Things to do in Vancouver

Officially, Vancouver has been named as the “City of Vancouver”. It is considered to be the most populous and ethically diverse city of Canada. It is also considered to be the culinary capital of the country. This place offers its visitors the best dining experience, ranging from the exotic Chinese cuisine to the delightful Japanese taste. One of the things to do in Canada that you cannot miss at any cost is to visit this culinary capital.

Vancouver Canada

The city was founded as “Gastown”, by the English immigrants, who possessed an intense liking for beer along with storytelling. This historical heritage has persevered in Vancouver to this day, in the historical section of the city, where you may find a number of pubs maintaining the historical status of the place. If you are finding any difficulty in designing your things to do in Vancouver list, then start with visiting this historical area, in order to get the glimpses of the past. One of the things to do in Canada is to visit the food streets of Vancouver, where the irresistible aroma of seafood will convince you to try at least one dish before leaving, even if your stomach is at its full capacity. Other things to do in Vancouver would be visiting the forests and seeing the species of plants and animals that have been preserved here by the Canadian government. If you visit Vancouver, you will get to experience some sophisticated amenities and thrilling outdoor adventures, in this world-class city. Other things to do in Canada, if you are heading towards this location, are to enjoy the oceanside view, the mountains and the meadows, which are the source of instant refreshment.

Place to Visit in Vancouver

If you are a sports fanatic and you are considering the places to visit in Vancouver, then look for the Olympic venue, where the Winter Games of 2010 took place and relive those glorious moments once more. You will not run out of places to visit in Vancouver, as it has been named the top destination in the country for travelers by TripAdvisor in the year 2014. On your visit here, if you are looking for things to do in Canada, then head towards this “Most livable city of the world”, as declared by the Economic Intelligence Unit. The snow covered slopes of Vancouver offer the perfect opportunity for winter sports. Therefore, they are also considered to be one of things to do in Canada. From the mountain top, the bird’s eye view of the city can be enjoyed to the fullest, which is a treat for the eyes. Vancouver is a city, where due to the unpredictability of its weather, there is a possibility that you will be skiing in the morning and sailing a boat by afternoon. Visiting the Stanley Park is also something that should be on everyone’s “things to do in Canada” list, as this is a place worth visiting.


Stanley Park

Stanley Park

Visiting the grand park, the shops in the city, its historical museums exhibiting unique artifacts and the very famous suspension bridge in the city are the things that should be on your things to do in Canada list, whenever you get the chance to visit Vancouver. If you ever think that you are running out of things to do in Vancouver, then simply plan to visit this park.
Stanley Park, based in Vancouver, is the largest and the very first urban park of the city.

This place marks a historical site in the middle of the urban infrastructure of the city. The things to do in Stanley Park are discovering its beautiful beaches, wildlife and historical landmarks. Here, you can get a scenic view of the greenery, the snow covered mountains and the turquoise waters of the shoreline.

This park encloses one of the largest aquariums of the country, which makes paying a visit to this park well worth it. As one of the popular sites to visit among things to do in Canada, this place attracts 8 million tourists a year, making it one of the major tourist attractions. On the whole, travelers will never run out of the things to do in Vancouver, that’s for sure.