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Things to do in Sydney

Best attractions to visit in Sydney

1. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair - Sydney

Mrs Macquarie s Chair

Mrs. Macquarie's Chair is a famous tourist spot in Sydney that is basically a sandstone rock, which is in shape of a chair. The ‘chair’ is located on the Sydney Harbor and was made by convicts for Governor Macquarie's wife, Elizabeth, back in 1810. It is said that Elizabeth Macquarie used to sit on the chair in order to enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor. The peninsula is also known as Mrs. Macquarie's Point, and is situated near the Royal Botanical Gardens. The place gives an excellent view if the harbor, mountains and the bridge, which is the reason why it is loved by tourists and locals. When at the place, don’t forget to explore a bit because you will be able to spot the Kirribilli House, Navy dockyards, and the Pinchgut Island towards the northeast. There is no admission fee to get to the Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, and if you are in the city for the first time and are wondering how to get to the place, then you should know that it falls on the Sydney Explorer route and is only 20 minutes away from the Circular Quay.


2. Sydney Tower - Sydney

Sydney Tower

Did you know that with the start of each new day, the beaches, the blue mountains, the grasslands, and the bustling urban landscape of Sydney, all create one of the most epic scenes that one can ever witness, bathed in the light of the morning sun? So don’t miss it by heading over to the Sydney Tower, the second tallest observation tower in all of the Southern Hemisphere. Divided into four sections, the tower is home to some of the most exquisite dining spots in all of Sydney. In fact, three of its sections are occupied by Sydney Tower Dining, including the revolving 360 Bar and Dining on level one, the contemporary self-select Sydney Tower Buffet on the second, and the highest event space in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sky Venue on the third. Whether you decide to dine or not, you must head to the Sydney Tower Eye, the observation deck that lets you to gain a breathtaking, 360 view of the beautiful harbor city. The observation deck is equipped with high-powered binoculars and multi-language touch screens that inform you of related and interesting facts about the landmarks you may be looking at!


3. Chinese Garden of Friendship - Sydney

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Modeled on the traditional private gardens of the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is a restful and tranquil haven in Sydney and homage to the Australian-Chinese friendship. The Chinese Garden is located in Chinatown and offers insights into the history, culture, and heritage of the Chinese civilization. Designed and developed by its sister city in China, the Guangzhou, the garden complements Chinatown’s already rich Chinese culture and heritage. Successfully walling off the urban lifestyle and influences, it has become the calm oasis in the busy city. If you are headed into the Garden, then be prepared for a dramatic shift in scenery and ambiance; for the sound of glistening waterfalls; the sighing winds guiding the competing orchestra between beautiful, mature, and budding bamboo plants; the lush gardens; and the historic Chinese buildings. Places to visit include the Dragon Wall that symbolizes the bond between Guangzhou and New South Wales, the Twin Pavilion and the Water Pavilion of Lotus Fragrance. You cannot witness the majesty of the gardens from a single vantage point, and hence, must journey across the snaking walkways. Finally, visit The Tea House for sipping traditional Chinese tea, among other refreshments.


4. Wild Life Sydney - Sydney

Wild Life Sydney

Take an amazing journey into some of Australia’s most iconic locations at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo. Creating an ultimate Australian animal adventure, the zoo has been divided into 10 zones, each allowing you to travel through the Kakadu Gorge, the Daintree Rainforest, and the Outback and encounter some of the most feared and loved animals. To be more specific, visit the Kakadu Gorge to see the huge Rex crocodile, the Gumtree Valley and Koala Encounters for the Koala bears, the Kangaroo Walk-About to see the kangaroos, Daintree Rainforest to see the Cassowary which is one of the most dangerous birds, and Devil's Den to see the Tasmanian Devils. Meanwhile, the Butterfly Tropics and the Bugs Garden are a treat for insect lovers. If you are in a mood for a swift and wild adventure, then take the Wild Flight, a chair lift like experience that zooms over the zoo while giving you a scenic aerial view of the native wildlife. Finally, don’t miss any of the featured interactive displays, enhanced walk-through habitats (including the Butterfly Tropics, Kangaroo Walk-About, and Koala Encounters), guided tours, and the various daily feeding sessions to make the most of the adventure!


5. Queen Victoria Building - Sydney

Queen Victoria Building

Majestically occupying a whole block on George Street, renowned for its splendid architecture, and dating back to the 19th century, the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is one of the most magnificent and iconic historic marketplaces in Sydney. It is home to over 180 of Sydney’s finest brands — jewelry shops, home-wares, and fashion boutiques, accompanied by a delightfully eclectic assortment of restaurants and cafes. The building has four main shopping floors, with the northern and southern ends of the upper level being the most spacious. Apart from being a bustling marketplace, a simple stroll across the rich and artistic architecture of the four floors is a wonderful experience on its own right. But, there’s more. Head towards the central dome along the gloriously stained glass windows and across stunning tile work. It comprises of an interior glass dome and copper-sheathed exterior. Find the two mechanical clocks on display (hint: adjacent the railed walkways), each featuring dioramas and moving figures from history. Others include memorials and various historic displays. Head over to the top level to see the sealed letter written by Queen Elizabeth II in 1986, and which will be opened in 2085 by the future Lord Mayor of Sydney to be read out aloud to the People of the city.


6. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium - Sydney

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Home to over 700 species of marine life and responsible for the care of more than 13,000 individual fish, and other water and sea creatures, the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium offers breathtaking scenes spanning the biodiversity of the Australian marine habitat The aquarium features 14 themed zones including Discovery Rockpool, Shark Walk, Jurassic Seas, and the world’s largest Great Barrier Reef display! And along the way, you will encounter marine life unique to each Australian habitat. So where should you start? Start by visiting two of the only five dugongs on display in the world, and then head over to visit the stingrays, sharks, tropical fish, and penguins among others. Alternatively, you can start at any one of the exhibits that take you through this lone continent’s extraordinary waterways and the ecosystems it has established. The exhibits cover not only the Australian oceans, but also the various rivers of Australia — taking you for a deep dive into the continent’s rivers, allowing you to explore both Northern and Southern River habitats. If you’re one of the more adventurous ones, then experience snorkeling with the sharks in the Great Barrier Reef! Then relax back for a short session of feeding the fish and enjoying the rare and exclusive view of the Great Barrier Reef in the Glass Bottom Boat, or head to the many floating oceanariums!


7. Sydney Harbour Bridge - Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hanging above the Sydney Harbor, and known for its dramatic setting and scenic views, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a steel-through arch bridge connecting Sydney’s Northern Shore with the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). It is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. The bridge attracts both sightseers and adventurous climbers, who visit the bridge for its daring, one-of-a-kind guided bridge climbing tours towards the southeast pylon. There are many ways to experience this iconic landmark — by walking, climbing, riding, and flying! If you are looking to enjoy the scenic views from atop the bridge, then simply head to the South-East Pylon by accessing it via the pedestrian walkway followed by climbing to the top of the pylon. For the more adventurous, the Discovery climb allows the climbers to reach the apex of the bridge’s lower cord and view its internal structure before ascending to the summit of the platform for another breathtaking view of the harbor and the city. Catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Mosman or the Taronga Zoo for observing the bridge in all its glory from across the harbor. Pass underneath it by taking a ferry from either the Luna Park or the McMahons Point. Finally, take a scenic air-borne tour for amazing aerial views of the harbor.


8. Sydney Opera House - Sydney

Sydney Opera House

Discover up-close the artistic beauty, architectural feats, the history, and the Australian heritage that has made the Sydney Opera House one of the most iconic landmarks on the planet. Start at the new Welcome Centre and discover the complete range of events, tours, shows, and eating options available for you to savor. Take a stroll through the galleries displaying the architectural masterpieces spread throughout the opera’s construction; learn more about the history of the iconic building, and set sights on the souvenirs you want to take back home. Additionally, know the latest events and shows and either book or buy the tickets for experiencing the ambiance that has set this opera house as one of the world’s foremost opera spaces. Head out on a delicious journey through the Sydney Opera House with the “Tour and Tasting Plate”, a tour with a three-tier gourmet tasting from the Opera Kitchen. Follow this with the Backstage Tour and uncover the mysteries of the backstage world in small groups. Finally, take your kids on a Junior Adventure to become a certified Opera House expert or gain discounts for the House performances by combining it with a Junior Lunch for an ultimate family day out!


9. The Rocks - Sydney

The Rocks

The Rocks is a historic locality in New South Whales. Soaked in the preserved history of the Australian heritage, its historic cobblestone streets and sandstone buildings, dotted with market stalls, and great cafes reverberate with Australia’s history and culture. This serene experience clashes magnificently with exotic cafes, tranquil restaurants, and premium hotels and resort chains. So where should you start? Head over to the Rocks Discovery Museum, a three-story, technology-savvy building that offers insights into the history and stories of the earliest inhabitants for Australia. You can delve deeper by using one of the interactive touch screen displays to learn about other places in The Rocks. Take a walk through the streets and immerse yourself in the mix of the cosmopolitan and colonial architecture in Sydney. Follow this with a leisurely stroll through the Savannahs Place, a precinct of the restored building overlooking the scenic harbor. Shop at the colorful local markets for collectibles and souvenirs from the many eclectic stalls; and if you’re there on a weekend, then don’t miss the chance to visit the Rocks Weekend Market. Gaze at the heavens above-and-beyond at the Sydney Observatory or from the Observatory Gardens. The high-powered telescopes and screening in the 3D space theatre allow you to witness the majesty and magnificence of the millions of galaxies in the universe.


10. Darling Harbour - Sydney

Darling Harbour

Home to some major public attractions and facilities, the Darling Harbor is one of the most lively and attractive tourist precincts in Sydney. Start with an enjoyable and adrenaline boosting adventurous cruise by taking a boat tour of the harbor with Fantasea. Enjoy a family day out in the company of Australian wildlife and marine life at Tumbalong Park, Sydney Wildlife World, and Sydney Aquarium. Peek into the history of the Australian maritime life at Australian National Maritime Museum. In addition to the normal history of the seafarers, it also features various ships, including the HMAS Vampire. Alternatively, take a walk through the Australian Theatre Of Arts And Crafts at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Experience cinema like never before at the LG IMAX theatre, home to the largest screen on the planet. And if you’re in a mood for some further urban adventures, then head over to the Harbourside Shopping Centre. It is home to the Kingpin Bowling Alley, Australia's first retail Jet flight simulator, and M9 Laser Skirmish. Finally, head over to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, for a walk in a peaceful oasis separate from the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy a relaxing and serene experience in a tranquil surrounding.


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