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Things to do in Sucre

Located at a high altitude where the climate remains wonderful all year round, Sucre is the capital of beautiful Bolivia. Due to its elevation and cold climate, it is also called ‘the Silver’ or ‘the White City’ of Bolivia. It is a historic city where you can find numerous architectural gems from the colonial era. If you want more of history, you can visit the great museum filled with 16th century artwork. This place has witnessed so many significant events from the history of American independence. It is the colonial infrastructure that has made the city the centre of tourism.

Bolivia Capital

The official name of Sucre is “The Honorable and Heroic Sucre”, as the city still maintains the ancient colonial buildings. There are so many things to do in Sucre, if you ever plan to visit the city. If you are not a museum fanatic, you can definitely enjoy walking down the streets of this city with colonial architecture. The architecture of the city, by many, is defined as the prefect amalgam of colonial and neo-classical style. However, with time, Sucre has grown to become a conservative city of Bolivia, as the wealth and power of this city is continuously being threatened by the Evo Morales Government. This factor however has not limited the number of things to do in Sucre, even slightly. The tourism police of the city are working 24/7 towards providing a more secure environment to the tourists. If you are seeking solace, then one of the most important things to do in Bolivia is to head towards Sucre, as the city is known or its tranquility ambiance due of its laid back lifestyle. You can visit the colorful market that surrounds the city, which serves as the shopping hub to tourists, from where you can buy gifts and souvenirs to distribute to people back home.

Sucre Bolivia

There is a never ending list of the places to visit in Sucre, if you plan to go there at any time of the year. If your interest, by any means, is inclined towards history, then you should definitely go and visit the Freedom House which is also known as the Casa de la Libertad, locally. It is an old building that was constructed by the Jesuits and dates back to the 17th century. Here, at this place, lies the history of the American independence, as it served as a university to many students. Sucre Metroppolitana Cathedral is one of the best cathedrals in the country. It should be on your things to do in Bolivia lists because if you ever visit the city, you would not like to miss the opportunity of exploring such beautiful architecture. If you are interested in learning a new language and improving your communication skills , then Sucre can serve as the best place for learning and practicing Spanish. Other places to visit in Sucre that you cannot miss at any cost are Parque Cretácico - Cal Orcko, Monastery de La Recoleta and Casa de la Libertad.


Things to do in Sucre - Parque Cretácico, Cal Orcko

Things to do in Sucre - Parque Cretácico, Cal Orcko

In Sucre, the world’s largest collection of dinosaur footprints can be found. The place known as the Cal Orcko, is located about 5 kilometers from the center of the city, where more than 5000 footprints of the dinosaurs can be found. These were first discovered on the grounds where a cement company was conducting its operations. This place is now considered to be the one of the major tourist attractions. It is definitely one of the things to do in Bolivia. The museum at this place is now dedicated to the collection of dinosaurs’ sculptures (which are life-size) and findings.

Besides exploring these sculptures and being fascinated by the large footprints, other things to do in Parque Cretácico - Cal Orcko, are to look around and enjoy what the museum has to offer its visitors in terms of learning and observe history. You may also get the view of the footprints from outside the park but the inside would provide panorama and you can click better pictures, if the lighting is good. These prints are eroding, with every passing winter, so visiting this area should be one of the things to do in Bolivia, if you plan to visit the country.


Things to do in Sucre - Monastery de La Recoleta

Things to do in Sucre - Monastery de La Recoleta

This place is considered to be a delight for the Bibliophiles, as it encloses a large library with a collection of more than 20,000 books. The volumes of the books are present in this Monastery and date back to the late 14th century. Although now, it has been completely rebuilt but initially, this monastery was built in the mid of the 16th century by Franciscan friars. One of the first things to do in Monastery de La Recoleta when you get to this place is to book your tour.

You can also select the language that you want your tour to be in. The guided tours are usually available in Spanish, Italian, French and English. There are places in the huge library, where you can enjoy your solitude, while reading.

There are diverse arrays of topics that can be found in the collection of the library. You can actually skim through the entire American history by going through it. While planning on things to do in Bolivia, make the visit to this place your utmost priority, if you consider yourself a Bibliophile. Visiting this place should be definitely one of the things to do in Bolivia, as this place is located at a little distance from the city centre.


Things to do in Sucre - Casa de la Libertad

Things to do in Sucre - Casa de la Libertad

If you want to learn about the history of American independence then you should declare the visit to this place as one of things to do in Bolivia. On August 6, 1825, it was right here on this spot that the declaration of independence of Bolivia was signed. Casa de la Libertad is considered to be the birth place of the nation by many and it has also been declared the national memorial.

The things to do in Casa de la Libertad are to go through the declaration of independence of Bolivia that is on display, take a guided tour to this place and observe other important relics of the history placed here. The entry to this museum may not be free for the visitors have to pay to get access to this place.

The guided tour that is available of the visitor is options and is available only in English and Spanish, which is the major drawback. There are several security measures that are taken for the protection of the valuable historical assets of the country. If you desire to click pictures in there, you will be requiring a separate photographer’s pass for it.


Things to do in Sucre - Mercado de Tarabuco

Mercado de Tarabuco is a marketplace in the Tarabuco village near Sucre, Bolivia. It is known for its colorful and cost-effective souvenirs. Many visitors who come here call it the liveliest place to be in Sucre any day of the year. Since it is located 64 km away from the city centre, most visitors prefer taking a public bus to get there from their hotels.

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Mercado de Tarabuco is mingling with the local sellers who come here clothed in their most colorful attires to attract the attention of the tourist. They are friendly people, and if you are into photographing people from different cultures, Mercado de Tarabuco will offer you a perfect opportunity to get your best clicks. The shops and stalls are also loaded with euqlly colorful and eye-catching souvenirs.

Since it is a market place, shopping automatically makes it to the list of things to do in Mercado de Tarabuco. You will find a wide number of exotic souvenirs sold at prices much lower than you will find in the main city markets. From handmade hats and ponchos to handcrafted clay sculpture, you can find something for everyone back home. Don’t forget to watch the doll makers creating exotic dolls out of colorful fabric.


Things to do in Sucre - Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri

Things to do in Sucre - Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri

Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri is often cited as the hidden gems of Sucre. With its beautiful architecture presenting a blend of colonial style, Bolivian culture, as well as modern additions. Despite its outstanding beauty, it is not crowded by too many visitors mainly due to its hidden entrance and strict timings. The church was built during the 17th century.

A visit to this church should definitely be on your list because there are so many things to do in Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri. One of the visitors’ favorite is to climb the rooftop and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Tranquil and serene, the colonial courtyard of the church is also an amazing place to be, especially if you love to spend some time in a blissful solitude.

If photography is something you want to add to the list of things to do in Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri, the interior of the church is a good place to start from. The altar, gold and white, is truly majestic and very different from what is seen in typical churches in Europe and America. You can also take perfect panoramic shots from the rooftop.


Things to do in Sucre - Mochima National Park

Things to do in Sucre - Mochima National Park

Mochima National Park, established in 1973, is the second marine park of the country. The park covers the water's edge between Cumana and Puerto La Cruz. Visitors to the park tend to camp on the site overnight. Take a boat to travel to the islands of Monos, Las Borrachas, Arapito and Chimana Grande. You will have an exciting time there.

There are several water-related things to do in Mochima National Park as scuba diving, sun bathing, snorkeling, and swimming. You can visit the restaurants located along the beach to eat fried fish, fried plantain, and try other local dishes. The oysters with lime are to die for so do try them. You can wash down the food with a cold beer, sold by the restaurants or vendors on the beach.

To reach the national marine park, take the bus, and then another bus to reach the park, as walking from the main entrance will take a long time. From there, you can take a boat to an island. Since there are many things to do in Mochima National Park, you will have plenty to keep yourself occupied with, from scuba diving, snorkeling, to swimming. Enjoy the food and the atmosphere.