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Things to do in Tehran

Tehran is the capital and largest city in Iran that serves as the major economic and cultural hub.Tehran is the third largest city in Middle East and is ranked 29th in the world. Tehran became the capital of Iran in 1796 and it was during the 1920s that the city was extensively rebuilt to become a major hub.

Tehran Iran

The capital of Iran, Tehran is neither the oldest nor the prettiest city in Iran; however, it has a compelling charm that makes this cit worth visiting. Tehran is a populous, urbanized city with people and traffic always taking on the roads and streets making it difficult to reach anywhere, yet there are a number of things to do in Tehran that will keep you busy throughout the trip. Having a backdrop of Alborz, the city is the heart of Iran depicting the daily life of most of the Iranians. Wondering about the things to do in Tehran? You can begin with visiting the grand Bazaar, popular and the busiest market located in the center of the city. From grocery to souvenirs, you will find everything here. The Imamzadeh Saleh and the Tajrish Bazaar are also famous spots to visit in Tehran. Lying adjacent to each other, the shrine and the bazaar are both famous for their own reasons. You can visit the bazaar for buying traditional stuff to take back home. If you are interested in the history of the area, add visiting the National Museum of Iran in your list of things to do in Tehran. Here you will find objects and treasures as old as 30,000 years.

Places to visit in Tehran

If you are looking for some iconic places to visit in Tehran, you should make a visit to the Milad Tower. The structure is 435 meters tall making it the sixth tallest in the world. There is also a revolving restaurant in the tower to enhance your experience. Similar is the Azadi Tower which was erected in 1971 as a symbol of 2500 years of Persian monarchy. The Golestan palace is also an essential to be added to the places to visit in Tehran. Built in the 19th century, the palace is famous for its architecture, glass work and delicate colorful tiles work throughout the building making it a piece of art. If you are looking for some thrilling things to do in Tehran, head out to Mount Tochal where you will find a skiing resort along with a number of other things to do in Tehran. You can trek, climb or ski, as per your taste. You can also experience the ride of a cable car, which is one of the longest in the world. The temperature here is freezing cold even if it is comfortable down in the main city.


Things to do in Tehran - Chitgar Forest Park

The Chitgar Forest Park, otherwise known simply as Chitgar Park or Chitgar Baag, is an artificial forest in Tehran, Iran. Located in the western outskirts of the city, Chitgar Forest Park is nestled on an area of 14.5 square kilometers and is accessible by metro line and highway. The forest areas in the park are served by Vardavard and Kan rivers while a manmade lake is currently under construction between the Chitgar hills.

Cycling and skating are amongst the popular things to do in Chitgar Forest Park. There are exclusive ramps as well as facilities catering to bikers and skaters, while playing fields for football are also designated and well developed. The park attracts people from Tehran and Karaj and is acknowledged by the local government for its efforts in purifying the air in the Tehran province.

One of the top things to do in Chitgar Forest Park is photography. The park is famous for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful lush green hills, and clean bodies of water flowing through the forests. As such it is a popular picnic spot for the residents of Karaj and Tehran and offers solitude in a beautiful natural setting.


Things to do in Tehran - Golestan Palace

Things to do in Tehran - Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is a complex in Tehran, Iran, that was the residence of the royal Qajars of Iran. Golestan Palace was built by late 1500s and was used as a royal reception in the Pahlavi era from 1925 till 1979. Golestan Palace consists of 17 unique structures including palaces, halls, museums, and guest residences.

One of the top things to do in Golestan Palace is to visit the Marble Throne, also known as the Takht e Marmar. The Marble Throne is a grand structure featuring marble carvings, paintings, enamel, tile-work, woodcarvings, stucco, and lattice windows, embodying the Persian architecture in the finest way. The Karim Khani Nook is another famous building within Golestan Palace that is recognized for its architecture and planning.

Visiting the Pond House and Picture House are amongst the top things to do in Golestan Palace. The Pond House predominantly features art collections of European artists and painters. The Pond House boasts a unique cooling system with small ponds inside its chambers. The Picture House on the other hand features various artifacts from Ancient Iran to Islamic era Iran as well as Ancient and contemporary Europe. Overall, a trip to Golestan Palace is as enlightening as it is fulfilling.


Things to do in Tehran - National Museum of Iran

National Museum of Iran is a museum in Tehran, Iran that incorporates the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of Islamic Era. The National Museum of Iran hosts various artifacts, monuments, and collections that have been preserved well from the ancient and medieval times. Some of the artifacts include metal objects, pottery vessels, rare coins and books, and textile remains.

Visiting the Museum of Ancient Iran is amongst the top things to do in National Museum of Iran. Here you can find Elamite statues and collections dating back to 2000 BC. This section of the museum is dedicated to the Persian Empire that was a mega civilization in the ancient times. It also boasts statues of prominent figures from Persia, Europe, subcontinent, and in the Zoroastrianism religion.

Visiting the Section of Fine Arts is also one of the popular things to do in National Museum of Iran. Contrary to popular belief, artwork is appreciated even in modern day Iran and that is evident with this exhibition. The museum also houses research departments for Osteological and Paleolithic studies. If you are looking for a place to explore the rich history and culture of Iran then National Museum of Iran is the place to be.


Things to do in Tehran - Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum is a museum in Seyed Khandan neighborhood of Iran that is named after one of the most prominent artists of the Safavid period. The Reza Abbasi Museum is recognized not just in the Middle East, but also around the world for housing a vast and unique collection of Persian art and artifacts from the 2,000 BC as well as collections from pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

One of the top things to do in Reza Abbasi Museum is to visit the Persian gallery where you can find collections from 2,000 BC to early 20th century. While the displays are not set based on time interval, they offer a unique look at the history of mankind and civilization. The collections from the early Islamic era show what Iran used to be before the revolution.

Amongst the best things to do in Reza Abbasi Museum is to visit the library. The library houses more than 10,000 books, documents, and codices in Persian, French, German and English that cover Persian culture, art, history, classical era, archaeology and various other subjects. The museum also offers courses for watercolor, calligraphy, drawing, and oil painting, giving you another reason to visit!


Things to do in Tehran - Sa’dabad Complex

Sa’dabad Complex is a complex that is located adjacent to the official residence of the President of Iran in Shemiran, Tehran, Iran. The complex was first built by the Qajar monarch in the 19th century and expanded by the Pahlavi monarch during the early 1900s.The Sa’dabad Complex features neoclassical architecture and today it is home to various historical and cultural museums that are operated by Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran.

One of the best things to do in Sa’dabad Complex is to arrive here early in the morning. Doing so will allow you to explore the main buildings which include the House of Ahmad Shah Qajar, The Shahvand House (The Green House), the Mellat Museum (The White House), and the Museum of Fine Arts (The Black Museum) amongst others. While tours can be taken of the Sa’dabad Complex with a tour operator, you can also explore the complex on your own.

Visiting the Section of the Royal Cars is amongst the popular things to do in Sa’dabad Complex as it features car collections from the Pahlavi monarchs, some of which are vintage collector’s items. Overall, a trip to Sa’dabad Complex is both educational and entertaining.