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Things to do in Torra Conservancy

Best attractions to visit in Torra Conservancy

1. Communal Wildlife Conservancies - Torra Conservancy

Communal Wildlife Conservancies

Namibia is home to a diverse wildlife, much of which is considered endangered. The country is one of the very few in the world to undertake a massive conservation effort for protection of its natural habitat and wildlife. Before independence in 1990, the wildlife population in the country had plummeted due to severe drought and poaching. In order to address the issue, the Namibian government introduced an extensive conservation program that resulted in communal stewardship of wildlife. The communal wildlife conservation program greatly expanded during the 1990s. The program defined borders, governance structure and conservation plans. Today more the program consists of more than 250,000 memberships that manage more than 64 communal conservancies containing over 35 million acres of natural habitat. Communal wildlife conservancies in Namibia collaborate with leading establishments to provide authentic wildlife experiences to the travelers. These conservancies are located throughout the country that offer plenty of fun and adventure time for the tourists. It is said to be the foremost destination to experience African wildlife in their natural habitat. We encourage you to visit the communal wildlife conservancies in Namibia and take part in wildlife safaris; take photos, enjoy local food and much more.


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