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Things to do in Sousse

Sousse is the capital city of Souse Governorate in Tunisia. It lies 140 kilometers south of Tunis and is home to almost 271,428 inhabitants. It is one of the older cities with an authentic medina so as a tourist visiting Tunisia, you ought to take a detour and visit here. The city is also proud of its beautiful beaches and turquoise seawaters, another reasons for tourist attraction.

Sousse attractions

Sousse is one of Tunisia’s largest cities and a popular tourist spot. The Mediterranean climate this place has to offer keeps the tourists pouring in and out, throughout the year. And with good reason since there are so many things to do in the city. With so many places to visit in the city, it is only common sense that you just pick a place and start from there. The Medina of Sousse is a good place as any to start exploring this beautiful city. Despite being there for centuries, the architecture seems as good as new. You will not even notice where the time went as you go on exploring The Medina through its narrow lanes, lined with houses after houses that seem to be stacked together. For those who are looking for history related things to do in the city will love spending time basking in the old Arab vibe of the Medina.

Places to visit in Sousse

Other than this, visiting the city’s major landmark Ribat is also one of the important things to do in the city. The Ribat has a lot of historical significance associated with it; in the past when people wanted to be protected when their city was being invaded, the sturdy walls of this tower would provide them with the necessary protection. Kasbah is another such historical monument in Sousse which attracts several tourists. One of the things to do in the city would be to make an attempt to go up to all the way over to the topmost platform of Kasbah to get a better view of the Medina. It is also considered as one of the oldest towers in North Africa, which is still standing. If you are looking for more places to visit in the city, the Great Mosque is another famous tourist attraction. Despite the fact that it is built right in the middle of the city, once you actually enter the mosque you will notice how all the hustle and bustle from the city tends to leave itself at the door only. Many people offer their prayers here, or just roam around and marvel at the grandiosity of the place. If you are looking for fun things to do in the city, you are in luck because the ever so colorful Souk District is also located not too far from the Great Mosque. You can spend as much as hours browsing for souvenirs and you are likely to find something great to take back home.

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