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Things to do in South Carolina

The United States is a large country with fifty states. Among these, South Carolina is present in the southeastern part of the country. It faces the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern border. North Carolina lies to its north while the state of Georgia is present in the south and the west of South Carolina. The state has a significant history especially within the American Civil War.

South Carolina tourism

South Carolina could be termed in the olden times as a slave state. The state joined the United States after the American Civil War. South Carolina has 46 counties and a total population of around 5 million people. South Carolina contains five different geographical areas. One of the amazing things to do in America is to enjoy the amount of climatic and geographic variations that can be observed throughout the country. The state has a mountainous portion as well as having a large area of coastal plains. There are many salt marshes in South Carolina. The state is also home to some of the world’s finest natural ports such as the Charleston city. There are also many sand hills in the state which mark the region where the ocean was, millions of years ago. There are also many bays in Carolina and most of them have an oval shape. There are not many areas available for farming in the state and therefore most of the economy of the region depends on the production from coastal areas. The fall line area marks the point where the rivers drop to the coastal region and had been a source of generating power in the olden times. One of the best things to do in America is to enjoy its water resources and the Chattooga River is excellent for rafting and attracts many visitors annually. Columbia is the capital of the state with a population of around 133,000. Lake Marion is the largest fresh water body in South Carolina and the state has a subtropical climate. The state is often affected by coastal storms but they are much less in intensity than storms experienced by more southerly states. Many native tribes lived in these lands when the Europeans first came to the area which now makes up South Carolina. Wealthy Englishmen from Barbados were attracted towards this land and formed one of the first European establishments in the region. There were many fertile lands at that time and the area became especially famous for growing the Indigo plant which provides a dye that is used in the textile industry. South Carolina played an important part in the American Civil War as the state suffered close to 19,000 military casualties and the capital city of Columbia was almost totally destroyed in the war. South Carolina had developed a textile industry in the previous century and still contains a large portion of African Americans by percentage.

Place to Visit in South Carolina

South Carolina has an increasing population and there are a number of ethnicities that are present in the state. South Carolina also has one of the highest populations of people belonging to Baha’i faith. South Carolina has a growing economy, although the state is overall in a state of debt. The state produces agricultural products such as rice, tobacco and soybeans. It also produces dairy products. The industry of South Carolina is based around textiles and automobiles. The tourism industry belongs to the service sector but quickly becoming a dominant industry in the state. One of the best things to do in America is to visit places of historic importance in the Civil War and South Carolina is full of such places. The service sector is by far the most leading sector in the state and accounts for over 80% of the total economic output of the state. South Carolina also suffered greatly from the economic recession but it is now on a steady path of recovery. The state allows for keeping temporary employees which is attracting many companies to switch their businesses to South Carolina. There are also many foreign firms working in the state and taking part in its development. The state is home to many centers that support different arts. There are many museums of arts in the state with the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia being a fine organization that supports visual arts. The visiting of many museums in fact is one of the best things to do in America and South Carolina contains many of these museums. There are also many historic sites present in the state that describe en evolutionary period that stretches back to the time of the Native Americans. One of the things to do in America is to enjoy the famous Spoleto Festival that occurs annually in Charleston, South Carolina. There are also many performing arts centers. The state also houses many events as it contains some great event venues such as the North Charleston Coliseum and the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia. The creative industries in the state are now generating billions of dollars and indirectly promoting tourism to the region. Most residents of the state regularly perform in arts events and this is giving rise to the cultural importance of the state. South Carolina has a number of highways and is also connected by rail to other parts of the country. The Charleston International Airport is the largest that serves the state.

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