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Things to do in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands located in West Indian land, each very different in character but joined as one nation. Having a rich culture and natural beauty, Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean and is visited by a number of tourists each year. The islands are famous for their dramatic topography and unpretentious ambiance.

Trinidad Tobago

If you are planning to visit the islands anytime soon, you will be amazed by the number of things to do in Trinidad and Tobago. From natural beauty to a number of avian species to explore in the area, you will not be disappointed with the number of options you will have in the islands to have a good time. You can begin your trip by visiting the Maracas Bay in Trinidad. This is one of the most famous beaches of Trinidad and gives a beautiful natural scenic view with a number of food vendors, as well as, showers available on the beach. The most beautiful beach in Tobago is the Pigeon Point which has a beautiful view and is famous for its peaceful surroundings. You will find here change rooms, shops and snack bars to keep you entertained. If you are interested in birds, you will find a lot of things to do in Trinidad and Tobago. From bird sanctuaries to bird centers, the place is a heaven for bird lovers. You will find here various avian species and can know a great deal about them through experts.

Place to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago

There are a number of places to visit in Trinidad and Tobago. Begin with visiting the beaches and then head to the Port of Spain. Located in Trinidad, the building is an architectural masterpiece and is a must add to the things to do in Trinidad and Tobago. From the elegant mansions to Parliament House, you will get to see beautiful buildings surrounded botanical gardens. You can catch a glimpse of the history, local culture and art of the region by visiting the Art Gallery and the National Museum located in close proximity with the Port of Spain. If you are a nature lover, you absolutely have to add Caroni Bird Sanctuary to the list of places to visit in Trinidad and Tobago. This is a nirvana for nature and bird lovers and you cannot skip adding this to the things to do in Trinidad and Tobago. The whole area is rich in biodiversity and visitors can spot various species of birds from egret and herons to tree boas, caimans to anteaters. Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge is also a similar place and is home to a number of avian species. Little Tobago island is also a worth visiting place in Trinidad and Tobago. You will find several kilometers of trails that will lead you to an uninhabited bird sanctuary. Having coral reefs and opportunities for snorkeling, this is a popular tourist spot in the area and adds to the things to do in Trinidad and Tobago.




There are lots of amazing places to visit in Trinidad & Tobago, but one of the most popular ones is definitely Yerette. It is located in the Maracas Valley and is home to 13 species of hummingbirds in Trinidad & Tobago and native flora. It is very popular amongst visitors due to its vibrant grounds and access to the hummingbird population in the area.

The best things to do in Yerette are undoubtedly bird watching, with so many different species of hummingbirds around. Photography is another one of the most popular things to do in Yerette, while there are numerous guided tours organized over here as well. The road signs over here are vague, so you should ask for directions when you are scheduling a tour over here.

Besides the common things to do in Yerette, you can also check out the indoor photography, art gallery and gift shop that is found over here. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed or bored when you come to visit this amazing place, since it is a great place to relax and experience nature. A visit to Trinidad is never complete without checking out Yerette.


Asa Wright Nature Centre

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Asa Wright Nature Center is a nature resort; it offers a wide variety of scientific research station. The Nature center is located in the Arima Valley of the Northern Range in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. The nature center is named after a woman named Asa Wright. The center is non-profit trust and it offers tourists a chance to look at 159 species of birds. The center is spread out on 270 acres and offers delicious food and residence facility in the main estate house.


Emperor Valley Zoo

Emperor Valley Zoo

There are quite a lot of great places to visit in Trinidad & Tobago, and one of them has got to be Emperor Valley Zoo. The property is 7.2 acre in size and has got loads of exhibits on offer, which only adds to its ever growing popularity. The overall landscape and the enclosures, along with the buildings have been integrated with the natural topography of the area, which has created an atmosphere of wilderness for the animals here.

There are many things to do in Emperor Valley Zoo, and visitors generally come here to relax and check out the animal exhibits found over here. The Zoo has been open since 1952 and has got a collection of local animals that were drawn from the private collections of members. The Zoo maybe small but it has got lots of amazing and interesting animals, and guided tours are included in the list of things to do in Emperor Valley Zoo.

When you are checking out the things to do in Emperor Valley Zoo, you shouldn’t miss out on the new landscaped section, which includes the new animal residents, such as Bengal Tigers, warthogs, giraffes, flamingoes and sea otters. You should also check out the butterfly park here in Emperor Valley Zoo.


Englishman’s Bay

Englishman’s Bay

One of the best places to visit in Trinidad & Tobago is Englishman’s Bay, which is also known as the crown jewel of Tobago. It is the best beach in the area, even though it isn’t as popular as some of the other beaches that are In Trinidad & Tobago. If you are visiting the area, then a trip to Englishman’s Bay is an absolute must by all accounts.

There are lots of activities and things to do in Englishman’s Bay, some of which include bird watching, spending a day out in nature and experiencing the wonderful beach in all of its glory. It is considered by many to be the best beach in Trinidad & Tobago, and you can also add fishing and crabbing to the list of things to do in Englishman’s Bay as well.

There are lots of secluded Bays that are near and around Englishman’s Bay, and if you are struggling to find exciting things to do in Englishman’s Bay, you can always book a trip to go and explore them. Another popular activity amongst tourists is scuba diving and snorkeling. It is definitely a must-visit spot whenever you come to visit Trinidad & Tobago.