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Things to do in Tutume

Tutume is not a full fledge city. Instead it is a large village known as the Bakalanga village which is located in a district in the city of Botswana known as the Central District. The city closest by to it is called Francis town. The administration of the village is out of the ordinary with the city being divided into 4 wards headed by a head man each.

Tutume Attractions

For visitors to Tutume, the village is an embodiment of African traditions and values. It is set in a simple, clean and has a healthy backdrop of beautiful jungle like terrains. There are a number of things to do in Tutume. Despite there being a lack of natural beauty per se, the city all but makes up for it in the host of other activities it offers. One of the things to do in Tutume is meeting with the locals. Locals in the area are helpful and encouraging of people that visit their village. They have a number of tales to tell and different legends to dissect. Meeting up with the locals will help the visitors learn more about the culture of Bostwana. The Tutume area is an umbrella where different tribes in the country live together under a single roof. The primary occupation of the people is farming and that is one of the things to do in Tutume, providing a helping hand with farming and understanding its intricacies. The village is also known for sudden sightings of baboons. High on your list of things to do in Tutume should be the waking up at night and looking to come across one of the infamous Botswana baboons.

Places to visit in Tutume

The Tutume village has a number of places to help a tourist enjoy their visit. Despite not being the largest of areas in Bostwana, there are plenty of star attractions. One of the places to visit in Tutume is the Shumba lodge. The lodge is nothing short of a high class hotel. With spacious rooms, swimming pools and double sized beds made to provide comfort. One on the other hand, any other important places to visit in Tutume is the cash Bazaar of the village. The bazaar offers some of the best variety of goods be it clothing or accessories. For people visiting the bazaar, part of their list of things to do in Tutume should be taking souvenirs for their trip back home. In addition to these, the village has some of the finest eating places. Despite not being up to the mark in terms of infrastructure, visiting these places will give one the chance to experience some of the freshest and finest cuisines of the city. Bordering with Zimbabwe, some of the cultural traits of the people and the cuisine reflects influences of Zimbabwe. One of the things to do in Tutume on your next visit is taking a trek along the rough terrain with friends, enjoying nature along the way.


Things to do in Tutume - Makgadikgadi Pan

One of the largest saltpans in the world, Makgadikgadi Pan is located in a dry savanna in the northeastern part of Botswana. Now a land sprinkled with salt, it was once immersed by a lake larger than Switzerland. Today, it is mostly surrounded by the Kalahari Dessert. Because of its location, it is the base point for two amazing adventures. If you’re northbound, your journey can take you through Cape Town, the game drives to spot wildlife in the Etosha National Park, the Fish River Canyon, Okavango Delta, and the Victoria Falls. And if you’re southbound, you can camp in the African wilderness, cruise the Chobe River, and pump up some adrenaline in activities dotting the lands yonder. Additionally, you have to visit the Nata Bird Sanctuary, the 230 square kilometer wildlife sanctuary known for its huge population (over 165 species) of birds, where you will find herds of jackals, zebras, antelopes, monkeys, squirrels, and foxes living the African wild life. If you can visit it in the rainy season when the Nata River gushes with water and floods the ravines, the land becomes a sanctuary for even more exotic birds and wild life.