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Things to do in Stanley

Being the capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley is a small city which is home to over 2,100 residents. It was formally known as Port Stanley, and became the capital city in 1845. There are so many things to do in Falkland Islands and its capital city that you, as a tourist, will surely have a great time.

Stanley Falkland Islands

The city was founded in 1843 and today, five members of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands represent Stanley including Mike Summers, Michael Poole, Barry Elsby, Gavin Short, and Jan Cheek. The city was named after the 14th Earl of Derby, Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley, who was the Colonial Secretary of the time. Stanley is situated on a north-facing slope, which provides great exposure of the sun, and allows the residents to enjoy the picturesque views of Stanley Harbour. Stanley is a seaside town and has many things that boast of its British heritage including six different types of English pubs and red phone boxes. There are just so many things to do in Stanley that even when you are taking a stroll through the streets, you will come across elegant military and marine monuments, as well as traditional styled municipal building such as courts and post offices. Other things to do in Stanley include enjoying your time at the restaurants, museums, monuments, by the seaside, churches, and many other places. Another great thing about this city is that you can spend time shopping for exquisite items such as Falkland’s famous leather and woolen goods.

Places to visit in Stanley

There are many things to do in Falkland Islands, and among them is visiting the seaside town of Stanley. It is like a big, interconnected community with friendly people. The city has a vast network of roads linking to different districts, along with an inter-island ferry and internal air service. While it can be counted among the smallest capitals of the world, there are many places to visit in Stanley and activities to do such as playing golf, going for swimming, staying in high end hotels, eating at great restaurants, and many other things. One of the highlighting facts about Stanley is that about 40% electricity is generated through wind turbines, which also provide 24-hour continuous powers to all the farms in the area. Before you plan your next vacation to this city and pen down things to do in Falkland Islands and its capital city, you should know how you can get to this city. There are two ways to reach Stanley, by air and by boat. You can either take a cruise, which will drop you near the town’s center, or book a flight to Mount Pleasant airport, which is just 56 km away from Stanley. Some of the popular places to visit in Stanley include Surf Bay, Mount Longdon, Memorial Wood, Christ Church Cathedra, Lady Elizabeth shipwreck, Jubilee Villas, Victory Green, Whalebone Display, and St Mary’s Catholic Church.


Things to do in Stanley - Gypsy Cove

Things to do in Stanley - Gypsy Cove

Gypsy Cove is a small bay situated in the Eastern part of the Falkland Islands. The bay is situated about a few kilometers north from the Port Stanley Airport. It is located to the northeast of the capital city of Stanley and west of the larger Yorke Bay. The bay is situated on a peninsula that is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus called 'The Neck' and the Boxer Bridge.

Most of the cruise ships that pass Gypsy Cove and Yorke Bay dock in Stanley Harbour. Canopus Hill is located to the sough of the bay while Port William is situated to the north. Visitors can find many interesting things to do in Gypsy Cove. The area is an important breeding site of the endangered Magellanic penguin.

Yorke Bay located next to the Gypsy Cove is a relatively dangerous area as it contains minefields that were placed during the 1982 Argentine occupation of the Falkland Islands. However, the Gypsy Cove is perfectly safe spot for vacationing. Some of the interesting things to do in the Gypsy Cove include swimming, penguin watching, and boating. Overall, a visit to the place is certainly worth it as you can create pleasant memories here that can be relived with pleasure during later years.


Things to do in Stanley - Surf Bay

Among the many things to do in Falkland Islands, visiting Surf Bay should be top of your list, especially if you are fond of surfing. It is located just a few minutes’ drive away from Stanley and is the most commonly surfed spot. If you are going with your family, then you can explore the areas nearby along the north coast of East Falklands, and enjoy your time by having a picnic or just by admiring the picturesque views of the coast.

The water and surrounding is quite cold and the best time to surf here is during summer, which is usually between November and March. Moreover, it is the best place to go out and enjoy the beauty of the marine life, as Surf Bay is frequented by the schools of dolphins. Other than that, sometimes stray penguins are seen on the shore, which will be a great experience to see penguins in reality.

There are several things to do in Surf Bay such as having a picnic on the white sandy beach, enjoying your time watching dolphins and penguins, and of course, surfing. Surf Bay is also considered a great place by the residents to take a day off and relax by the beach.


Things to do in Stanley - Mount Longdon

If you are a history buff, then among the many things to do in Falkland Islands, visiting Mount Longdon should be one of them. Running from east to west between the two summits, Mount Longdon has a long, narrow rocky terrain, which has a great historical significance. The peak lies in the gap between Mount Tumbledown and Mount Harriet, and is in the north-east of Two Sisters.

Mount Longdon is famous for the battle fought between the United Kingdom and Argentina in 1982 in the South Atlantic. The battle was won by the British, and the day is remembered till today as over 900 soldiers died in the war, from which 255 were British soldiers.

This tourist spot is also known as Mount Longdon Battlefield. There are not many things to do in Mount Longdon as it is just a barren land, but the area is left untouched and there are still empty bullet cases found along with Gerry cans, shovels and other large gauge spent shells. It is best to visit this site with a tour guide so that they can tell you about the reasons behind the war and how it came to an end, which is quite a great story altogether.


Things to do in Stanley - Memorial Wood

On the list of things to do in Falkland Islands, visiting Memorial Wood and Stanley Cemetery should be one of them. The soldiers who died in the battle of Mount Longdon and in WWI and WWII are buried in Stanley Cemetery. The cemetery also has the tombstones of the children of an unsuccessful pioneer of the 19th century, who are also called young Whitingtons, and their story is famous among the locals.

The cemetery is located at the east end of Ross Road, and has the Cross of Sacrifice on its gate, which was put as a memorial to islanders who fought as soldiers and lost their lives in the World Wars. Just above this cemetery Memorial Wood is situated, which is a lush green area where many trees have been planted. Each of the trees is planted in the memory of British Servicemen, who sacrificed their lives in the battle of Mount Longdon in 1982.

There are few things to do in Memorial Wood including paying respects to the dead soldiers and spend some time strolling through the area and enjoy the lush greenery. If there are family members of any soldier present at the site, you can go talk to them and ask them about their loved one and admire their bravery, which will make them feel better.


Things to do in Stanley - Christ church Cathedral

Things to do in Stanley - Christ church Cathedral

Dating back to the 1890s, Christ Church Cathedral is among the most visited places in Stanley, both by the locals and tourists. Whether you are a religious person or an admirer of state of the art architecture, visiting this church is one of the things to do in Falkland Islands that you cannot miss out on.

It is famous for being the world’s southern-most Anglican cathedral and was designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield, who was an expert in designing stone buildings. The cathedral was consecrated by Waite Hockin Stirling, who was the first Bishop of the Falkland Islands. There are many things to do in Christ Church Cathedral, such as visiting Whalebone Arch, which is a sight to behold, as it was made in the honor of British rule in 1933 and comprises of two massive blue whales’ jaws.

You will feel humbled when you are standing underneath this impressive masterpiece of art. If you are visiting the church with your family, then you can take along a picnic basket and after taking a full tour of the church, you can sit in the garden and have a good time while admiring the beauty of the brick and stone architecture of the building.


Things to do in Stanley - Museum Brittania House

Museum Brittania House is a small but enlightening museum located near the port city of Stanley in Falkland Islands. The museum is a great place to get in-depth knowledge about the cultural and historical past of the islands. Exhibits on display at the museum cover natural and human history of the stunning islands in great detail.

There are many interesting things to do in Museum Brittania House. The exhibits are well planned and presented beautifully. Visitors can find a wide range of exhibits and historical artifacts. Here you can know the complete history of the islanders. The exhibits include a replica of Victorian kitchen as well as equipment that were used in dentistry in earlier years. A small section of the museum is dedicated to the 1982 war that was fought over the sovereignty of the island between Argentina and Great Britain. There is also an exhibit on the islander's involvement in the World Wards.

History buffs will find a lot of things to do in Museum Britannia House. Every corner of the museum seems to offer information about a subject. You must certainly visit this museum when you are vacating in Port Stanley in the Falklands Islands.