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Things to do in Tunis

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia and the largest city is home to 2.7 million residents with exotic appeal that pulls tourists from all over the world. Plan your visit to Tunis to explore its picturesque alleyways in Media (Old Town) or the European style Ville Nouvelle (New Town) where French architecture sets the appeal for buildings. Outside the city lay the glorious ruins of Carthage which are a must visit.

Among the many things to do in Tunis start with exploring the Medina District which is the historic heart of the city. In the districts madrassas, mosques and mausoleums you can see the splendid Ottaman architecture. Explore the market of Souk des Chechias where you can find traditional woolen hats. Bask in the fine religious architecture at the great mosque in Medina District. The largest surviving building of the French colonial period, the cathedral is another stunning site to explore located in Ville Nouvelle.

The city offers a lot to tourists willing to explore and among other things to do in Tunis why not visit the La Goulette, a port suburb and place of strategic importance in its time. You will find Spanish and ottoman forts for sightseeing as well as the Old Arsenal gateway.


Things to do in Tunis - Bardo National Museum

Bardo National Museum is situated in the suburbs in Tunis. It was originally a palace that was later converted to a museum. The museum is considered the most important in the Mediterranean basin and second in importance in Africa after the Egyptian Museum.

The museum traces Tunisia's history over thousands of years during which the area formed part of different civilizations. Visitors can view a large number of archaeological pieces that were collected from various part of the country, which is why it features prominently in the things to do in Tunis. The museum contains various notable works of the Islamic era including a Blue Koran of Kairouan. Islamic department of the museum contain a number of ceramic that were collected from Asia Minor and North Africa. Also displayed in the museum is the largest collection of Roman mosaics that were excavated from archaeological sites in the country and related to Hadrumetum, Carthage, Utica, and Dougga.

The Bardo museum also has marble statues from the era of the Roman Empire. Here you can also find items excavated from the Libyco-Punic sites including Altar of the Gens Augusta, masks, stelae, and terracotta statues. This is a great place to lean about the rich history of the area that now forms part of Tunisia.


Things to do in Tunis - La Goulette

La Goulette serves as a port to Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. Located 15 km from Tunis, La Goulette is a popular stop for ships and cruises. It's suitable location along the Western Mediterranean makes it a convenient and popular stop. If you are planning a cruise trip to Tunisia then it is very likely that you’ll come across this place. La Goulette cruise terminal is modern and beautiful. It packs a number of salons, banking services, restaurants, cafés, and shops. Cruises that come and leave from La Goulette are fairly popular because they usually include a trip to Tunis and Carthage, two of the most popular tourist places in Tunisia.

The history and strategic importance of the port intrigue some to learn more about it. Other than that there is not much the place offers. But, there are plenty of highlights and landmarks nearby (in Tunis). The Zitouna Mosque, Statue of Ibn Khaldun, Municipal Theatre of Tunis, Bardo Museum are a few places to visit. Across the modern harbour is a sandy beach. It is one the top places in Tunis for some exciting beach activities. However, if you want to stay close to the port you can just walk around and soak some air on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt (coastal road).

La Goulette is a beautiful port of great strategic significance, which is why you should include this in your list of things to do in Tunis.


Things to do in Tunis - Ez-Zituna Mosque

Ez-Zitouna Mosque is one of the oldest mosques located in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia. The name of the mosque is translated into Mosque of the Olive. It has remained as a centre of learning in the past. A number of eminent Muslim scholars had graduated from this famous mosque in Tunisia. The design of the mosque was an inspiration for later mosques including the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Foundation of the mosque dates back to 732 AD. However, it had underwent various modification in later years. Nine entrances of the mosque open into courtyards that form a rectangle. The courtyards are supported by 160 columns, which were brought from the ruins of an old city of Carthage. Columns of the mosque have been made from different stones including granite, marble, and porphyry.

A square minaret is located at the north-east corner of the courtyard. The minaret that was built in 1894 consists of limestone strap-work that is set on an ochre sandstone background. Visitors are allowed to enter the mosque but they have to dress modestly according to local traditions. It is situated at the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage listed souk in the city, and is amongst the must-do things to do in Tunis.