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Best attractions to visit in Tahiti

1. Papeete Market - Tahiti

Papeete Market

In the world where the rules of the road called "Life" change daily. Here everyone has the desire to have new things or stuff. As people say ‘Human Needs’ are unlimited. As time passes the daily routine of life of every single person changes. Everybody wants to have something new in their life because life is full of changes. To experience something new in life, one must have a hearty shopping because shopping is the best way to refresh our minds. If you are planning or longing to shop in the best place why not you visit Papeete Market of Tahiti, French Polynesia. The shopping mart of Tahiti offers countless things for all the visitors. It is one of the biggest and famous shopping marts across the globe. If your budget is in a limit, going to Papeete Market is the best and is totally worth it. It is little crowded but being in the Papeete Market, it is little cheap compared with other shopping malls. The Papeete Market is in each sense the heart of the city. "Le Marché", as the city business sector is called, is the ideal spot to discover local Tahitian items and produce and it is located only one square inland from the waterfront. On the ground floor of the extensive building are numerous stands with presentations of tasty ripe fruits, Tahitian and Chinese vegetables, "Monoi" oil and scented cleansers, vanilla beans, cakes and pies, organic product jam, dance costumes, woven caps, packs and shell accessories. The best time to visit "Le Marche" is from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm (Sundays until 9 am), and reaches its zenith of activity in early Sunday mornings, when both tourist and Tahitian families come to search for their Sunday feast. Make sure not to forget to stop at the flower market on the ground floor where you will discover splendid showcases of flawless orchids and anthuriums, and daisies, red ginger, jasmine and shell neckbands, woven caps and wicker container. All the flower displays around the market are really amazing and beautiful. The fragrance of every flower in the market makes the visitors more attracted and speechless. If you are in Tahiti make sure to visit Papeete Market where a countless variety of things is spread around.


2. Vai’ete Square - Tahiti

Vai ete Square

Rejoicing a holiday far away from your home also from your daily life full of stress can be the finest thing that can revive your past and enjoy the deja vu. There is no better method for spending an excursion other than facing your fears by doing really exciting and thrilling activities. The Vai'ete Square is the best spot to hang out with your friends and dear ones. It is a place where you can spend quality time. The square is surrounded by many amazing activities starting from live performance to having food at amazing food joints. It is the spot where all forms of expression come together. The Vai'ete Square is one of the superb visited areas by both tourists and local people. The square is more fun and enjoyable during night time. The square is situated in downtown Papeete, Vai'ete Square is a beautiful place to take an unwinding waterfront walk around the beautiful day. At night, however, the atmosphere turns out to be great comprising of colorful food wagons offering local cuisines and decadent sweets open to the masses. From 6 pm to around 3 am, visitors can test everything from Tahitian pizza to French crepes to grilled calf heart. Live music from a nearby pavilion, as well as live performances of all kinds, add to the vibrant atmosphere while tables littering the lovely area allow you to relax and enjoy your meal. After you're done eating, you'll have the capacity to meander the downtown to explore the beautiful island's nightlife options. Of course, the square gets to be rowdier as the night goes on. On specific evenings of the month, you can also see traditional dance performances. All the activities offered by the square are really amazing and impressive. The square is always crowded, but the spot is truly worth a visit. Reminiscent of the French Riviera, the Waterfront Esplanade extends from the To'Ata Square to Vai'ete Square is the place where you can appreciate a scenic stroll and watch the excellent boat sail by. From a distance, you can see the volcanic island of Moorea and its tough mountains, barbed pick, and lavish greenery. Vendors selling crisp juices, popcorn, local food and French pastries upgrade the Parisian feel of the fascination, while the waterfront's numerous shows and exhibitions guarantee an energetic atmosphere.


3. Circle-Island Tour - Tahiti

Circle Island Tour

The Circle-Island Tour gives you a chance to explore the historical, picturesque, and cultural highlights of Oahu – the comfortable, convenient way. The visit includes Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, the Pali Lookout, Dole Plantation, renowned North Shore shorelines, the Hawai'i Temple and many more. Everything concludes a significant visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Circle-Island Tour is really amazing. All the tourists from all over the world appreciate this tour. Oahu is a beautiful island place in Tahiti, but, to be honest, appreciate all the gem which will be offered, you must get away from the high rise hotels of Waikiki. The island's north shore offers grand shorelines with amazing winter swells and world-class surf. Kaneohe Bay's miles of seaward reef and sandbars tint a special oceans cape. The towers of the Pali precipices on the windward side are reminiscent of Hawaiian postcards from the days of old. Central Oahu highlights miles of pineapple fields and gives you the chance to appreciate an example of this sweet, mouth-watering field-aged organic product. These three journeys are all driven by aides who have been confirmed by the condition of Hawaii and are done on premium 25 traveler motor coach vehicles with larger than usual viewing windows. You'll see more, learn more, and have more dialogues with your aide. Make sure that you do not miss traveling in the big 55 passenger buses, this is the best way to see the island. Out of all circle-island tours, the majestic circle island tour is the most popular. There is more than 120-mile excursion that covers the island’s most attractive places. Leaving downtown Honolulu, the visit stops at Pali Lookout for an all-encompassing perspective of Nu'uanu Valley and Ko'olau Mountains. After a brief span, you will enter the peaceful, serene grounds of the Byodo-In Buddhist Temple with its koi lakes and manicured Japanese gardens. Also, the saying spot is a home to some of the most popular surfing spots in the planet, including Banzai Pipeline, Sunset, and Waimea Bay. Appreciate a short trek to Waimea Falls through the delightful botanical garden. Swimming is allowed by Waimea Valley lifeguards. The visit aide will let you know folk stories and Hawaiian traditions.


4. Museum of Tahiti - Tahiti

Museum of Tahiti

Tahiti is loaded with differed and rich history, permitting itself to give a wide assortment of attractions which attract a lot of tourists every year. While it can be said that there is no real constraint to the quantity of Tahiti attractions to see. Therefore, even though you may not be able to see all of the attractions in a single visit to Tahiti, you can definitely prioritize the most popular ones. The Museum of Tahiti and the Islands signify to one of the world's most imperative repositories of culture and natural studies concerning the Polynesian archipelago. It is isolated into 4 segments covering nature and human sciences, habitation and curious, social and religious life and lastly the history of French Polynesia. Costumes, traditions, handicrafts and customs of the island-dwellers are all thoughtfully exhibited, alongside with etchings and drawings that catch Europeans' first impression of the South Pacific. Natural wonders on show include stuffed birds, safeguarded plants and a showcase of seashells of which some are really huge. The Museum of Tahiti owns regular ambiance that are allowed to visit abound with native species. The Museum of Tahiti and its Islands are committed to educating guests about this excellent archipelago. The museum is divided into four particular segments: the first spotlights on geology and common history, the second on pre-European culture, the third on the impacts of colonization, and the fourth on natural wonders. If you feel worn out on scrutinizing the displays, step outside for incredible perspectives of surfers handling the sea waves. The Museum of Tahiti and its Islands are known to be one of the best and most delightful museums in the South Pacific. Polynesian history is painstakingly recorded and exhibited. Highlights include uncommon accumulations of craftsmanship and historical artifacts. European entry is presented and put into context. The collection of the museum is truly impressive. By seeing this collection, one can understand the history of Tahiti. This Tahiti museum relates the historical backdrop of Polynesia, from the islands arrangement to present days. It is situated inside of a 5 ha park along the sea-facing Moorea. It consists of four permanent showrooms devoted to the indigenous environment, maohi past culture and also the current history.


5. The Gauguin Museum - Tahiti

The Gauguin Museum

The Gauguin Museum is a tribute to Paul Gauguin's life amidst his years on Tahiti and in the Marquesas, the historical Gauguin museum, its inside of the excellent Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens and elements of display and memorabilia from the late painter himself, including painting, duplicates of documents, block prints, and generations of a significant number of his most well-known works of art. If you love European Arts, then you would appreciate the struggle of thousands to put together and assemble the best of European artwork in the museum, known as the Gauguin Museum. This Modern and Contemporary art center is situated in the heart of Tahiti. Here you can find some of the world’s best modern and contemporary arts, with permanent displays. The Gauguin Museum offers visitors not only the richness of its everlasting collection through a route frequently changed but also a wide range of short-term displays that widen the scope of the collection and deepen certain tricky topics or tactics. Nowadays, the collection enjoys the status of being one of the world’s finest and most wide-ranging collections of modern and contemporary art. The entry of the Gauguin Museum is absolutely free and it opens every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. On this art gallery, you might find numerous origins that might satisfy the curiosity and interest of everyone, no matter the age, though, for example, guided visits for children, activities which will let them meet some of the great names of modern and contemporary art in a ludic yet educational way. It has more than one thousand different pieces from national and international artists with different styles, leanings, and eras. The structure itself is absolutely fascinating and appears to be like a perfect match for placing the modern art museum. The Gauguin Museum is one of the famous and most visited museums in Tahiti. Countless modern and contemporary art lover come every day to visit this outstanding museum of the city. Apart from this museum, all the other sites of the city will give you the best and memorable excursion for you and your family.


6. Pearl Museum - Tahiti

Pearl Museum

Do you want to see the most enchanting museum in the world? The fascinating collection and presentation of the blend of distinct pearls from various parts of the world will surely bind you in its glamor and you will not think of visiting any other museum at all. One of the biggest pearls ever found is shown in this museum which is entirely committed to the mystical jewels. The Black Pearl Museum houses the biggest Tahitian pearl on the planet and is one of the main foundations on the planet totally committed to pearls. The rare black pearl stays as extraordinary in present as in the famous privateer stories and mythology. Appreciate the quality of mysticism surrounding this Tahiti pearl museum, where the cultural significance of pearls is clarified through narrating, history shows and work of art. Wonder about the Robert Wan Pearl, which one of the biggest is ever found. Find out about the cultural essentialness behind pearls in Tahiti. The rare pearls are an important indicator of riches and status which furthermore grant a feeling of magic. Get some answers concerning the science behind pearls and their place in nature? See the gathering of mollusk shells of fluctuating sizes, shapes and hues on display from all around the globe. Appreciate the pearl worn by a Tahitian artist. The gift shop has a determination of pearls and souvenirs for buy or you can purchase your own pearls from one of the stalls along the waterfront opposite the lovely pearl museum. Black pearls are the first class pearls because of their rarity. They are also called Tahitian Pearls, as they are totally selective to the region and pearl harvesting in the island's principle industry. Black pearls come in different dull hues with an undertone of other brighter shades, so they are not necessarily black. The site is also called the Robert Wan Pearl Museum, after the neighborhood occupant who amassed the accumulation of pearls. The gallery opens daily from morning until late evening with the exception on Sundays. Admission to this museum is free. The site is on the northwest shoreline of the island, offering pleasant perspectives of Nanuu Bay. The museum is definitely accessible by public transport.


7. Vaima Center - Tahiti

Vaima Center

As much as shopping is sometimes seen as a way of wasting your hard earned money, it has been proved that it really abandons you healthier both physically and mentally. It is truly genuine that shopping gives you a feeling of accomplishment which in turn lifts your mind-set leaving you feeling great. The tremendous and wonderful shopping center foundations mushrooming everywhere throughout the world will change your shopping habit which is considerable evidence of benefits picked up from this habit, then, there is nothing to worry at all. The Vaima Center is the biggest shopping mall in Tahiti, French Polynesia's main island. This multilevel shopping center opened in the year 1977 and is situated in the capital city of Papeete. At the Vaima Shopping Center, visitors can shop at high end stores for garments, gems, shoes, hardware, craftsmanship, and substantially more. Some overall brands incorporate Nike, Billabong, and Bose, however there are also numerous other nearby stores at the shopping center. It's an awesome spot to purchase souvenir and island themed attire. The Vaima center is understood for its French book stores that offer books in both English and French in a wide range of sorts and maps of the French Polynesian islands. A well-known thing to search for in Tahiti is the Tahitian dark pearl, and there are a few shops in the Vaima Center that have some expertise in dark pearls. The facilities of the Vaima center is amazing. The shopping center has eateries and bistros, so you can enjoy a lot from shopping and you will get great food to eat. There are also a few travel agents, aircraft offices, locksmith and shoe repair shops, salons and a bank etc. The Center Vaima in Papeete is the Tahitian variant of a shopping center. Voyagers can discover an assortment of products, administrations, pearls and books at great costs. The collection of the shopping mall will make you speechless. This mall is one of the most visited places in Tahiti. Make sure to visit this mall and have a hearty shopping with your friends or with you dear ones. It is worth a visit.


8. Safari into the Island’s Interior - Tahiti

Safari into the Island s Interior

One of the numerous European traders who made the challenging trip to the exotic island of Tahiti amid the nineteenth century expressed that, 'Their presence was like a never-ending merrymaking.' That absolutely hasn't changed in over a century, despite the fact that unwinding is the principle fascination for the greater part of today's tourist to Tahiti, a considerable lot of whom who travel mostly around the globe to sleep specifically over the Pacific Ocean in overwater lodges and experience the Tahitian relaxed 'aita pea pea' reasoning of life. Plan a trip to this Island and experience the Safari into the Island’s Interior, to get most of the Island offers for the tourists. It is a must to go for Safari in the desert. Tahiti Island is a heavenly island in French Polynesia. A well-known approach to explore the island, four-wheel-drive Safari into the Island’s Interior of Tahiti's lavish, rocky inside is one of the ideal approaches to get to remote, difficult-to-get-to districts. Tahiti Safari Expedition offers bilingual visits with full-, half-day and lunch alternatives that take its clients over the island's principle center and through valleys that were occupied by Tahitians before colonization. Visitors can encounter the volcanic isle's emotional inside with its falling waterfalls, forcing precipices and smooth lakes. Inside of the uninhabited and lavish jungle-like ambience of Tahiti Nui is an untouched universe of towering waterfalls, profound bloom filled valleys, extensive lakes, and epic green crests ascending more than one mile over the valley floor. This hidden treasure of Tahiti is best to explore by a guided 4X4 safari, amazing helicopter tour, or on a trekking outing drive by a naturalist and find the secret site in Bora Bora is Virgin Mountain interior. And don’t forget to bring a camera along with you, nobody would like to miss a photo taken inside the desert. You can explore through Tahiti`s profound valleys and thick rainforests on a half-day 4x4 Jeep Safari into the Island’s Interior with Marama Tours. The English-speaking driver will take you to the volcanic pit that was initially formed Tahiti over a million years back. You`ll stop at One Tree Hill, take a short drive along the picturesque coast to Papeno’o Valley.


9. Bougainville Park - Tahiti

Bougainville Park

Tahiti, the biggest island in the Windward gathering of French Polynesia brings out dreams of an island heaven. With rugged mountain tops, coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, white sand, palm- fringed shorelines, and lavishly personal resorts, every heavenly island has something for everybody. For the visitors at Tahiti, there are boundless conceivable outcomes of the exercises. One of the most popular activities and destinations to visit is Bougainville Park. A bit of greenery but a lesson of history to make the brain work. In Bougainville Park, you will see eminent trees, witnesses of the historical backdrop of this park initiated in July 1934 under the name of Albert first Place, in respect to the Belgian King. It is just in April 1968, with the planting of Bougainville's bust in the recreation center, that it took the name of the popular navigator. One of the fundamental trees in the Bougainville Park is the breadfruit tree, which intrigued the European discoverers when they noticed that only one bruised fruit ('Uru') could sustain an entire family. This tropical park is home to fascinating flora and a historical statue. The quiet and tropical components of Bougainville Park give a calm desert spring for the visitors to Papeete. The recreation center's status, wandering stream, and intriguing trees give it an emanation of magnificence and greatness. In spite of the fact that it is situated in the heart of the waterfront locale of the city, the recreation center has a lot of greenery. Locate a perfect spot for a picnic on the wooden seats and tables scattered around the beautiful park. It is a family-accommodating environment with a play area for the children. Walk around the patio nurseries at a lackadaisical pace. Appreciate the tropical trees, fascinating plants, and the amazing lush green scenery. From the Bougainville Park seaside setting, you can see Nanuu Bay. Take the children to the little play area with swings. An enchanting stream moves through the region and is the ideal spot to chill on a hot day or you can take rest under the sanctuary of a colossal banyan tree. It is one of the best spots for tourists to recreate their minds. I can assure, you won’t regret visiting.


10. Botanical Garden - Tahiti

Botanical Garden

If you are planning a trip for vacation, then the Island of Tahiti also known as an island of heaven will be a great choice for you to spend a memorable trip. The Island offers you many things to do. If you have chosen to travel here and you are looking for what to do in Tahiti Island, then Botanical Island must be on your list. The Tahiti Botanical Garden is also known as the Harrison W. Smith Botanical Garden and is one of the specialties Tahiti brings to the table. Your Tahitian holiday picks up an additional edge as you get ready for an uncommon voyage through the Botanical Garden. In the event that you surmise that a visit to Botanical Garden will be boring and a waste of time you couldn't have been wronger. Situated 50 km far from Papeete, this herbal botanical garden is a major vacation spot. Here you are to study some of the fascinating flowers, rare plants and creatures. If you are fortunate, you might just get the chance to view the 200 years old Galapagos Tortoise measuring approx 440 lbs. In the botanical garden, you will run over probably the most wonderful blooms and with awe-inspiring hues. When you begin investigating the garden you will understand the fortune that Tahiti has in store for you. You might just want to take home a portion of the uncommon types of plants housed in this garden. The green and flawlessly manicured greenery enclosures of Harrison W. Smith Botanical Garden is the best place for nature lovers who get the opportunity to see an assortment of tropical trees and blossoms, for example, hibiscus, TIARE and many more. Seeing some of the rarefied plants and eye-catching blossoms is an extremely valuable affair. This sprawling greenery enclosure is based on 137-hectare Motu Ovini home possessed by Harrison Smith. Harrison W. Smith Botanical Garden visit is an awesome open door for educating the young ones about the widely varied flora and fauna of Tahiti. Furthermore, you can demonstrate to them about the plants and blooms found in different parts of the world. An improving background in itself, this greenery enclosure has probably the most extraordinary and staggering orchids.


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