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Things to do in Stockholm

If you have never been to Stockholm before, get ready to be pushed to the verge of intimidation with the mind blowing fashion sense and good looks that this city casually boasts like its nothing. The gorgeous city, with an urban culture that has no match comes with 14 islands to explore, and 57 exquisitely designed bridges that look at you invitingly.

What to do in Stockholm

Sweden is one of the best places to visit in Europe and the capital city of the country, Stockholm, should definitely be on your list of places to travel to in the near future. Stockholm is also regarded as the economic, political, media, and cultural center of Sweden, and also accounts for more than 3 quarters of the country’s GDP. The city is home to some of the best universities and tourist attractions in Europe, which is why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Stockholm is widely regarded to be one of the best places to explore, since everywhere you look, you will find exceptional fashion sense, trend-setting designs, jaw-dropping architecture, amazing museums, and picturesque parks. One of the best things to do in Stockholm is checking out the old town, known as Gamla Stan, which is one of the oldest historic hubs in Europe, and has got cobblestone streets, palaces and storybook buildings. There is so much to love about this place, and obviously the list of things to do in Stockholm is never-ending, due to its popularity as a tourist destination. One of the many places to visit in Stockholm is Skansen, which is the world’s first open-air museum, and gives some much needed insight into how the Swedes lived their lives.

Stockholm attractions

Amongst the list of things to do in Stockholm is to check out the amazing scenery, art galleries, museums and architectural buildings. A recommended activity is to take the sightseeing tour of Stockholm, which will allow you to take in this majestic city in just 1 day. Amongst your list of places to visit in Stockholm, make sure that you do check out the amazing cafes and restaurants that will provide you with some of the finest cuisine anywhere in Europe. You should definitely add a visit to the Royal Palace on your list of things to do in Stockholm, as it will allow you to witness the majesty and way of life of the royals. Another recommended activity in Stockholm is visiting the city hall, where you will find amazing architecture and lots of sculptures. Swedish people are extremely warm and friendly, and they will ensure that you will have a great time whenever come to visit Stockholm. There is no doubt about the fact that if you’re planning a trip to Europe in the near future, make sure that you do check out all the amazing places to visit in Stockholm.


Things to do in Stockholm - Djurgården

Things to do in Stockholm - Djurgården

Djurgården literally translates into “animal park”. This is the national Swedish park at the heart of Stockholm. The mix of parkland and forest here, with harbor and canal sides, makes for one of the most pleasant casual attractions for both residents and tourists. Ever since the 15th century, Djurgården has remained part of royal land. Clearly these are some fine areas to stroll around at.

There are so many things to do in Djurgården. On the top of the list are the museums and galleries. Next up, while you are strolling around the place, don’t hesitate to pop into one of the cafes and restaurants. Even though it is easy to get to Djurgården on foot, you can also travel to this spot via ferry.

In summers, this is a hotspot for so many different outdoor activities including picnics if you feel like it. The best part about the place is that you can take your kids with you as well; there are tons of things to do in Djurgården for children, so you know that they won’t be bored. One of its biggest attractions is the Vasa museum that is visited by over a million people annually.


Things to do in Stockholm - Gamla Stan

Things to do in Stockholm - Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is an old town in one of the largest and most preserved cities in Europe. It is also the place in history where the city of Stockholm was found. One of the best ways to describe Gamla Stan is to call it a pedestrian-friendly living museum.

There are a lot of things to do in Gamla stan. The area is filled with sights, exquisite restaurants, attractions, adorable looking cafes that serve scrumptious food, and some glamorous places to shop at. If you are a handicraft enthusiast, this is the place to be at. Behind every visible façade is a medieval-significant surprise, like frescos and eerie cellar vaults. And if you are lucky enough to visit Gamla Stan in the winters, you are in for a fairytale-like setting.

On the note of things to do in Gamla Stan, don’t forget to step into the gorgeous looking churches and galleries here. Sweden’s National Cathedral is also here. The biggest of all attractions in the district includes the Royal Palace, which is one of the largest ones with more than 600 rooms. You can find several museums inside this very palace.


Things to do in Stockholm - Skansen

Things to do in Stockholm - Skansen

The open air museum showcases a living and working Sweden from the 1900s. On top of that, this is a place that hosts plenty of events and festivals. For the residents of Stockholm, this is a special place where each one of them went as a child to visit. There are plenty of things to do in Skansen that will make you a busy tourist. It only takes a 15 minute tram, boat ride, or bus from the city center to get here.

Skansen also holds the record for being the world’s first outdoors museum, around for over a century now. In all that time, the place has grown so much that even if you spend a whole day here, you still may not be able to explore all of it. Another thing you must add in your list of things to do in Skansen, is visiting the glass blower’s cottage. Here you get to witness intricate forms emerge from glistening blobs of liquid glass.

Did you know that there is an entire zoo here as well? There is a Nordic zoo with native wildlife like wolverines, elk, and reindeer. This is the place to be in Spring when baby critters are seen scampering around.


Things to do in Stockholm - Skyview

Things to do in Stockholm - Skyview

Skyview is the city’s world class attraction. It takes visitors to the top of the planet’s biggest spherical structure. Skyview’s Ericsson Globe is an icon of Stockholm. From 130 meters above sea level, people get an awe-inspiring view of the entire city. The building gondolas depart every ten minutes. There are plenty of things to do in Skyview during your visit. The entire tour would take you around half an hour to get over with that is if you don’t get stuck in any of Skyview’s amazing souvenir shops, cafes, or restaurants.

If you wondered what it looked liked being at the top of the world, this is your chance to see. Keep your cameras ready; what you see here will leave you spellbound: a city built on 14 different islands in every direction from the sphere. You may even come across the glistening archipelago of Stockholm. For people who are technically minded, fun fact: the Ericsson Globe is made out of 70 tons of steel, which was airlifted by helicopters and built by mountaineers.

Apart from the breathtaking views, there are still so many things to do in Skyview, attending a multipurpose rock concert or an ice hockey game, for instance.


Things to do in Stockholm - Vasa Museum

Things to do in Stockholm - Vasa Museum

This iconic Museum is actually situated inside a warship. The Vasa ship is a relic from the seventeenth century itself and is one of Sweden’s precious and most carefully preserved artifacts. Less than 5 percent of the entire ship has been restructured and stripped from what it originally was. The Vasa is more than an average exhibit; you will easily find that there are so many things to do in Vasa Museum. There are a total of ten different exhibitions aboard the museum.

There are pieces that were recovered from the Vasa, the interactive displays, and the audiovisual media that talks about the sea battles of the 17th century. The museum has only been around since 1990. In that time, it has had over 25 million visitors. Another interesting aspect about the ship is that it sank during its maiden voyage and was salvaged 333 years later.

Other than the exhibition, the ship/museum also has one of the most renowned restaurants around, actually setting trends on a lot of cuisines with the inventive dishes on offer here. The tours take place every day, and every one under 18 gets free admission.