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Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is the largest and cosmopolitan city located in Australia. The city is considered a major tourist destination and holds the enviable position of being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is brimming with culture, history, art, and scenic natural landscapes. Visitors can find many scenic spots that are scattered all across the city.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera house are two iconic structures located in the city. Both places present a picturesque spot for photo ops. Various events are held at the Sydney Opera House that offers insights into the cultural aspect of the city. The city also contains lots of skyscrapers with the Sydney Tower towering high above the skyline.

Darling Harbour is another great entertainment spot located in the city. There are a plenty of things to do in Sydney Darling Harbour such as shopping, dining, and passing time at the museums. Other interesting places to visit and things to do in Sydney include Royal Botanic Gardens, La Perouse, Anzac War Memorial, and Luna Park. On the whole, a visit to the city is certainly worth it as it offers lots of fun, excitement, and adventure to the visitors.


Things to do in Sydney - Sydney Heritage Fleet

Things to do in Sydney - Sydney Heritage Fleet

Sydney Heritage Fleet is a non-profit museum also known as the Sydney Maritime Museum. This museum is located in Darling Harbor and Rozelle, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The museum is popular for its historic vessels including James Craig, a baroque sailing vessel from 1894.

Visitors can take an adventure tour on James Craig and witness the impressive and serene views of the surroundings. James Craig is a beautiful and completely restored baroque vessel that offers the visitors a glimpse of the Australian voyages that played an important role in shaping the heritage of the country. This vessel is one of the four vessels of its kind still sailing and offering visitors a great experience of the times before them.

By boarding this historical vessel, you can take tours of the sea while enjoying the delicious food on deck. If you want to impress your guests, you can also book James Craig for up to 49 people. Among James Craig, you can also take tours on other historical vessels including 1902 VIP steam launch Lady Hopetoun, 1902 steam tug Waratah, and Edwardian schooner Boomerang. So, if you want to experience the history of Australia, take a tour on one of the Sydney Heritage Fleets and make your day memorable


Things to do in Sydney - White Rabbit Gallery

The White Rabbit Gallery is an art museum that has the largest and the most prominent collections of contemporary Chinese art. This art gallery/museum was founded by Judith Neilson and Kerr, and focused on exhibiting and presenting works of arts made in the 21st century.
This art gallery is not only unique, but it offers pieces that are modern and very interesting. The White Rabbit Gallery is located at 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale in Sydney, Australia. This gallery is established in a renovated Rolls-Royce service depot. Although the gallery contains 1000 works of Chinese contemporary art, it is still a very small number of the total White Rabbit Collection.

Two exhibitions are held in the gallery every year and the entrance level and three upper floors are re-hung. Visitors can enjoy tea from China and Taiwan in the tea house on the ground level. This charitable gallery’s café is another attraction other than its fine works of art. The dumplings offered at the café attract many tourists and visitors, adding to their experience. You can also book tours of the gallery from Wednesday to Sunday. You can join these tours by arriving a few minutes before the starting time. If you are part of an educational institution, you can book special group tours in advance.


Things to do in Sydney - North Head Quarantine Station

Things to do in Sydney - North Head Quarantine Station

The North Head Quarantine Station is a heritage-listing building on the North of Sydney Harbor at North Head. This series of buildings were once operated as a quarantine station from 1832 to 1984. The reason that this complex was used as quarantine was to keep the people suffering from infectious diseases in the place for treatment, and release them when they are in good health.

This series of building are part of the Sydney Harbor National Park and are now used as a restaurant complex, hotel, and conference centre. The most interesting theory about the Quarantine Station is that it is haunted by the ghosts of the patients and staff that once used to live here. Furthermore, the site has been home to several paranormal instances that are a proof of the theory that many people believe.

This haunted site also featured on Ghost Hunters International & Jabba's Curious World, and a supernatural horror movie. Families and group of friends can take ghost tours of the station and relive the chilling times of the past when sick patients were kept isolated in the building. There are group tours available for education, heritage, and history as well. Visitors can enjoy these fun and insightful tours at the North Head Quarantine Station with their friends and family, and take a peek at the history of the country.


Things to do in Sydney - Wet’n’Wild Sydney

Things to do in Sydney - Wet’n’Wild Sydney

Wet’n’Wild Sydney is a water park located in New South Wales, Australia. The parked opened its doors to the public on 12th December 2013, and since then have become one of Australia’s most loved adventure parks. This park is owned and operated by Village Roadshow Theme Parks, and is located in two other locations.
Wet’n’Wild Sydney offers outstanding entertainment to the visitors and features some of the most interesting water adventures and slides. The park features a large wave pool known as The Beach, which is located right in the centre. This pool produces non-surfable waves of up to 2.3 meters.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney features several water slide attractions including a large wave pool, a children's area, food, beverage and retail outlets, and a Surf Life Saving Club. The park features four water slide towers, each featuring a collection of slides grouped by the level of thrill.

For the thrill-seekers, the Bombora slide can be quite exciting. This slide is a tornado wave slide and features enclosed flume ride before it drops down to the ground. H2Go Racer is another slide that features an eight-lane whizzard twist where riders get to race head-first on a downward facing slide. The slide ends with an open drop, giving riders complete enjoyment.


Things to do in Sydney - Shark Island

Things to do in Sydney - Shark Island

Located offshore to the Sydney suburbs of Rose Bay, Vaucluse, and Point Piper in the eastern side of the harbor, Shark Island is an island in Sydney Harbor, Australia. Although its original name is Boambilly, its name Shark Island comes from the shape of the island that strikes resemblance to a shark.

This island has an area of 3.7 acres and was once used as animal quarantine, a recreation reserve, and a naval depot from 1879 until 1975. This island is now used as a famous picnic spot and offers the visitors many facilities including picnic shelters and a gazebo. Furthermore, Shark Island offers an array of recreation and adventure to the public including a ferry service that offers four trips out of Circular Quay on weekends.

Due to the small size of the island, people wanting to visit it must make their reservations beforehand. The island can only accommodate 500 people at one time. Shark Island is also a hotspot for private gigs and functions, and is open for bookings in advance. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Harbor and the city from Shark Island. There is also quite a lot of shade available for the beachgoers at the Island.


Things to do in Sydney - Vaucluse House

Vaucluse House is a historic estate that is built in the outstandingly beautiful Gothic Revival style and is located in the harbor-side suburb of Vaucluse in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The name of the suburb is taken from Vaucluse House. This breathtaking 19th century estate features a kitchen wing, house, outbuildings, stables, and 28 acres of mesmerizing gardens and grounds. Managed under the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, this estate is used as a museum that is open to the public.

This museum offers a peek into the history of the great family sagas of the city and many other activities for the visitors. Families with children can visit the farmyard where they can enjoy petting goats, birds, and ducks. You can also visit the Kitchen Gardens that are abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the estate. The unfinished entrance space without a doorway is one of the many amusements at the Vaucluse House. One of the most interesting things at the house is the portrait of William Charles Wentworth’s three daughters. Anyone interested in visiting this historic site can book free tours and learn many interesting stories about the Wentworth family.


Things to do in Sydney - Scheyville National Park

The Scheyville National Park is an outstanding national park that covers 2,300 acres of land and is located in the northwestern suburbs of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. This park is popular for offering a dynamic range of recreational activities including cycling, horse riding, and walks on easy trails. The Scheyville National Park is all about nature and providing a serene place for the visitors where they can relax and get involved in refreshing physical activities and exercises. This park is not just valued for its amazing setting, but it also has a rich cultural history.

This park features the remains of a cooperative farm and a famous migrant camp. Sites like these make this park much more than just a recreational hub for the citizens. It tells a lot about the time when these places were the stops for becoming an Australian. Many men trained in the grounds of this park to take part in the Vietnamese War. You can take a horseback ride and witness the remains of historic building among other restored ones. The park also offers facilities like drinking water, picnic tables, and toilets for those visiting. You can also visit the park with your family to enjoy the serene environment and watch birds while you relax on the grass.


Things to do in Sydney - Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight Cinema is among the few outdoor cinemas in Sydney, Australia. This cinema is open to public and gives everyone a chance to watch a movie under the stars. The cinema showcases a dynamic set of movies and shows including contemporary, classic, and cult movies. The cinema also offers advance screenings for those who love to enjoy a good watch with a panoramic view of the Belvedere Amphitheatre in Centennial Park, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

Moonlight Cinema is Sydney’s most popular outdoor cinema that not only attracts the locals, but also the tourists visiting the city. The cinema announces several shows and seasons that go up for booking for visitors. Visitors love to watch horror and thrillers in Moonlight Cinema due to its outdoor location and the spooky environment it creates. People visiting for a show can buy food hampers from the venue, but it is always best to bring your own picnic basket packed with your favorite food items and drinks. Alcohol is also available at the venue, so you will never be short of anything. The best part about Moonlight Cinema is that if you book as a group, you get a discount.


Things to do in Sydney - Hillsong Church

Affiliated with Australian Christian Churches, Hillsong Church is located in Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. This Pentecostal mega church is a part of the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God. Hillsong Church came into existence in 1983 and since then became a multi-site church with branches spreading across Australia including campuses in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Noosa, and New Castle.

Hillsong also holds several conferences, tours, and events. The church believes in the welfare of people. The church is connected to thousands of other churches across the world and holds the Hillsong Conference that is world’s largest annual Christian gathering with people from every denomination attending the event with enthusiasm and high spirit.

Hillsong Church also runs a Bible College with over 1,500 students registered to study from across the world. The church also offers an array of other services to the community including pastorally supporting families and marriages, hospital support, ministries, children’s programs, and much more. Hillsong Church took an interesting turn toward music development. The music produced by Hillsong Church’s singers has made a massive impact on the audience and the music also took the top spots in Australian charts. Their albums have achieved gold and platinum sales status as well.

Things to do in Sydney - Discover Sydney

Sydney, located in Australia, is called the Harbor City. Sydney earns the titles of one of the most beautiful cities to vacation in the world. What does this city have to offer you? — Everything from history, culture, nature, design, cuisine, art, to fashion! You will not be disappointed at all the things to do in Sydney. Most of the things to do in Sydney such as tourist attractions can be found in the City Center.