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Things to do in Wa East

When in Ghana, don’t forget to visit the Wa East region. The Wa East District is the Upper West Region and one of the 9 districts of northern Ghana. The capital of the Wa East District is Funsi. It is a small town located close to cities like Batié, Léo, and Navrongo. The beautiful landscape, water features and wildlife of this district will mesmerize you.

Wa East attractions

The Wa East District makes up one of the nine different districts located in the extreme northern west area of the country. The capital of Wa East is Funsi. Visitors and first time tourists will find tons of things to do in Wa East. The capital itself is just a really huge village that has evolved greatly from what it once was. If you plan on staying here you might have to break your journey between Kumasi and Bobo Dioulasso. Among things to do in Wa East, do not forget to check out the town mosque which is made entirely out of stick and mud. If you are not just passing by and plan on staying a few nights here, do not worry about accommodations. The place has plenty of avenues for tourists who come looking for all the things to do in Wa East. The Tegbeer Catholic Guesthouse is around 3km on the northern side of the town of Wa East. The place has top notch cleaning facilities, a nice onsite bar and restaurant. However if you want a better accommodation than this while you spend your time there indulging in all the things to do in Wa East; check in to the Upland Hotel, which leans more towards the higher end lodgings in the town village.

Places to visit in Wa Eas

The Upland Hotel is very commonly preferred by the town’s business people. It has a DSTV and an air con in the rooms. Plus the restaurant here serves delectable food, picked out from international cuisine. You can lounge here by night while you indulge in all the great things to do in Wa East by day. There might not be many places to visit in Wa East but that does not make it one of those places that have nothing to offer explorers and tourists. Wa East’s significance as part of an official district overshadows it being a point for adventure. Here you can live like the locals, learn their daily routine; maybe even try the native food while you are out here. Before you get excited about all the things to do in Wa East, make sure that you get your transportation arrangements in order. Regular buses and tro-tros travel to Wechiau, Kumasi, Hamale, and Tamale. The least time to travel is to Wechiau which is only an hour, and the longest commute takes six hours, which is towards Kumasi.


Things to do in Wa East - Mole National Park

Things to do in Wa East - Mole National Park

If wildlife piques your interest, then the Mole national park is one of the best places to visit. This is Ghana’s largest wildlife preserve and the wildlife here is nothing short of amazing. Located in the northwestern part of the country, the park covers an area of 4,840 km2, which is staggeringly huge. It also has more than 90 types of mammals who call this wildlife preserve their home and is very popular with tourists. You’ll find the available tours to be very accommodating and illuminating. The highlight here is, of course, the animals. You think you have seen animals when you go to the zoo, but let us tell you, the feeling of seeing them in their natural habitat, roaming around in the wild, is amazing. The best part is that Mole national park is home to many rare species; so not only do you get to see some amazing animals, you get to see amazing animals which cannot be seen anywhere else. This includes elephants, buffalo, hippo, warthogs, defassa waterbuck, hartebeest, kob, the bushbuck, roan, oribi, dwarf crocodile, Olive baboons, green vervet, colobus, and many more rare animals. The park also houses more than 300 bird species. We would highly recommend getting the guided tour, as it will allow you to get a lot of insight into the animals you are watching.