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Things to do in Tyrol

A picturesque representation of the Alpine mountain ranges and the scenery that comes with it, the state of Tyrol is a tourist hot bed round the year. This comes down to the presence of some of the leading ski resorts in the world in the northeast and the southeast. The state has part of the Princely County of Tyrol as well.

Austria Tyrol

Tyrol, located entirely within the Eastern Alps, is a federal state situated in the Western part of Austria. Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol. Tyrol has always been famous for its universities especially medicine. There are 14 large towns in Tyrol famous for their ski resorts and other fun activities. People visiting Tyrol leave behind their worries and escape the everyday stress and become one with nature. There are many things to do in Tyrol, which includes a number of outdoor activities offered both in winter (alpine skiing, tobogganing, cross-country skiing) and summer (rock climbing and hiking). Other things to do in Tyrol include visiting the historical and cultural places the city is rich in and famous for. From cultural events to museums, you will be enthralled by the beautiful people and well preserved history of the country. You will get to experience the traditional celebrations and customs of the towns and villages of Tyrol. When the temperature rises in summer, people take to the number of crystal clear lakes where you can get fresh air and cool off in the summer heat. There are lush green meadows and beautiful landscapes that make this place worth visiting in all the seasons.

Places to visit in Tyrol

You can travel to Tyrol via air as the city has an international airport. Travelling within the city is also not a problem because of the well-maintained transport systems including and international road and a chain of railways and motorways. Separated by a 20 km wide strip, the state of Tyrol is divided into two parts, both famous for their own cultures and traditions. Tyrol is full of romantic castles and lakes present amid the natural beauty of the Alps found all over the area. Once you reach Tyrol, you will notice that a few days will not be enough to enjoy all the beautiful locations and the wide number of things that are there to do in Tyrol. Full of rich history, outdoor activities, cultural and natural history, Tyrol is a famous tourist destination from people all around the world. From museums to ski jumping, Tyrol offers something interesting for every person irrespective of their interests and the age group they belong. You can visit zoos and admire the spectacular architecture of old building located in the heart of the city. Tyrol never fails to entertain all of its tourists in one way or the other. The main places to visit in Tyrol include, but are not limited to, Ambras Castle, Achen Lake, Hohe Salve, Arlberg, and Aguntum.


Things to do in Tyrol - Ambras Castle

Things to do in Tyrol - Ambras Castle

Located in hills above Innsbruck, Ambras Castle is a renaissance palace and castle which is one of the must visit place in Tyrol and definitely needs to be added in your list of things to do in Tyrol. Ambras Castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Built in the 16th century, the castle holds great cultural and historical importance.

Ambras Castle is also the oldest museum in the world owing to the collection of the cultured humanist from the House of Habsburg. There are a number of things to do in Ambras Castle. You can visit the palace and see the collections in the museum founded by Ferdinand II. The museum was constructed using the most advanced and modern ideas of his time.

You can visit the armories where you will get to see some of the rare armors of the 15th century. Ferdinand was very particular about the collection of armors and it can be seen from the collection present in the armories. You can see a collection of armors from famous commanders of 16th century displayed by the name of Heldenrüstkammer. You can also visit the upper and lower castle, both of which are architectural masterpieces you will not find anywhere else in the world.


Things to do in Tyrol - Achen Lake

Things to do in Tyrol - Achen Lake

Located north of Tyrol, Achen Lake is a highly recommended place to be added to the list of things to do in Tyrol. Having a depth of around 133 meters, it is the largest lake of the federal state of Tyrol. Achen Lake and the Achen Valley together attract a large number of tourists visiting Austria each year. The place is rich in natural beauty and beautiful landscapes. The water in the lake is clean, making it close to drinking water.

Since it is an alpine lake, the temperature of water usually does not go above 20°C. The wind conditions and size of the lake make it a suitable and popular spot for windsurfing. There are a number of things to do in Achen Lake. Having an excellent hiking trail in the surrounding mountains, you can spend time hiking in the hills. Touring Achenesee on a cruise ship is also one of the most popular things to do here. You will also find some cycling trials that you can take to explore the natural beauty of the place further. You will get many inexpensive private accommodations in the nearby areas that can be made a base for exploring the beautiful surroundings of the Achen Lake.


Things to do in Tyrol - Hohe Salve

Things to do in Tyrol - Hohe Salve

It is highly recommended that you add visiting Hohe Salve in your list of things to do in Tyrol. Hohe Salve, a mountain located in Tyrol is also nicknamed the Rigi of Tyrol. The mountain is 1,828 m in height and along with the beautiful weather you find here, makes one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Tyrol. The mountain provides an amazing view of the Zillertal Alps and the High Tauern, lying right next to Hohe Salve in the north.

Hohe Salve is also famous owing to its conical appearance. One of the many things to do in Hohe Salve includes hiking the mountain and going on to see an old pilgrimage chapel, a transmission mast, and a restaurant. During winters, the mountain is a part of the ski region of Skiwelt and becomes a more attractive place because of the skiing trails it offers to the tourists. Owing to the conical shape it has, Hohe Salve is also a popular starting point for paragliding lovers that come here in large numbers. The place is a hub of natural scenic beauty and is a must visit place if you are travelling to Tyrol in the near future.


Things to do in Tyrol - Arlberg

Things to do in Tyrol - Arlberg

If you are visiting Tyrol, your list of things to do in Tyrol will never be complete without adding Arlberg to it. A mountain range between Tyrol and Vorarlberg, Arlberg is a famous tourist attraction of the area. There are a number of popular places and things to do in Arlberg including some famous ski resorts. The most popular ski resorts here include Zürs, Stuben, Lech, St. Anton and St. Christoph.

Having more than 90 cable cars and a number of hotels and resorts, you can never get bored here at the Arlberg irrespective of which season you choose to visit the place in. There is plenty of stuff to do in summer and winter. You can hike on the mountains and enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes of the area and can also try mountain biking.

In winters, you can do everything you can with the snow all around, including skiing. Having some of the best skiing resorts, the Arlberg is a must visit place for all the people who plan to visit Austria in general and Tyrol in particular. You can also visit the Arlberg tunnel that connects Austria to Switzerland or can visit one of the many restaurants and hotels to enjoy your time there with your friends and family.


Things to do in Tyrol - Aguntum

If you are a person interested in history and archeology, consider adding Aguntum to your list of things to do in Tyrol. Excavations are still underway at this historical site which is believed to be the centre of commerce and trade under the emperor Claudius about 2000 years ago. Aguntum was a trading and mining centre that made use of local metals like zinc, iron, copper and gold, turning them into useful goods and transporting them via Roman roads. The locals also exported milk products and wood to earn their living.

If you are looking for the things to do in Aguntum, you can begin by taking a walk through the excavations to find out more about the history of the place. You can then consider visiting the glass walled museum showcasing the Roman roots in the area. There are various objects on display including coins, jewelry, potter, clothes, and bronze objects that you can observe here at the Aguntum.


Things to do in Tyrol - Alps

Things to do in Tyrol - Alps

Part of the highest mountain range in Europe, the Alps of Tyrol are different from their cross border counterparts. Instead of having treacherous peaks, the Alps boast stunning mountain ranges that wear a carpet of snow in the winters and shed that carpet to lush green meadows in the spring.

There are lots of things to do in Alps including hiking in the summers and taking part in the skiing excursions in winter time. The leisure facilities and skiing resorts in the Alps offer comfort and excitement to all. A booming area for tourism, you can visit the Alps with your family and come face to face with nature, savoring its beauty and relaxing in the cradle of lush green meadows.

There is something for everyone up here at the Alps with a variety of sports round the year. Once you visit the place, you won’t be able to enjoy the area to the fullest until you enjoy the local culinary delights as part of your list of things to do in Alps . True to their traditions, their food is different and ideally suited to the high altitude of the Alps. During the course of your stay, you will also get a chance to meet the locals and know more about their culture and traditions.


Things to do in Tyrol - Hofkirche

Things to do in Tyrol - Hofkirche

The resting place of Emperor Maximilian I and Tyrol’s national hero Andrea Hofer, Hofkirche is a gothic church that is located in the Old Town section of Innsburk, Austria. Built by Ferdinand I, for his grandfather back in 1553, the Court Church, as it loosely translates to, has a rich history of arts, pre and post renaissance.

You won’t be able to enjoy the church unless you have a breakdown of the history about the church. Hence, one of the first things to do in Hofkirche is to visit their multimedia display which takes you on a tour of the church. Not only that, it offers a unique experience since it has one of the largest collection of renaissance works of Germany.

If you like to look at sculptures and artworks, the church is a place tailormade for your tastes with its distinct collection of huge bronze statues. Also, if you have time, you can always take out your camera and take pictures of the beautiful surroundings. A major activity among things to do in Hofkirche is bird watching as a number of different species reside in the area, while others come to it, especially in the summer time.


Things to do in Tyrol - Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

Located right next to the Hofkirche, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is considered one of the finest museums in the region. There are very few historical and cultural artifacts of the Tyrol region and it is interesting to note that the most important ones are housed in this museum. The museum building is surrounded by an arcaded Renaissance courtyard.

In addition to housing some important works of art, the museum is open for tourists with a number of different exhibitions being conducted permanently. Your things to do in Tyrolean Folk Art Museum should include visiting these exhibitions that contain extensive collections of household items, handicrafts, textiles, glass and pottery on display.

If you like sightseeing, the rooftop of the museum offers a stunning view. If you are new to the Innsbruck area, one of the first things to do in Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is to climb up to the top and gaze at the stunning landscape of the city. If you are visiting with your family, there are many nice eateries and stalls for souvenirs and memorabilia that can be bought to help you remember the trip for a long time.