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Things to do in Spain

To know Spain is to love Spain. Boasting spectacular architecture and a natural beauty that is as soothing as it is powerful, the country has a charm that attracts visitors by the droves each year. You cannot help but be captivated by the country’s cultural heritage and the number of festivals that its locals celebrate year round to the joy of tourists who just want to have fun.

Spain tourism

Not sure where to spend your ideal vacation this summer? If there is one you should visit in Europe, it is Spain. Home to the popular football clubs and Europe’s second-largest country, Spain has so much to offer, whether it is visiting places of historical significance such as Alhambra or enjoying adrenaline-filling places such as the Camp Nou football stadium in the city of Barcelona. The choice is ultimately yours; wherever you visit, you will have an exhilarating experience whether you are with your family or friends. Spain is a region that has history dating back as much as 35 thousand years during the times of the ancient settlements of Carthaginian, Phoenician, and Greek settlements. It later came under Roman control, followed by the Islamic Moors and then the Catholic Monarchs. As a result, there are many things to do in Spain for those who wish to learn more about the centuries and thousands of years’ worth of heritage of the country. You can add visiting the various historic places to your list of things to do in Spain as a way to satisfy your curiosity and learn new things. Among these include visiting the fortress and palace of Al Hambra, a remnant of the glorious period of Islamic Spain. The fortress contains a range of attractions that you can visit including the Fountain of Lions, Hall of the Abencerrajes, Hall of the Ambassadors, and the Court of the Myrtles. You can choose from a number of guided tours to obtain a rich understanding and knowledge of the site, along with interesting facts and features. Another place you can add to your list of things to do in Spain is the Gothic Quarter where you have the opportunity to catch the glimpse of the historic city of Barcelona. Upon your visit, you will come across a range of cathedrals and buildings from the medieval times constructed in classical architectural designs. Some of the many landmarks that you should pay close attention to is the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, Basilica of La Merce, and the Church of Sant Miquel. However, if you fancy doing something different, why not explore Spain’s art collection? If you are obsessed about art, you will find the Museo del Prado particularly exciting. It contains some of the greatest European art collections between 12th and 19th centuries and can be a great addition to your list of things to do in Spain.

Places to visit in Spain

With the summer season just a few weeks away, it is critical that you start booking flights and plan your accommodation needs to avail an early discount and save plenty of headaches. However, what is most troubling is deciding where to go to spend an ideal summer vacation. It can be particularly trying for you to come up with a choice which your friends and family can like and enjoy. But, if you want to head to Europe, you should not forget that there are a range of things to do in Spain. The country is the second largest in Europe and provides a wide range of exciting attractions and landmarks that are of historical and cultural significance. After all, the country has been influenced by several political authorities, such as the Roman Empire, the Islamic Umayyad Caliphate, and the Catholic Monarchy. As such as there are many places to visit in Spain that have centuries’ worth of uprisings, battles, and cultures embedded within them. This is what makes Spain such as fantastic country to visit, in addition to having a warm climate that is ideal for feeling energized under the hot sun as your walk through the historic streets of the country. One of the many places to visit in Spain that you should try is the Great Mosque of Cordoba, which was a mosque during Islamic rule under the Moors and later turned into a church. The mosque is particularly famous for its Moorish architecture, especially its halls and columns. An interesting fact is that many Muslims have pleaded to be allowed to pray in the mosque, but their requests have been rejected several times by the Christian authorities. The mosque was firstly a church that was built to pay respects to Saint Vincent III, but was later turned in to a mosque following the takeover of the Visigothic kingdom by Muslims. Another site that you can add to your list of places to visit in Spain is the Buan Retiro Park. If you have had enough of history and like to relax in a natural environment, this is definitely the place to be. The Buan Retiro Park is a 19th century park covering around 350 acres of space, located in the capital city of Madrid. It contains many buildings and statues from the 16 century and is fantastic place to explore both nature and historic monuments.

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