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Things to do in Soweto

Best attractions to visit in Soweto

1. Credo Mutwa Cultural Village - Soweto

Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

The Credo Mutwa Cultural Village is an open air display zone that is joined with a historical center style, exhibiting the works and motivation of Credo Mutwa.

Mutwa despite of being a healer, he is well known for his figures and structures which he uses to pass on vital individual and political messages. He frequently differentiates customary African fables and strategies with present day thoughts and Westernized patterns. This is particularly valid for his private accumulation, which he delivered somewhere in the range of 1974 and 1986.

The admission to the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village is free of charge.


2. Hector Pieterson Museum - Soweto

Hector Pieterson Museum

The Hector Pieterson Museum is located in Soweto, South Africa just two blocks away from the place where Hector Pieterson was assassinated. The museum is named in his honor and part of the museum is where the Hector Pieterson Memorial is located. It was the second museum to open in Soweto on June 2002 along with the Mandela House, a companion museum close by that was formerly the home of Nelson Mandela. Hector Pieterson Museum is located in the lively neighborhood of Orlando West in Soweto that has become one of the cultural hubs in the region. Covering the events leading to and during anti-Afrikaans Soweto Uprising, the museum offers eye opening accounts of the socio political history of the time. Affordable hotels and guesthouses are available in Orlando West along with great local cuisine and charming nightlife to let you explore the beauty of the town along with your history excavations. The museum is within walking distance from the Vilakazi Precinct on the VIlakazi Street and also has the former home of Arch Bishop Tutu nearby. The audio visual tour of the Hector Pieterson Museum is highly recommended, and there are exclusive ramps available to make the place wheelchair friendly.


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