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View Ponte de la Maravegie in 360 virtual tour

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Ponte de le Maravegie, or Bridge of Wonders, is situated at the junction between the Accademia and the Zattere. As per the legend, seven sisters lived in the royal residence to one side of the extension as you look toward the Grand Canal. Six of them were blessed with a stunning beauty and one comparing to her sisters was terrible. A boatman desired to wed with one of the delightful sisters and used to visit the royal residence regularly yet became so sick. He credited his sickness to black magic executed by the monstrous sister who had always kept away from him. One day, as he was approaching the royal residence, he saw through one of the windows the awful sister looking at a cross while crying.
As he was so moved by this scene, six shining stars appeared in the sky next to a faint one. Than the shining six stars vanished and the faint one turned out to be bright to the point that it lit the entire sky. The boatman was overwhelmed with feelings for the awful sister. He was touched by her inner beauty. As she admitted her great love for him, and that she was asking God to take her life and save him. The boatman was healed and married her.
Long gone are the times of this legendary love story however it stills remembered until our days.