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Things to do in Suriname

Republic of Suriname is a sovereign state that is located in South America. Primarily a Dutch-speaking nation, Suriname is considered to be a Caribbean country as far as its vibrant culture is concerned. This is why it is also a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and is also the only state that is Dutch majority outside of Europe. However, the population of the country is diverse with people coming from different backgrounds, religions and ethnicity.

Suriname tourism

Suriname has been established since the 3000 BC. The original inhabitants of the city were the Arawaks, a nomadic coastal tribe that survived on fishing and hunting. It was only later that the Caribs gained entrance into the place and conquered the aborigines. The country also went through multiple colonial conquests before finally achieving independence in 1975. Since then, it has continued to develop on its own pace, with high education enrollment and an easy way of life for its citizens. There are quite a few things to do in Suriname when tourists visit this peacefully diversified ethnic state. The hotel industry in Suriname is flourishing due to great tourism in the country. Since there are pristine Amazonian rain forests in this area, tourists from all over the world come to check out the amazing flora and fauna of the place. Some of the things to do in Suriname include checking out the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, which is the largest and most popular reserve in the country. Not only is the place a marvel to look at, it also contains some of the most amazing species of animals, birds and plants that are found around the globe. Another great reserve is the Brownsberg Nature Park that is right opposite the Brokopondo Reservoir. The Brownsberg Nature Park contains one of the biggest man-made lakes of the world. One more thing to do in Suriname is visiting the Tonka Island, which is a rustic eco-tourism centre that is under the supervision of Saramaccaner Maroons. The country is also full of many divine looking waterfalls that are very attractive for tourists from around the world. The Raleighvallen or the Raleigh Falls is located at the Coppename River. It is 56,000 hectare nature reserve that is home to quite a huge bird life of that area. Other important waterfalls in Surniame are the Wonotobo Falls and Blanche Marie Falls found on the Nickerie River. This is the reason why Suriname is one of the very few states of the world that has 30% of its total area declared as wildlife reserve that is protected by law.

Places to visit in Suriname

When it comes to things to do in Suriname, there is a multitude of options that people can choose from. From landmarks to the exotic natural life of the country, there is something for everyone in Suriname. There are also plantations like the Laarwijk, right next to the Suriname River that can be visited by tourists who are interested. The interesting thing about the place is that it can only be reached through a boat. Another place to visit and things to do in Suriname includes the Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge which is built over the river Suriname and connects Paramaribo and Meerzorg in the district of Commewijne. The 121 feet high bridge is a wonder to see. It was constructed so that travelling between the two places could become easier, as previously only ferry could take passengers from one place to the other. It also escalated the development of the eastern Suriname area. It is only for vehicles and pedestrians cannot walk on this bridge. Saint Peter and Paul Cathedrals is another wonderful feat to visit. Initially created as a theater in 1809, the place got burned down in the 1920’s. It was later rebuilt into a cathedral in 1883. Palmentuin, the popular palm garden of the place is close to the church and is also a great thing to do in Suriname, not simply because of its beauty but also because of the way it was constructed. One more interesting thing about the diverse Suriname is the construction of a mosque and a synagogue right opposite each other, sharing the same parking area. Nowhere else in the world are these two religious temples situated in such close proximity of each other. This shows how tolerant and compassionate the community is about taking care of the religious values of their fellow citizens. A Hindu Arya Dewaker temple is another sight to see and must be part of the list of things to do in Suriname for most people visiting the country. The unique and beautiful thing about this temple is that it does not contain any image or graphic representation of Hindu divinities, as it is against the rules of the Arya Samaj, who are the builders of this temple. The architecture is therefore covered inside out with words from the Hindu scriptures. This makes the place look spectacular in its glory. There are also many eateries, restaurants and bars in Suriname that people can add to what they want to do in Suriname. The eateries offer delicious foods from the local area as well as of ethnic specialties. Nightlife in Suriname is also active and people can find whatever they like as far as bars and clubs are concerned. There is something for everyone and of all kinds of interests in Suriname.

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