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Things to do in Tannourine

Tannourine is a scenic town located in the district of Batroun in northern part of Lebanon. The place is situated a few minutes' drive from the capital city of Beirut. The name of the town originates from the geography of the area that represents a convex oven known as tannorr in Arabic. One will have quite a bit of variety when it comes to scenic places to visit in Tannourine.

Visitors can find many fun and exciting things to do in Tannourine. The landscape of Tannourine is certainly picturesque containing lots of cedar trees. In fact, it is the largest cedar reserve in the country. The town overlooks the scenic valley of Ain Al-Raha where cedar trees grow in abundance. Other trees that grow in the area include Pinus, Cupressus, Abies, and Populus.

Nahar Al-Jose is an attractive tourist spot located near the town that contains lots of restaurants serving Lebanese dishes. The village of Balaa is another interesting tourist spot that is famous for a deep natural sink hole. Among the rocky terrain of Al-Tahta in Tannourine there is 500 year old house that is a unique example of 16th century Lebanese architecture. There are many other fun and interesting points of interests and things to do in Tannourine that you can experience once you visit this town located in Lebanon.


Things to do in Tannourine - Baatara Gorge Waterfall (Baloue Balaa)

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Things to do in Tannourine - Baatara Gorge Waterfall (Baloue Balaa)

The Baatara pig out sinkhole, also known as the Balou’ Balaa is a waterfall in the Tannourine, Lebanon close to the Balaa area. The waterfall drops 255 meters into the Baatara Pothole, a give in of Jurassic limestone situated on the Lebanon Mountain Trail. The surrender is otherwise called the Cave of the Three Bridges. Traveling from Laklouk to Tannourine one passes the town of Balaa, and the Three Bridges Chasm (in French Gouffre des Trois Ponts) is a five-minute trip into the valley underneath where one sees three characteristic extensions, transcending the other and overhanging a gorge diving into Mount Lebanon.


Things to do in Tannourine - Tannourine Cedars

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Things to do in Tannourine - Tannourine Cedars

The Tannourine cedars can be found in a natural reserve in the municipality which comprises of over 60,000 trees, making it the largest sanctuary for this majestic species. The land is fertile and ideal for the growth of the cedars and overlooks the valley of Ain Ail Raha. You can also see them along the road to Hadath al Jebbej which is not in the best of conditions and winds through isolated but beautiful scenery right up to the Kadisha Valley gorge. Tannourine itself lies about 75km from Beirut, the capital of the country.

Some other trees besides the cedars which can also be found in the reserve include the Pinus, the Populus and the Cupressus, all of which combine to form a unique ecosystem. The area is home to a range of wildlife and wild birds such as owls, robins, eagles and wild animals such as hyenas, snakes, boars, squirrels and bats to name a few. You can also spot the rare wolf there, which is a native to the area, but it would be best to travel in groups or hire a guide so you don’t get lost along the way. There are more than just trees there after all.