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Things to do in Springfield, Illinois

Best attractions to visit in Springfield, Illinois

1. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum - Springfield, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Abraham Lincoln, the 1th president of the United States, and one of the most well loved, is the most famous person to come from Springfield, Illinois. Even though he was not born here, he spent 24 years of his life in the great city. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated to his life and what happened in the American Civil War. One of the most visited presidential libraries of the country, the Library also contains Illinois State Historical Library. This is why it comes in the must do things to do in Illinois. Things to do in Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum include taking a guided tour of the whole place, as well as checking out all the information stored in the building. The place is not only huge it is also full of information about the life and presidency of Ab Lincoln as well as details about the civil war. It is the perfect place for students of history and for schools to bring their students as a study tour or educational visit.


2. Lincoln Home National Historic Site - Springfield, Illinois

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Another historic site for history buffs, this is the place where President Abraham Lincoln lived from the years 1844 to 1861. This was the time before he became the president for the country. It is not only the residence that is marked as the presidential memorial, rather, the 4 blocks surrounding the area, as well as a visitor’s centre is also a part of it. Lincoln Home National Historic Site is the only place that the president actually purchased as his own personal abode. It was during the time that Lincoln was here that he became a part of politics and government. The house was donated by Lincoln’s son to the State of Illinois in 1887, on the condition that it will remain a public accessible place and will be taken care of. Hence why it has become one of the things to do in Illinois. Things to do in Lincoln Home National Historic Site includes visiting the house, checking out Lincoln’s tomb, as well as houses nearby that have also been fully restored. The place is also called a National Historic Site and is under the care and ownership of the National Park Service. The places can be seen free of any kind of charge.


3. Old State Capitol - Springfield, Illinois

Old State Capitol

The 5th capital building in Illinois, Old State Capitol State Historic Site is constructed in the olden Greek Revival style, so that it maintains the aura of the past. This is the place where both Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama announced their candidacy in 1858 and 2007 respectively. The reason why it is called the Old State Capitol is that by 1870’s the place became too small to account the growing need of space due to economic growth. Therefore, a new capitol building was created. The Old State Capitol is now used as the courthouse of the place. An interesting thing about the place is that, in order to preserve the building, it was dismantled completely and rebuilt again. All the areas that are open to the public were created in a way that they could show what he place looked like in the 1960’s. This is also to depict how the building looked when Lincoln last saw it before moving off to Washington. This makes it a top on the list of things to do in Illinois. When visiting the place, things to do in Old State Capitol do not only include visiting the building itself, but also checking out the surrounding areas, as well as the newly constructed courthouse and new capitol building.


4. Dana-Thomas House - Springfield, Illinois

Dana Thomas House

Known for its architectural work, the Dana-Thomas House, also known as Susan Lawrence Dana House it is the perfect demonstration of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece. The place is also meant to signify Susan Lawrence Dana and Frank Lloyd Wright’s interest in what is known as organic architecture. The place shows flat landscape that is typical of the state of Illinois, combined perfectly with Japanese prints. This is what makes it a must thing to do in Illinois. This prairie style mansion was built on the request of an heiress Susan Dana, by the famous architect, who had just begun t practice his art. The place was later purchased by the State of Illinois and came under the care of Illinois Historic Preservation Agency that restored the place. It is now open to people who want to see the distinguished work of the famous artist and architect.


5. Lincoln Tomb - Springfield, Illinois

Lincoln Tomb

Lincoln Tomb is part of the historical site, the Lincoln house. It is basically the final resting place of the president Abraham Lincoln. The place also holds graves for 4 more family members, that is, the wife of the president and three of his four sons. It is situated in Oak Ridge Cemetery. State of Illinois owns the mausoleum where the family is buried. It is also one of the first sites to become a Natural Historic Landmark in the year 1960. The actual tomb is open to visitors. There is a statute of the president reclining in a chair that is placed in the rotunda of the tomb. There are also many other things to see inside and outside the tomb, including the Borglum’s head of Lincoln, surrounding memorials like the Korean War Memorial, the World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


6. Henson Robinson Zoo - Springfield, Illinois

Henson Robinson Zoo

In for some amazing family time with your little ones? The Henson Robinson Zoo is the perfect place in Springfield to check out with minors. Built during the 1960’s, the zoo was officially started in 1970. The place has more than 90 species of animals with over 300 animals. There are nominal charges for the entrance, but they are definitely worth the visit. It is the perfect place to take young ones because there are no huge animals that might scare them off. The great thing about the zoo is that it can easily be managed in a few hours so that if your children do get tired, you can whisk them back to the hotel or the beach. There are animals to see, rides to enjoy in the play area and food to eat. Even though the place is not too large, the zoo holds attractions for families with little children.


7. Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden - Springfield, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden

This is another place that is dedicated to the life of the president Abraham Lincoln is in actuality a woodland and prairie garden which is under the care of Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden Foundation. The place is spread over 100-acres and consists or two units, one that is one the border of Lake Springfield and the other that is next to Ostermier Prairie Center station. The idea was the initiative of Harriet Knudson. It was designed by Jens Jensen and shows the idea of woods and prairies of the Midwestern era. There are eight council rings in the garden where a group of people can sit down around and open fire to talk and meditate. Things to do in Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden include checking out the variety of trees and plants as well as attend the Indian Summer Festival in the month of October. There is also a nature centre and a gift store from where memorabilia can be collected. There are different kinds of guided tours held in the gardens that visitors can select depending on their levels of interest. It is also a great place for a picnic and a relaxed outing.


8. Knight's Action Park - Springfield, Illinois

Knight s Action Park

This is another must visit place that simply cannot be missed when one is visiting Springfield. Knight’s Action Park is not only a thrilling amusement park for adults and children alike, but there is also a river and water slides that everyone can have a go on. The great thing about the place is that you can spend an entire day there and not get bored for a minute. When thinking of things to do in Knight’s Action Park, there is literally something for everyone. If you don’t plan on getting wet, they you can relax and unwind by the lazy river stream or play mini golf with your kids. There is also an arcade gaming area where youngsters and adults alike have a great time of their lives. The best part about this park is that the ticket is not at all expensive and a huge group of friends can also visit without being concerned about money. There is also a din in theater where the whole family can catch some action on hand. You can make a whole day of adventure and enjoy all the activities. There is no shortage of eateries inside the park which means that families would not even need to pack their lunches when heading out to the park.


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