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Things to do in Uri

One of the 26 cantons of Switzerland, Uri is situated in Central Switzerland. The territory of Uri goes from the Reuss valley located between the Lake Lucerne and St. Gotthard Pass. Commonly known as the “Soul of Switzelrand”, Uri is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe. With a wide variety of things to do in Uri, you are bound to have the time of your life if your plan to trip Uri.

Explore Uri

Are you ready for Uri to take your breath away? The city will amaze you and the number of things to do in Uri will keep you occupied for the rest of your trip. Located in the centre of the country, the city has been around for as early as the 7th century, which means you will have plenty of things to explore and see on your trip. With a wide range of activities from Wonder World adventures to amazing cultural, traditional, and historical sites, you will have plenty to do on your visit. You can start your trip at the Swiss Alps and enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains. It is one of the few places where the natural beauty of the Alps is still intact. You will get to hear many myths and stories from the locals that you can take back home. There are many other things that will keep you occupied in Uri. You will get to see many traditional festivals and events taking place all year long. From the High Altitude Bonfire on 1st August to The Fair that takes place each year in autumn when farmers return from the Alps, you will never get bored when you are in Uri. If you are travelling to Uri with your family, there are plenty of places that will keep your loved ones happy and excited. You can take your family to the lake for a day out or can head for a train or cable car ride.

Places in Switzerland

If you are planning to make a visit to Uri in the near future, you should note down the places you want to visit once you get there. You can go to the Lake Uri, Axen Street, Teufelsbrucke, the Chapel Maria Sonnenberg, Fellilucke, Montanara Bergerlebnisseand many more sites. If you are planning to stay in the city of Uri for over a week, then you must plan a visit these places; Swiss Alps, Golzernsee, Tellskapelle, Arnisee and the Swiss Path. You should take plenty of pictures while you are visiting Uri to ensure you capture every aspect of your trip. Entire families and couples are welcome to enjoy Uri in its entirety. However, it will take a few back and forth trips to Uri in order for you to discover all of it.


Things to do in Uri - Oberalp Pass

Things to do in Uri - Oberalp Pass

The Oberalp Pass is a popular tourist spot that is visited by hundreds of tourist every year, so if you are planning on visiting Switzerland, add the place to your list. It is basically a high mountain pass located in the Alps and connects Uri with Graubünden that lie between Andermatt and Disentis. It is important you know that the public road in the region is closed during the winter season due to heavy snowfall.

Some of the things to do in Oberalp Pass include exploring the lighthouse that is located on River Rhine. Other than this, you can enjoy the trekking route that passes through the Oberalp pass and Rhine and is known as the Senda Sursilvana. Oberlap is located 20 m below towards the Andermatt. You can even go to explore the Oberalppass railway station that has regional trains to the nearby area.

The things that should top your list of things to do in Oberalp Pass is visiting the ski area that is towards the Graubünden side, and connects Dieni, which is loacted near Rueras to the Tujetsch territory. The best part about this ski area is that it has 13 pistes, 7 ski lifts, and is great for skiers of all levels.


Things to do in Uri - Schöllenen Gorge

Things to do in Uri - Schöllenen Gorge

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, you just add Schöllenen Gorge to your list of must visit places. The place, as the name suggests is a gorge that has been formed by Reuss in Uri and shares its borders with Andermatt and Goschenen. The place is home to a beautiful stone bridge known as the Teufelsbrücke ("Devil's Bridge"), which is the reason why the area is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Some of the things to do in Schöllenen Gorge include having a look at the beautiful geology and learning about the history of the place. It is said that the name of the gorge dates back to 1420 and is from a German word called scalinae, which means stairs. There is a famous legend regarding the Devil’s Bridge as it said that it was constructed by the Devil himself. The name of the bridge dates back to 1587.

You should know that there is parking space right after the bridge and it is quite near Andermatt. You can even to the nearby restaurant or go further down the road in order to have a look at the gorge from the bridge. Now that you know about the things to do in Schöllenen Gorge, make sure you visit the place.


Things to do in Uri - Urserental

Things to do in Uri - Urserental

If you are planning on visiting Switzerland during your next vacation, you should consider adding Urserental to your list of must visit places. The place is basically a valley that is located on the Upper Ruess, which is in the Uri canton that stretches out from Andermatt to Realp. It is separated from Uri and is connected to the Grisons by the Oberalppass, to Valais by Furkapass, and Ticino by the Gotthard Pass.

The things to do in Urserental include observing the scenic beauty of the place and learning about its history. The place has a rich history as it was colonized in the 12th century by Walsers settlers. It was in 1382 that the place became a reichsfrei and became a part of the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1410. In the year 1798, it became a part of the Walstatten canton that was a part of the Helvetic, finally becoming a part of the canton of Uri in 1803.

Some of the other things to do in Urserental include going to the Engelberg Abbey, Madonna del Sasso, Maria-Rickenbach as they are located nearby. Make sure you visit Urserental the next time you are in Switzerland – you will love the place!


Things to do in Uri - Swiss Alps

Things to do in Uri - Swiss Alps

Consisting of almost all of the highest mountains of the region, the Swiss Alps should be on the top of your list of things to do in Uri. You will get to visit a number of beautiful trails, expanding over a network of 62,000 km. Most of the tourists coming to the Alps in summer get attracted to the great north faces and the 4000 meter summit. The mountaineers and hikers can reach high altitudes without much of an effort because the aerial tramways operate all year long. It is one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations for people all around the world.

Looking at the many things to do in Swiss Alps, you can take your entire families along and plan a skiing trip in the mountains. There are a wide variety of winter sports and other activities that keep you engaged on your trip. You can visit the surrounding villages and visit one of the many ski resorts running in the area. People who visit the Swiss Alps also see Davos, Engadin, Crans Montana VS and the many car free villages easily accessible and highly famous for their traditions and culture. You also don’t have to worry about transport because the Swiss Alps has one of the most extensive transport networks in the world and will keep your worries at bay.


Things to do in Uri - Golzernsee

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Uri, don’t forget adding Golzernsee to the list. Lake Golzernsee is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country and the canton. Offering a diverse mountain landscape and crystal clear water, Golzernsee is a definite addition to your things to do in Uri. The place is a paradise for climbers and hikers because of the well maintained trails along with the scenic beauty of the area. You will find a number of restaurants where you can enjoy and have a good time with your company.

Looking for things to do in Golzernsee? You can climb the surrounding mountains and can also hike. You can take the summit of Grosse Düssi, Gross Windgällen and Oberalpstock. You will find well marked trails but make sure you carry the right gear with you. For hikers, the best place will be the sun terrace Golzen. Easy to access via a cable car, the place is situated 1409 meters above the sea level. The shore gives an amazing panoramic view of the landscape where you can have some good time with your family. Surrounded by forests and giving a majestic view of the mountains, Golzernsee is a must visit place in Uri.


Things to do in Uri - Tellskapelle

Located on the shore of Lake Lucerne, Tellskapelle is highly recommended to be on your list of things to do in Uri. It is located around 4.3 km away from the Bay of Uri and is one of the most beautiful places you will see in Uri. Tellskapelle has a rich history associated with it. According to tales, this is the place where William Tell escaped the boat of his captors during a storm that ultimately allowed him to slay Gessler, the tyrant ruler and go on to lay the foundation of Old Swiss Confederacy.

One you reach the Tell Chapel, you will find a number of things to do in Tellskapelle. You can visit the William Tell monument, built to pay homage to his services. You can take pictures here and take back with you memories of this historical place. If you are interested in finding more about the tale and services of William Tell, there is also the William Tell Museum nearby that you can visit. The nearby Tell Fountain where there is a statue of Tell with a boy is also famous with tourists. The Swiss national hero, William Tell is highly acknowledged in this place and all of the things here revolve around him. To get a historical perspective of Switzerland, you must pay a visit to this place.


Things to do in Uri - Arnisee

On your list of things to do in Uri, add visiting Arnisee because your trip to Uri will not be complete without visiting this place. This lake in Uri, which can be reached through gondola lift, is famous for its scenic beauty. You can get the lift from Intschi or Amsteg. With a beautiful mountain terrace surrounding the lake, Arnisee is a must visit place in Uri. Arnisee is also the starting point of many mountain tours, walks and family tours. The small lake is surrounded by soft meadows and mountains. The view is majestic with the lake lying in the middle of a spectacular mountain panorama.

There are many things to do in Arnisee. With the heaven like beauty of the place around you, taking photographs is a must so you can take back memories of the majestic place home with you. You will find a number of restaurants and hotels nearby that you can book for the night if you plan to stay here or can go in for lunch. The restaurants are famous with traditional, as well as, continental food. You can take walks along the lake or just sit back, relax and enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the place.


Things to do in Uri - Swiss Path

Things to do in Uri - Swiss Path

If you are interested in the history of Switzerland, consider add visiting the Swiss Path to your list of things to do in Uri. Leading to the historic sites of Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Path is divided into stages. All of these paths can be reached either by train or ship. The path is 35 km long and begins at the Rütli Mountain and ending at Brunnen. You will find a number of things to do in Swiss Path. There are well constructed hiking trails connecting all the worth seeing sites including the Tell Chapel, Schillerstein, the pilgrimage chapel, the little castles of Beroldingen, as well as, the old Axenstrasse.

This place can be called the spiritual heart of Switzerland because of the presence of many religious and historical places. You should carefully plan your tour of the Swiss Path to ensure you get the maximum out of the trip and do not miss visiting any of the worth seeing places along the path. Make sure you enquire about the weather conditions of the Swiss Path before you set off because some trials might be closed owing to weather conditions.


Things to do in Uri - Gemsstock

Things to do in Uri - Gemsstock

If you are making a list of the must visit places in Switzerland, don’t forget to add Gemsstock to the list. It is a mountain that is basically a part of the Swiss Alps and overlooks Andermatt, which is located in the canton of Uri. The place is also home to a might glacier named Gurschenfirn that is located towards the north and is a part of the Gotthard Oberalp Arena.

Gemsstock is one of the most beautiful places of the country, which is the reason why it receives so many tourists every year. You must be wondering about the things to do in Gemsstock. The place has two skiing section and has a cable car that runs from the middle of the mountain. The middle part is known as Gurschenalp, and consists of 3 ski lifts, 3 ski runs and one fun park.

Some of the other things to do in Gemsstock consist of exploring the top of the region that consists of areas like The Guspis, The B.Russi Run, and the Sun Track. Overall the region has 5 ski lifts and is a great place for sleigh rides and walking on the trails.