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Things to do in Taveuni Island

Taveuni, also famously known as the Garden Island of Fiji, is famous for its colorful and abundant flora and fauna. Much of this is rare in other parts of Fiji, hence making it a great place to visit. The island is covered with rainforest, waterfalls, canyons and rivers that provides ample opportunities to climb, swim and hike in the awe-inspiring surroundings of the island all adding to your list of things to do in Fiji.

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There are a number of things to do in Taveuni Island. If you are interested in getting a glimpse of all that the island offers, you must visit the Lavena Coast and take a walk there. From rock pools and small lagoons to serene pathways surrounded by volcanic beach, you will find all here. You can witness the wildlife in the rainforest in the surrounding areas and can use the suspension bridge to cross the Wainisairi River. You can cool off after the walk at the Wainibau waterfalls that you will reach at the end of the walk. In your list of things to do in Fiji, consider adding a visit to Lake Tagimaucia. This place has a great significance in terms of biological, geological and cultural importance. The lake is located in the mountains above Somsomo and is the only place in the world where the white Tagimaucia, a flower, is found. As per myths, the flower was formed by the tears of a princess forbidden to get married to the man she loved. The scenic beauty of this lake will keep in your memories forever.

Places to visit in Taveuni Island

There are many places to visit in Taveuni Island. If you want to get the best views of the island, consider visiting the Des Voeux Peak. The height of this peak is 1195 meters making it the second highest peak of the island. The climb is steep but will give you a chance to view some of the most amazing and indigenous fauna of the island along the way in the rainforest. The scenes from the mountain summit are absolutely spectacular. Just off the coast of Taveuni, you will get to see the islet of Qamea, which is a worth adding place to your list of places to visit in Taveuni Island. The islet has several beaches with a background of emerald green peaks, giving them a magnificent look. If you get to visit the islet in November and December, you will witness the phenomenon of lairo in which thousands of red crabs move towards land from sea to mate, something to add to the list of things to do in Fiji. The Somosomo strait is also a place worth visiting. You can view the wonderful array of sea creatures in between beautiful orange corals that provide an amazing view. Taveuni Island is a magnificent place to visit and is a popular destination for tourists owing to the things to do in Taveuni Island.


Things to do in Taveuni Island - Somosomo Strait, Rainbow Reef

Things to do in Taveuni Island - Somosomo Strait, Rainbow Reef

In the translucent blue water isolating Vanua Levu and Taveuni, the second and third biggest islands of Fiji lies the Rainbow Reef. Among its numerous miracles is the Great White Wall, an indented slope covered in luminescent white corals. Reliably evaluated as one of the world's best jump locales, the divider is come to by means of a tubular swim-through and begins at a profundity of 20 m. Between a tangle of adaptable, treelike delicate coral are blasts of the harder stuff, home to a great many delightfully shaded anthias and other pelagic fish. Bigger types of marine life hide there as well, including manta beams, barracuda, and safe reef sharks.

The Rainbow Reef Resort is arranged in an excellent, confined old coconut ranches on a remote peninsula of Vanua Levu Island in Fiji. The Rainbow Reef is a breathtaking range for snorkeling, plunging and kayaking and comes quite close to our private shoreline. As vivid as it seems to be, occupied by several types of enrapturing fish, the name rainbow really alludes to the continuous rainbows that shape over the inlet in the late evening as the sun sets. You will be absolutely independent in a standout amongst the most beautiful spots in Fiji. The resort takes an ecologically delicate way to deal with the operation; the structures are all actually ventilated, the water originates from an on-site well and make utilization of sunlight based force and a battery bank to restrict the utilization of the backup generators. The whole site lies along the shoreline and offers astonishing perspectives of the sea and over the sound to close-by Taveuni Island. The ground staff of this place carefully keep up the property with the goal that it craves strolling through a decorative park.


Things to do in Taveuni Island - Bouma National Heritage Park

Things to do in Taveuni Island -  Bouma National Heritage Park

Parks are many but parks like Bouma National Heritage Park are few. You may always have read about things like greenery, nature and many more in newspapers, blogs etc. but for experiencing these things in reality you must go to National Parks like Bouma National Heritage Park at least once in your lifetime.

Fifteen kilometers south of Matei is the northern limit of the Bouma National Heritage Park. A vital natural life store, securing forty thousand sections of land of old rainforest bound with waterfalls and home to uncommon winged creatures and plants? The recreation center was built up in 1990 by the general population of Bouma District, with help from the Fijian and New Zealand governments. Inside of the Bouma National Heritage Park are four towns. Every running particular eco-fascination: Waitabu, the towns' first experienced along the street from Matei, has a secured marine park. It is 4km further into the recreation center. Vidawa offers a remunerating rainforest trek to old remnants in the slopes; neighboring Korovou (otherwise called Bouma) keeps up the fantastic Tavoro Waterfall Trail through three arrangements of falls; and the four's remainder towns. Lavena, 15km toward the south and toward the street's end, has a wonderful seaside stroll with kayaking and another invigorating waterfall at its end. Additionally inside of the Bouma National Heritage Park are Lake Tagimaucia and De Voeux Peak, in spite of the fact that these are best gotten from the west drift.

The Bouma National Heritage Park sits on the eastern side of Taveuni Island, which is known as the Garden Island in light of the fact that it gets successive precipitation and is entirely green. When you drive to the recreation center you will discover there is a less expensive yet less adaptable option by using a bus. In the event that you go this choice, I'm certain you'd need to check for take-off times, yet it is said that this bus covers the resorts' majority. It appeared that a large portion of the resorts, including the one most people stay at, were on the Western side of the island.