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Things to do in Uruguay

Have you ever wondered why the second smallest country on the South American continent has become one of the most frequently places to visit? For a long time, the country has been in the shadow of Argentina and Brazil, but finally, people are realizing what they had been missing out on for so long. Overtime, the country has become a popular tourist destination.

Uruguay tourism

Most of the population of the country lies in Montevideo, which the country’s capital, Paysandu, and Salto. When you visit the exotic nation, you have plenty of things do in Uruguay. The historical sites combined with a modern sitting will captivate you. The country has a lot to offer the tourists who visit it throughout the year, especially during the summer. You can shop till you drop at their malls, which host both local and international brands, you can visit the open-air markets to shop for local souvenirs to take back home, and eat out at the delicious restaurants. If you are still on the edge about visiting the country, you will be surprised to know the number of people who travel there. The nation attracts around 1 million people from all over the world. This is largely due to the array of different places people can travel to and explore. With so many things to do in Uruguay, what should be your first stop? Your first stop in the country depends on the city you stay in for your trip. You can visit the Punta del Este, the Piriápolis, La Paloma, and Punta del Diabloa. Once you are there, you can ask your hotel to provide you with a tour guide, featuring all the famous places of the city and the country. In your search for the best to go, you may get lost. You can ask for help from the friendly locals who have gotten used to seeing tourists frolic about their city. They can even point you in the direction of some appetizing local cuisines. You should try the food at Primuseum, La Petite Cuisine, Estrecho, and La Fonda. At the restaurants, you should try their national cuisines, pasta, beef platter, and steak sandwich. You should also try their tea, which is different from anything that you have ever tasted before. For anyone who is traveling to the nation in January and February will get the chance to see the annual Uruguayan Carnival. Get your camera ready to capture the country’s culture in action highlighted through the parades, music, and dance performances. If you trying the brew at one of the nearby bars, you will likely hear music such as folk, tango, and waltz playing in the background. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that the locals enjoy international music such as jazz, pop, and rock.

Places to Visit in Uruguay

Uruguay is a stunning country with so much to see and do there. People residing in Montevideo will have access to several museums, dedicated to several cultural institutions such as the national museums of art, natural history, anthropology, and history. You should go to the Museum of the Indian and Gaucho. In there, you will come across a wide collection of historical artifacts. If you are lucky, you may catch performances of private dance schools performing in the city of Montevideo. Besides being famous for its cultural heritage, the country has gained popularity for its wine, Tannat. You will have numerous things to do in Uruguay. The country has worked on developing its wine industry and come second to France’s wine industry. You can visit the vineyards and see if you can arrange a tour of a winery. Some other things to do in Uruguay include visiting some of its well know tourist hotspots. Why don’t you pay a visit to the Solis Theatre, the Museo Torres Garcia, and the Juan Manuel Blanes Museum? The country contains several museums and you can schedule one every day during your vacation. Explore the country to find many things to do in Uruguay. If you love beaches, where should you go? If you like beaches, Uruguay is the perfect place for you. Some of the notable beach destinations include La Paloma, Rocha, Bella Vista, Santa Teresa National Park, Colonia del Sacramento, and San Luis. When you are in Uruguay, you should allow yourself to blend in with their culture. Do not be afraid to try their local cuisines, but be open to discovering new things every day in the country. Sometimes, giving in to new experiences allows you to make new memories. Are you ready to make memories in Uruguay? Come on; gather your family and friends to have the time of your life. You will enjoy everything that the county has to offer, from the food, the festivals, the performances, to the music. For people who have yet to visit the South American continent, now, know where they have to go for fun. Uruguay is the destination you want to start with if you are headed over this way. The country is slowly making its way to the top of the most visited tourist countries so don’t you want to know why that is? Anyone who wants to know the reason behind the nation’s popularity should book a flight to the country.

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