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Things to do in Washington DC

Best attractions to visit in Washington DC

1. The White House - Washington DC

The White House

Tours of the White House are free of charge and quite extensive. Upon entrance, you will first visit the rooms and halls on the ground floor and then be taken to the state floor. The ground floor rooms include the family theater, the east garden room, and the diplomatic reception room, whereas the state floor comprises of the blue room. There are many things to do at the White House. It is more than a 100 years old and has hosted a lot of significant events and dinners. With the passage of time, more rooms have been added to the White House such as the Oval Office, a bowling alley, as well as the west wing. While there, you cannot forget to explore the President’s Park that encompasses 82 acres. If you want a more detailed list of things to do at the White House, then you should check out the government’s official website. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should simply not miss, especially if you are travelling to Washington for the first time. The tours are self guided and it is best if you inform the personnel in charge well in advance.


2. The Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC

The Lincoln Memorial

Built by the famous architect Henry Bacon, featuring white stone and 36 iconic columns, the Lincoln Memorial is one of the most popular and recognized American national monument. It is nestled on the west side of the National Mall in Washington D.C. and was constructed to honor Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the US. The building resembles a Greek Doric temple and is open for public to explore 24 hours a day. So, when you visit Washington DC, make sure to stop by at the Lincoln Memorial. There are numerous things to do in the Lincoln Memorial. Once you go inside it, you’ll be amazed. The memorial boasts a 19th foot tall beautifully carved statue of Lincoln that seems like its gazing at you from a solemn chamber. The 36 columns have a historic significance. Each column represents a state in the union during that time. The history and the craftsmanship of this memorial will truly amaze you. Besides the many things to do in the Lincoln Memorial, there are several other iconic monuments nearby such as the Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the World War II Memorial. You can also explore them, if you have time. It will not be wrong to say that your trip to the Lincoln Memorial will be fun and can be exhausting because there is so much to explore.


3. United States Capitol - Washington DC

United States Capitol

There is no better or more recognizable symbol of representative democracy worldwide than the United States Capitol. It is nestled in Washington DC on a plateau to the east side of the National Mall, approximately 88 feet above the Potomac River. And this is exactly why it’s called the Capitol Hill. It is the seat of the US Congress where discussions regarding national policy are held. However, this is not all there is to it. That’s right there are several other things to do in the United States Capitol making your visit to this monument super fun and exciting. The best way to begin your experience is at the Visitor Center. Explore the Exhibition Hall here to learn the history of this beautiful monument and how it was built. The main entrance to the Visitor Center is located beneath the East Front plaza of the United States Capitol at First Street. Shopping and dining here are also among the many things to do in the United States Capitol. The Capitol features gift shops from where you can buy gifts for your loved ones back home. Besides this, the restaurant over here will be a treat to your taste buds. The food is amazing and ambience breathtaking. So, when you visit Washington D.C. don’t forget to visit the US Capitol.


4. National Museum Of Natural History - Washington DC

National Museum Of Natural History

The national museum of natural history officially opened up in 1910 as part of Smithsonian institution which happens to be the most prominent research and museum complex in the world. It is located at the national mall and its purpose is to enhance education and discovery of the entire natural world that surrounds us. You will find plenty of things to do in national museum of natural history. For starters, the facility consists of some of the world’s most famous museum artifacts. The Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals features the famous hope diamond that is supposedly cursed. Other things to do in national museum of natural history include seeing various exhibits such as the insect zoo, and other artifacts and fossils. The museum closes at 5 30 pm in the usual circumstances. Therefore, you should be sure to plan your trip accordingly. If you are visiting during the summers, then you will find it to be open till 7 30 pm. The best part is that there are many things to do in national museum of natural history and many aspects to witness.


5. National Mall - Washington DC

National Mall

The national mall can be considered as the central point for most of the sightseeing activities in Washington. There are various attractions to see at the national mall, and some of the major ones are the Washington monument, smithsonian museums, the US capitol building, national gallery of art, national monuments and memorials, and the US botanic garden. Since the national mall is the hub of all things related to sightseeing in the area, you will find plenty of things to do at the national mall. For instance, the Washington monument was made in the honor of the first president of the United States, i.e. George Washington, and happens to be the tallest structure in the capital. The US Botanic Garden showcases around 4000 tropical, subtropical, and seasonal plants. While there, you can also try out the different restaurants for the ultimate dining experiences and get to know about some of the other attractions nearby such as the national archives as well as the white house. Be sure to take along a comprehensive guide of the things to do at the national mall so that you can make the most of your trip and get to know more about the US history.


6. National Zoological Park - Washington DC

National Zoological Park

Do you have small children you bringing on your trip? Do you love to see animals? You can visit the National Zoological Park in Washington, DC. If you are visiting the United States in the summer, the park should come in the top of five places to travel to in the city. Your little ones will love seeing all the different animals. What are some of things to do in National Zoological Park? You will have plenty to see in the park that is for sure. You will come across more than 1,000 animals brought to the United States from different countries. You will not have to pay to visit the park either. For this reason, the park receives over one million people every year. You will have an incredible time there. The National Zoological Park has established different sections for animals coming in the same habitat. You can visit the African Savanna, Amazonia, Asia, and North America. You can visit the aviary, primate, amphibian, mammals, reptile, and invertebrates’ area. Do not forget to take your children to the farm to pet and feed the animals. It will be fun. You will have a ton of things to do in the United States.


7. National Air and Space Museum - Washington DC

National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museums remains one of the most popular tourist destinations of Washington, DC. The museum receives more than 7 million people each year. Travel to the museum to discover the history of space, learn about the Wright brothers, and explore the display of historical artifacts. Tourists interested to learn about the country’s history of flying should visit the museum. The tourist destination ranked as the fifth most frequented museum in the world in 2014. The museum gives people an insight on the history of spaceflight, planetary science, and aviation. You will have several things to do in National Air and Space Museum. You can look at the displays of aircrafts used in the past and read about how they played an important role in the advancement of aircrafts you see today. Since the museum established in 1946, you will find historical items from the Centennial Exposition. The museum has several items they can display, but lack the space. Still, the museum is able to display more than 50,000 items, which include the 1903 Wright Flyer, the Boeing B-29, the Space Shuttle Discovery, the Beech 35 Bonanza, and the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia. You will have several things to do in the United States.


8. Washington Monument - Washington DC

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument honors George Washington, the first President of the United States. If it were not for the efforts of John Marshall and James Madison, the Washington Monument would not have existed. They collected funds and initiated a contest to select a design submitted by participants. They selected Robert Mills who envisioned a 600 feet obelisk with an elevation of 100 feet. Even though there are not that many things to do in Washington Monument, just seeing the tallest monument in the world makes up for it. Mill’s design never reached the height he envisioned, as the start of the Civil War ceased construction. What you will see today is a 152 feet monument, which is still impressive. The lack of funding also changed the design, making it simpler. After four year, construction was completed. You will have a list of things to do in the United States, especially if you are visiting Washington, DC. You will find the grandiose Washington Monument at the National Mall. Flagpoles representing each state surround the monument. You can travel to the top of the monument to via an elevator to see the city. Although visitors do not have to pay to visit the monument, it is recommended you book a ticket.


9. Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Washington DC

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC receives a lot of foot traffic from tourists. The government erected the memorial to honor the brave men and women who fought in the Vietnam War. To go to the memorial, you will have to visit the Constitution Gardens. The Vietnam Memorial remains as one of the most frequented memorials in the city. In 1980, Congress gave their approval to construct the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund was put in charge of collecting funds to build the memorial. They asked designers to submit their design and chose Maya Ying Lin’s design. What are some things to do in Vietnam Veterans Memorial? Since it is close to the Lincoln Monument and the Washington Monument, you can visit them after you are done. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a great tourist attraction to visit on your trip to Washington, DC. You will come across several things to do in the United States so add visiting the memorial to your must-visit list. You will see the sculpture of a wounded soldier and three women, which was included in 1993. On the 250 feet wall, you will see the names of over 50,000 soldiers who lost their lives.


10. National World War II Memorial - Washington DC

National World War II Memorial

The National World War II Memorial honors the sacrifice of the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country. The government sanctioned the construction of the memorial to honor both the fallen and the survivors of World War II. People visit the museum to pay their respects to the soldiers. There are different sections in the memorial to honor different territories. In comparison to other war memorials, the World War II Memorial is one of the largest war memorials in Washington, DC. You will have plenty of things to do in National War II Memorial. On each pillar, arranged in a semi-circle, you will find the names of the states that partook in the war. Visit the territories of Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam, and American Samoa. With several things to do in the United States, you will have a memorable times in its capital city. You should make it a point of visiting the National War II Memorial, as several tourists visit the location annually. While you are there, you should visit the Rainbow Pool, showing certain battles and the war efforts of the residents of the United States during World War II. See the Freedom Wall as well.


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