to Zimbabwe. While one out of two concrete sleeper plants is in Vila de Sena, the other is in Dondo. The limestone from the mines at Muanza is used in Dondo’s cement plants.


Things to do in Sofala - Gorongosa National Park

Things to do in Sofala - Gorongosa National Park

Located at to the south end Great African Rift Valley, the Gorongosa National Park is a Mozambican wonder. The park covers an area of around 4000 kilometers with neighboring plateaus and the valley floor. Being close to rivers initiating from Mount Gorongosa helps water the land. The park encompasses wildlife like lions, elephants, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, as well as birds. It is grounds for biodiversity that adds to its unique characteristics and makes it special enough to be conserved for future generations.