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Things to do in Viti Levu

If you are visiting Fiji, you are bound to come across Viti Levu. This is the area that is treated by first time tourists as merely the point where they built an airport, but in truth, this island is so much more than that, with so many things to offer both the residents and visitors.

Viti Levu

Viti Levu is the largest island in Fiji. It is the site of the state’s capital and is also home to a huge chunk of Fiji’s population (around 70%). The place was inhabited way before there was any settlement in Vanua Levu. According to oral traditions, the very first Melanesian settler landed at Vuda Point and created the Viseisei, which is the oldest settlement in Fiji. There are so many things to do in Viti Levu, do not hesitate to explore the entire island, or you may just miss the best ones. When you are packing to visit this place you might want to gather both clothes for a warm and dry weather, and a rain coat as well. An interesting thing about the island is that its eastern side experiences heavy rainfall, while the western side is almost always has dry weather. There are tons of important places you can visit on the island, with so many things to do in Viti Levu. After all, it harbors exactly 8 out of the 14 provinces present in Fiji. The island has geologically evolved considerably. There was a time when it was simply a mass of volcanic material for the ground.

Fijian Islands

Today, Viti Levu has everything one might look for in a getaway island. There are offshore cities, resorts, quaint yet colorful villages to explore, a vibrant nightlife, cane fields etc. There is no shortage of the local people that you may come across here. As a tourism center Viti Levu is growing at an astounding pace. You might want to book a place on what the locals refer to as the ‘Burning West’; this is the region that has resorts without rain cover precautions. Viti Levu is an example of all the places to visit and things to do in Fiji. On the South Eastern region there is the largest city of the island, Suva. This is Viti Levu cultural as well as business center. You will be getting around the entire area through the main road that border the parameter of the island. This is one way you can explore all of its interesting avenues like the Denarau Island, Nananu-I-Ra, Navua River, Mount Tomanivi, and Fiji Spice Gardens. The highway that you will be making use of is separated into two areas: Kings Road, and Queens Road. If you want to head to the capital city, Queens Road is the shorter route.


Things to do in Viti Levu - Denarau Island

Things to do in Viti Levu - Denarau Island

This is a smaller island, and one of the most important avenues of Viti Levu. As far as things to do in Fiji go for your day’s schedule, if you are visiting Viti Levu, you must explore Denarau Island as well. This is an integrated resort and a great place to be pampered and splash out in the sun. It is sityated less than 10km from Nadi, and has a very popular 18-hole golf course.

The place has everything From an excellent array of accommodation choices, with resorts that offer designer suites, great places to eat and entertaining activities. You can shop around, plan an outdoor adventure or look up some of the finest places to try the native food here. There is something for everyone in things to do in Denarau Island.

The facilities that this small island has make it an ideal choice to host a lot of sporting, entertainment, and corporate events. Its world class course is already used for golf tournaments, and then there is the Jazz and Blues Festival, and the Food and Wine Festival where renowned chefs from all around the world experiment with and showcase flavors from South Pacific.


Things to do in Viti Levu - Nananu-i-Ra

Things to do in Viti Levu - Nananu-i-Ra

This is the pocket-sized version of the islands of Fiji. When travelling to the northern region of Viti Levu, travelers always come across this place. It is only 3.5 square km with scalloped bays, white beaches, mangroves, and beautiful hills. If you want to take a break, this is a great spot to stop at – there are many things to do in Nananu-I-Ra.

One of the interesting things about the place is that it does not have villages or roads, and the accommodation is pretty simple too. What was once a cattle grazing area is now filled with dense vegetation, rolling hills of grass that line the interior as well as 3 km of Ellington Wharf that are everything the mind conjures when thinking of a textbook luxurious holiday home.

The original inhabitants of Nananu-I-Ra were lost to tribal war and disease. Most of the things to do in Fiji that you have planned lie in this area. The place is known for its offshore reefs, kite boarding, and windsurfing. On the east side it can get extremely windy from May all through to July, and from then between the start of October and end of December.


Things to do in Viti Levu - Navua River

Things to do in Viti Levu - Navua River

The Navua River starts from the slope of Mount Gordon and flows on for 65 km till it reaches the southern coast of Viti Levu. One of the reasons this place is regarded as a very famous scenic avenue is because of the rugged mountain scenery that it offers the mountain. This is definitely reason to make it visiting this place a part of your list of things to do in Fiji.

Towards the end of the 19th century a sugar mill was put up on the banks of Navua from which the town of Navua was developed. Though the mill was closed down, the small town still remains. There are plenty of things to do in Navua River.
Most people here usually stop by on their way to a resort or some other attraction of Viti Levu, the most commonly sought out activity here is the boat trip along the Navua River.

These trips usually depart from either the hotels in the Pacific Harbour area, Coral Coast, or Nadi. You get to experience the untouched beauty of the gorges, waterfalls and the like. You can even enjoy a great Fijian lunch while you swim in fresh mountain water.


Things to do in Viti Levu - Mount Tomanivi

Things to do in Viti Levu - Mount Tomanivi

Mount Tomanivi is a fascinating dormant volcano situated in the northern part of Viti Levu highlands. At 1324 meters, Mount Tomanivi makes for the highest peak in all of Fiji. There are so many activities and things to do in Fiji, but travelling to Mount Tomanivi should make the top ten. You can take on the trail that goes on to the summit of Tomanivi from the small village of Navai. This place is also the source for many main river systems like Ba, Sigatoka, Navua, and Rewa.

Mount Tomanivi was once called Mount Victoria. This place has been classified as a difficult climb in many tours. If you are travelling with children it would be difficult to explore the mountain. Fit teenagers on the other hand will have no trouble. If your stamina allows it you might just be able to climb up and then come back from the mountain in the same day. There are tons of things to do in Mount Tomanivi. The walk up to the extent of it will have you coming across Fiji’s wildlife as well as some uniquely native plants and trees. This place is a projection of authentic Fiji.


Things to do in Viti Levu - Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve

Things to do in Viti Levu - Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve

Situated around ten minutes from the city, Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve is a national stop that gloats a completely clear waterway set in quiet and serene surroundings in the midst of a breathtaking rainforest making this a flawless spot for a cool plunge took after by a cookout under the overhang of trees. Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve is one of the national legacy parks in Fiji. Aside from a day stumbling, it's the perfect spot to go for observing flying birds, particularly when you have kindred companions going with you. The climate is much cooler than Suva city with temperatures tumbling to as low as ten degrees at elevations of 120-180m joined by successive rainfalls.

The air is perfect and fresh with just the calls of neighborhood birdlife entering the climate. It is really a unique place that will sooth your spirit as you drench yourself in nature's excellence. There are two auto parks at the recreation center's passage. One will prompt the upper pools and the other to lower pools. Pick your climb or trek and make a beginning your rainforest experience. There are two immaculate and clear waterfalls in the recreation center, one being the well-known Waisila Falls which is around fifteen meters profound making for an incredible spot to do a spot of swimming and jumping. Then you will pass a four wheel drives trucking tangles and containers of nourishment planned for a waterfall/poolside day of fun. However, there is additionally the choice of strolling over the street to Raintree Lodge, a famous, disconnected cabins with extraordinary sustenance and regular atmosphere.

The cabin is frequented by local people and visitors alike who are either staying in-house or on a day trip with loved ones. The Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve is likewise a mainstream destination for worldwide hikers. However at sure times of the year, especially in the low traveler season, you may discover yourself the solitary member on the climbing tracks amidst the week. The normal time for a climb in the recreation center is around 60 minutes. However, there are typically some neighborhood kids who, for reasons unknown are not in school, jumping and having a lighthearted day. Their bliss and joy are irresistible and you'll soon be snickering alongside them in the blink of an eye.


Things to do in Viti Levu - Denarau Beach

Things to do in Viti Levu -  Denarau Beach

Denarau Beach, on the fundamental Island of Viti Levu, is the biggest incorporated resort in the South Pacific. On the off chance that you need to sprinkle out, this is the place you need to be. Under 10 kilometers from Nadi, it brags eight huge resorts, dazzling shorelines, and 18 opening title fairway.

You'll locate a phenomenal scope of convenience, with the resorts offering originator suites, stunning swimming pools and an extensive variety of eateries. Whether you need to shop, have some creativity or experience a best's portion eating Fiji brings to the table, you'll see it all at Denerau Beach. Denerau Beach was created as a resort center point beginning in the late 1960s. From that point forward it has gone from quality to quality after the golf's development course, recovery of area and digging and development of the marina, recently the Port Denarau Retail & Commercial Center in 2007. Denerau's incredible offices make it the characteristic spot to host an extensive variety of donning, corporate and stimulation occasions, with Golf Tournaments routinely jumping out at exploit the world-class course.

Denarau is additionally becoming famous as a celebration focus, with Port Denarau facilitating the Fiji International Jazz and Blues Festival, and different resorts facilitating the South Pacific Food and Wine Festival. Where universal gourmet specialists explore the nourishment and kinds of the South Pacific. The greater part of the Denarau Beach offer various eating alternatives, however in the event that you need to escape and want to go for something else, there are phenomenal eateries at the marina, for the most part, sited right on the waterfront. There are menus to suit all taste, with steakhouse feasting close by Indian and Asian food cooked by neighborhood and imported culinary experts. Obviously, brilliant fish is additionally an element, crisp and cooked in a variety of styles, basic or extravagant. Numerous eateries are family benevolent with kid's menus and youngsters' tables, and the perspectives of the occupied marina make the dusk a well-known time to appreciate a glass of something by the water and watch the sun goes down.


Things to do in Viti Levu - Fiji Spice Gardens

Things to do in Viti Levu - Fiji Spice Gardens

This place screams vanilla plantation, and if that was not enough, it has advertisements that repeat it more than the other things that grow here like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, and pepper. The place is open to visitors and all tours include getting a taste and demonstration of how things work around Fiji Spice Gardens. On top of that, the in-house experts talk about and educate the guests on how the plants grow and how each one of them can be used when cooking. You will find that there a lot of things to do in Fiji Spice Gardens.

There is an adjoining nature garden as well which shows how tropical exotics can be grown in clusters. The native guides lead the walk where you can learn about indigenous foods, dye plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Some of these are also used in weaving materials for medicines and weaving materials. However you may only come across items in the gardens that are in season during your trip to this place. Remember to make this a part of your list on things to do in Fiji lest you forget.