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Things to do in Tunisia

The northernmost country in Africa, Tunisia is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east, Libya to the southeast and Algeria to the west. It covers an area of 165,000 square kilometers with a population of almost 10 million. Visit to explore its cultural and historical beauty hidden in landmarks, sand dunes, and historical buildings.

Tunisia tourism

Tunisia is a beautiful country in the African Continent. It is located in the northern side of the continent and touches the Mediterranean Sea, which is on its northern and eastern sides. Tunisia is officially known as Tunisian Republic or Republic of Tunisia. The name is derived from its capital city known as Tunis, located on the northeast coast of the country. The country covers an area of 165,000 square kilometers approximately. In 2013 it was estimated that around 10.8 million people reside in the country. Tunisia is the only Arab country which runs on democratic laws. The country is in alliance with the European Union and many other esteemed communities and groups which are working for the world’s betterment. Tunisia has an amazing history. Many different people have lived and contributed in the establishment of the country. Somewhere in 5000BC the Berber tribe came to the region and introduced agriculture methods. As they were nomads, some of them stayed, while the majority left. In the late 1800s Tunisia was captured by the French and was incorporated in it for over hundred years. Finally, in 1956 Tunisia gained Independence. These are just bits and pieces of the history of Tunisia; there is definitely much more to know about the country. Listening to the prehistoric tales is something you should surely include in the list of things to do in Tunisia; these stories are much more interesting than any other. List of things to do in Tunisia doesn’t end here. There are many other things to do; more than you can count on your fingers at least. Observing and experiencing Tunisia’s culture is arguably the best thing to do in Tunisia. Unlike any other country, it is said that Tunisia’s culture is still the same as it was in the ancient times; it’s one of the most valuable antiquities of the country.

Places to visit in Tunisia

The country also has an interesting archeology. You can see it for yourself in the palatial Bardo Museum that is famous for Roman mosaics and Islamic arts; it is another valuable asset of Tunisia. The country also encompasses an Islamic landmark known as the Al- Zaytuna Mosque. Tunisia also consists of ancient ruins, such as the Antonine baths at the famous Carthage site. There are some famous artifacts kept in the Carthage National Museum with an intriguing past. If you are looking for things to do in Tunisia then the first thing to do should be visiting the capital city Tunis. It is a remarkable city, which articulates the culture of Tunisia perfectly. The city is famous for its amazing theaters, churches, lakes and beautiful prehistoric palaces. If you really wish to know about Tunisia, then there can be no better place than Tunis. When it comes to fun, then Hammamet is a place you should definitely visit. It is famous for its alluring beaches, heavenly sights, swimming and other water sports. There is more to it; you can also enjoy golf at some of the famous golf clubs around the region. Above all, Hammamet is known for its crazy nightlife. If you wish to have a totally unique experience, then include visiting Tozeur in your list of things to do in Tunisia. Tozeur is a city located in the south west of Tunisia. The city is well known for the dates that are exported around the world. It is also known for its desert sights and ancient architectures. You can enjoy a camel ride or maybe a desert safari and make the most out of your time; the experience will leave you speechless for sure. Sfax is also one of the cities that can help you to know more about Tunisia. It is said that the city was founded in 849 AD on the ruins of Taparura and Thaenae. It is also known for its culture and the prehistoric sights. Visiting Sfax is like a walk through the history of Tunisia. Fishing, theatre and sports are also some of the most known tourist attractions in the city. Zarzis, also known as jarjis, is one of the most famous towns of Tunisia; you just can’t miss this one out of the list of things to do in Tunisia. The climate of Zarzis is most favorable to the tourist as it is sunny and dry so you can easily enjoy yourself at the heavenly beaches. You can take a swim, enjoy water sports, and if you just want a peaceful day out, then fishing may be the right kind of activity for you. On the north eastern side of Tunisia another coastal town exists known as the Nabeul. This town is located near the Cap Bon peninsula. It is well known for its pottery and arts. The people of Nabeul surely have some amazing pottery skills that you must see. This fact alone makes Nabeul worthy of being in the list of things to do in Tunisia. Also visit its markets as you may find some remarkable souvenirs to take home with you. The theatre and beaches are also major attractions that contribute in Nabeul’s popularity.

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