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Things to do in South America

Reputed as the ‘Subcontinent of the Americas’, South America is a continent spanning over an area of 17,840,000 kilometer square. The Pacific Ocean hugs it from the west while the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean forms its northern and eastern borders. It includes 12 sovereign states like Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana and Colombia. Its rich history and beautiful landscape makes South America a tourist favorite. From surreal sunsets, beautiful greenscapes and historic landmarks, there is a lot to explore and many things to do in South America. Some of the most popular attractions in South America that tourists love to visit include Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and Lake Guatavita in Columbia. A visit to the Iguazu Falls is probably the best way to start your tour of this region. This is an impressive site featuring 275 waterfalls. Among the many exciting things to do in South America, a visit to Ciudad Perdida in Columbia is definitely something you can’t miss. Ciudad Perdida is an ancient city situated in the Colombian jungle. The site features 169 terraces and numerous small circular plazas. To explore the city ruins, you’ll have to trek your way to Ciudad Perdida through the Colombian jungle. This will truly be an experience that you’ll cherish.

Visit South America

Being the fourth largest continent in the world, South America has transformed into a haven for travelers from all over the globe. There are many fun things to do in South America. People refer to the southern section of the country as the Americas, the New World, and the Western Hemisphere. The continent is located in an ideal location with the Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Isthmus of Panama surrounding it. Out of all the names people know the continent, the most well-known name is America. So, how did the continent receive its name? Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian navigator who is counted amongst the earliest explorers of the continent, stumbled upon South America. Originally, they only referred to South America as America, but soon began to use the term to refer to the entire landmass. If you are traveling to the continent, you will have a number of things to do in South America. The most striking part about the continent is the Andes Mountains. People who like hike and climb can take a tour of the Andes Mountains. The tour may include trekking, cross-country or downhill mountain biking, and mountaineering. However, you will have to book a tour in advance. You can expect the tours to last for two days. On the first day, your guide may take you and your group downhill mountain biking, hiking through the beautiful streaming waterfalls, dugout canoe, and whitewater rafting. With so many things to do in South America, you will certainly have an entertaining time. The countries known for their tourism include Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. Each country has its own specific culture and people who intend to travel to more than one country during their trip to South America will notice the immediately notice the difference. For example, you holiday destination is Argentina. The country is largely known for its cinemas, museums, galleries, urban centers, bars with live music, and literary bars. The country has given birth to some renowned painters who have left their own mark on the country’s arts. In the country, you will come across art collections of painters such as Ramon Silva, Pio Collivadino, Martin Malharoo, Emilio Caraffa, Ernesto de la Carcova, and Eduardo Sivori. If you want to see more history and iconic statues, you should head to Brazil. When it comes down to things to do in South America, you have hit the landmine with Brazil. In Brazil, you can visit tourist destinations such as Christ the Redemmer, which sits at top of a mountain, play volleyball on the beaches of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, visit Ipanema to go surfing, and visit the cultural center of the country, Ibirapuera Park. Regardless of which country of South America you plan to visit, you will always find the sights enchanting and mesmerizing. Most importantly, you will have plenty of things to do in South America and you may not find the time to do them all.

Places to visit in South America

Tourism is certainly a big part of South America, which is why the continent sees several travelers from across the world visit it. In fact, it is become the primary source of income for several the countries there. For this reason, the countries have increased their tourism efforts. Each country relies on their natural wonders, historical buildings and architecture, delicious food, and vibrant culture to entice people to come visit their country. What are some things to do in South America? South American has several notable locations that see a lot of foot traffic all year around, mainly from tourists. Some of the most of the frequented places in South American to visit include Iguazu Falls, Olinda, Machu Picchu, Recife, and the Amazon rainforest. However, this is not even the complete list, as there are still several more places to visit and many more things to do in South America. Your list should include traveling to the Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Maceió, Salvador, San Ignacio Miní, Isla Margarita, and Angel Falls. On your next trip, you should make it a point of traveling to Buenos Aires, Lake Titicaca, Gran Sabana, Bogotá, Cartagena and the Galápagos Islands, Patagonia, São Paulo, Perito Moreno Glacier, and Los Roques archipelago. Even then, you will still have several things to do in South America. Visiting all of these locations will certainly make you hungry and famished. To recover your energy, you should eat at the La Bourgogne in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tandory in Montevideo, Uruguay, La Table D’Or Mediterranee in Gramado, Brazil, and Rafael in Lima, Peru. Before you go on your food adventure, you should learn about the culture of each country and their festivals. You should plan your visit to a South American country so you can join their celebration and see their culture firsthand. Brazil has the Carnival, Argentina has the World Tango Championships, Venezuela has the Fiesta de San Juan Bautista, and Peru has the Festival of Snows. One thing is for sure that your chances of running out of things to do in South America are slim. Each day, you will a number of different things to do in South America, thus making every day fun. Moreover, you will uncover something new about the country you visit, but you need to let yourself assimilate with their culture to receive a truly unforgettable experience. You can divide your days between sightseeing historical places, eating at restaurants, offering local cuisine, to sitting at bars with your friends, drinking and eating to the tune of live music playing. South America as a continent has come a long way and it will continue to develop with time. Some of the nations situated in South America have established themselves as a mainstay in the tourism sector. If you have yet to visit the beautiful and stunning continent, you should start making plans to travel to the country. It is the perfect tourist destination to bring your family and go with your friends.

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