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Things to do in Thyna

If you’re planning a trip to Thyna in Tunisia, then get ready for fun, excitement and an experience of a lifetime. Located on the coast of Sfax, Thyna is the most important archaeological site within the vicinity. This place is said to be the colony of the Emperor Hadrian. Though very little remains on the site today, however traces of Roman villas and Christian Basilica can be found.

Thyna attractions

Thyna is a small town with a population of less than 30,000 in Tunisia. A fun fact about the city is that it was founded on the same site as the Thaenae, the Roman City. If you visit the city, you will uncover traces of Roman architecture displayed in the bathhouses, Roman villas, a tannery, a necropolis, and an ancient Christian church. You will come across several things to do in Thyna. For such a small city, travelers will find numerous things to do in Thyna. However, you will have to travel Sfax-Thyna, which is not that far from the city. You can visit the Grand Mosquee, which is where the locals of the city come to worship. You can take a tour of the building to see how the detailing and styling of the interior. The locals welcome you to sit with them if you are interested to know more about their religions and practices. Other things to do in Thyna include visiting the Medina. In Medina, you can purchase fish from the fish market, vegetables, and other seafood items such as crabs and squids. You should take a local along with you, as the market is huge and one can get quite lost in it.

Places to visit in Thyna

You will not run out of places to visit in Thyna. Each day, you will come across exciting things to do in Thyna. You can travel to the Assallemi Mosque, another place of worship for the locals. Another nearby place you should visit is the Bab Bhar. It is an historical location and you will learn a lot about the city and its people. You will find some stores there as well in case you want to purchase souvenirs to take home with you. What are some other things to do in Thyna? If you like mosaics, you should visit the Musee Archeologique. You can also travel from Thyna to Gabes using the RN1, which connects the two cities, thus making crossing from one city to the other easier. This also provides visitors with more places to visit in Thyna. If you are staying in Thyna, check out La Kabash. You can take a tour of La Kabash where the guide will explain you the historical significance of the place in English. You will a fun and incredible time visiting the country. If you have not made any plans to travel to the city, you should make them with your family and friends.

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