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Things to do in Uppsala

Uppsala is the capital of the Uppsala County in Sweden and is the fourth largest city of the country. The city is located towards the north of Stockholm and is home to the Uppsala University, which is the oldest education institute in Scandinavia. Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden and receives several tourists every year.

There are so many things to do in Uppsala, and most of them include visiting the popular tourist attractions in the country like Botanical Gardens, Bror Hjorth's House, Carl Linnaeus Garden, Carolina Rediviva, Gamla Uppsala, Gustavianum/University Museum, Holy Trinity Church (Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka), The Uppland Museum, Uppsala Castle (Uppsala Slott), Uppsala Cathedral (Domkyrka), and the Uppsala University (oldest university in the Scandinavia area). Other than this, you can go swimming, ice hockey during the winter, attend the cultural night known as the Kulturnatten, go on a boat trip, and attend the Valborg celebrations.

Some of the other things to do in Uppsala include exploring the local shops like Akademibokhandeln, Gränby Centrum, Saluhallen, Studentbokhandeln, Svartbäcksgatan, and Svavagallerian. Don’t forget to eat the local food and try out some of the famous restaurants like Jalla Kebab, Luthagens Kök & Bar, Pizzaköket, and Meza. Some of the best hotels in the city, where you can stay and get pampered include Clarion Hotel Gillet, First Hotel Linné, Scandic Hotel Uplandia, STF Vandrarhem Sunnersta Herrgård, Uppsala City Hostel, and the Villa Anna.


Bror Hjorths Hus

The Bror Hjorths Hus is a place that you must add to your list of must-visit places when in or around Sweden. It is also known as the “Colourful Artist's Museum” and is dedicated to the Bror Hjorth who lived from 1894 till 1968. You should know that the museum is located in Uppsala and is visited by hundreds of art enthusiasts every year.

There are many things to do in Bror Hjorths Hus, and the museum has a very large collection of Bror Hjorth’s work. It is important you know that the house was built back in 1943 and for the next 265 years it served as the studio of the great artist, until it became a museum in 1978. Bror Hjorth was a modernist who loved folk art, so you are bound to be amazed by his extraordinary work.

Some of the other things to do in Bror Hjorths Hus include having a look at the artist’s paintings, reliefs, sculptures, and drawing. The artist was deeply committed to his word and that can be seen from his work. The place is open from Thursday to Sunday, so make sure you visit it.




If you are planning a visit to Sweden, you must add the Gustavianum to the list. The building was the former main building of the ancient Uppsala University and was built from 1622 till 1625.The building got its name from Gustavus Adolphus, who gave a huge amount of money for the construction of the building.The Gustavianum is visited by hundreds of people who visit the building in order to appreciate the architecture and the historic importance of the building.

The things to do in Gustavianum include learning about the history and exploring the architecture of the building. Initially the building served as the building to the university, but in 1997 it was turned into the Museum Gustavianum. You should know that under the capola is the theatrum anatomicum, or the Anatomical Theatre, which is the second oldest in the world.

The exhibitions in the building include artifacts from the Nordic, Classical, and Egyptian times. Not only this, the Museum Gustavianum also has an impressive science collection that you should definitely have a look at. Now that you know the location and the things to do in Gustavianum, make sure you visit the place.


Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle

If you are making a list of must visit places in Sweden, don’t forget to add the Uppsala Castle to the list. The beautiful castle was built in the 16th century and has played a very important role in the history of the country. The castle was damaged by a fire in1702 and was completely ruined. It took several years to reconstruct it and to restore it to its former glory.

Back in its heyday , the castle was the administrative centre of the Uppland region and was an important site to the Hall of State. Not only this, the place also served as the governor’s residence. Things have changed now, and today there are many things to do in Uppsala Castle, as the castle is now home to the Uppsala Art Museum.

The museum hosts several art exhibitions throughout the year. Top tourist attractions like the Botanical Garden, Bror Hjorth's House, and the Pelle House are in close proximity and should definitely be visited. Now that you know about the things to do in Uppsala Castle, you should visit the place. It is open from 12 to 4 pm, Tuesdays to Fridays.


Skokloster Castle

Skokloster Castle

Swedish castles are known all over the world for their beautiful architecture and designing. If you are planning a visit to Sweden, you must add the Skokloster Castle to the list. It is located between Uppsala and Stockholm near the shore of Lake Malaren. The castle is a famous landmark of the region and is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Notable among the things to do in Skokloster Castle is exploring the beautiful architecture of the building. The castle has been done in Baroque style and was made between 1654 and 1676, on the order of Carl Gustof Wrangel who was the military commander during his time. The architects of the building were Nicodemus Tessin the Elder and Jean de la Vallée. In the 1967, the castle was sold to the government by the Brahe family, though they still live in the vicinity.

Some of the other things to do in Skokloster Castle include having a look at the impressive weapon collection that dates back to the 18th century and consist of swords, muskets, and pistols. Make sure you visit the beautiful Castle when in Sweden, as you will surely love the trip.


Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral

The Uppsala Cathedral is a beautiful building located near the River Fyris and the Uppsala University, which is in the centre of the region. The cathedral is under the Lutheran Church of Sweden, and is extremely important since it is the seat of the Archbishop of Uppsala. The building has historical importance as it was made in the 13rh century and even today it is the tallest church in Nordic countries with a height of 118.7 meters.

The things to do in Uppsala Cathedral include learning about the history of the place and exploring the medieval architecture. It is important you know that the church had several chapels that were converted into tombs for the locals monarchs and archbishops. You should explore the cathedral as you will be mesmerized by the architecture that has been done in French Gothic style under the supervision of Étienne de Bonneuil.

The interior of the cathedral consists of the Coronation Vault that has a height of 89 feet, and adds to the medieval heritage of the building. The largest chapel in the building is the Vasa chapel and it must be explored. Some of the other things to do in Uppsala Cathedral visiting the Silver Chamber in order to have a look at the precious artifacts there.