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Things to do in Torra Conservancy

Torra Conservancy, located in the Kunene Region of Namibia is a legal body managed by its own community overseeing everything from accommodation to tourism. You will be surprised to learn there are many things to do in Torra Conservancy that can help you have an enjoyable summer vacation experience. Tourism is among the most successful economic activities of the region, along with trophy hunting and meat hunting

Torra Conservancy Namibia

If you are wondering where you can have a unique summer vacation experience, be sure to visit Africa. You should know that there a range of things to do in Torra Conservancy, an area located in the Kunene Region of Namibia. With an area covering more than 3,500 square kilometers and a population size of just 1,200 inhabitants, you can be rest assured of a trip that will last for a lifetime. The area is well known for harboring some of the country’s best wildlife and cultural activities, ideal for a unique African experience, owing to the plethora of things to do in Torra Conservancy. A large part of the area is located within the Khorixas constituency and some within the Sesfontein constituency. Torra Conservancy also lies close to the Skeleton Coast National Park as well as the Etendeka Tourism Concessions. Among the many things to do in Torra Conservancy, you can participate in cultural activities by learning more about the heritage of the people of Herero, Owambo, and Nama-Damara. In doing so, you will get a better insight into the traditions and values of the local community and engage with them in a much more respectful manner.

Places to visit in Torra Conservancy

Torra Conservancy is a small area located in the Namibia’s Kunene region, stretching across both Khorixas and Sesfontein constituencies. If you are unsure about what the many places to visit in Torra Conservancy are, get ready to be challenged. Since there are wide range of things to do in Torra Conservancy, such as engaging in cultural activities, going on guided walks across nature, and witnessing the many types of wildlife, there equally is an array of places to visit in Torra Conservancy. One in particular that can be an ideal way to spend your trip in Africa is Damaraland Camp. This is a small camp consisting of a high concentration of wildlife. Go on an ultimate Safari adventure and witness the many different kinds of wildlife, such as mountain zebras, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, along with approximately 240 species of birds. Be sure to take a quality camera and capture moments of your trip that you will cherish as unforgettable memories. The camp was first opened in 1996 and has since undergone a series of renovations to accommodate the growing number of tourists. Other places to visit in Torra Conservancy that you can go to is the Palmwag lodge, which is well known for rhino tracking.


Things to do in Torra Conservancy - Communal Wildlife Conservancies

Namibia is home to a diverse wildlife, much of which is considered endangered. The country is one of the very few in the world to undertake a massive conservation effort for protection of its natural habitat and wildlife. Before independence in 1990, the wildlife population in the country had plummeted due to severe drought and poaching. In order to address the issue, the Namibian government introduced an extensive conservation program that resulted in communal stewardship of wildlife. The communal wildlife conservation program greatly expanded during the 1990s. The program defined borders, governance structure and conservation plans. Today more the program consists of more than 250,000 memberships that manage more than 64 communal conservancies containing over 35 million acres of natural habitat. Communal wildlife conservancies in Namibia collaborate with leading establishments to provide authentic wildlife experiences to the travelers. These conservancies are located throughout the country that offer plenty of fun and adventure time for the tourists. It is said to be the foremost destination to experience African wildlife in their natural habitat. We encourage you to visit the communal wildlife conservancies in Namibia and take part in wildlife safaris; take photos, enjoy local food and much more.