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Things to do in Wilhering

Wilhering is a municipality in Linz that is located in Upper Austria. The place is known for its Rocco styled buildings, unique culture, beautiful artwork by Austrian Baroque artists, and the natural terrain that consists of woods and lush greenery, which is what attracts thousands of tourists. If you are not sure about the things to do in Austria, you should add visiting Wilhering to the list.

Austria attractions

Wilhering is located in the Linz area in Austria that is famous for its Baroque styled buildings and paintings. The place has its own public transport that goes by the name of WILIA. The things to do in Wilhering include visiting the Wilhering Abbey, a monastery that was rebuilt in the 18th century and is known for its Rocco decoration. The monastery was founded by Ulrich and Kolo of Wilhering who were generous enough to donate their family’s old castle and moved to their new castle in Waxenburg. The abbey buildings were destroyed in 1733 and only two tombs, a doorway, and a Gothic cloister remain. Explore the building and be mesmerized by the beautiful interior. The east section of the cloister consists of the common rooms and the chapter house, whereas the monks’ dormitory is located upstairs and is connected to the church by stairs. The cloister that is located next to the church has a lecture hall and a beautiful pulpit, where the designing has been done in Baroque style. Make sure you visit the church as you will be in awe of the sculptures and paintings. In conclusion, the things to do in Wilhering revolve around exploring the Baroque styled buildings.


Wilhering is a municipality in Linz that is the third largest city of the country. The place is famous for its museums, churches, cultural activities and architecture. Not only this, if you are fond of nature, you can explore the countryside as well. Some of the places to visit include the Landhaus, Alter Dom, Grottenbahn, and experiencing the Höhenrausch 2015. If you are in Wilhering you should take the opportunity and explore the entire Linz area. The Linz Castle is a must visit place and its history dates back to 9th century. Visit it and have a look at the medieval sculptures, arms, and paintings. The St. Martin’s Church is another famous tourist spot because it is the oldest church of the country and has the characteristics of the earliest Carolingian architecture. The Lentos Art Museum was opened for public in 2003 and is one of the most famous museums of the country that exhibits more than 1,500 pieces of artwork that include masterpieces from the 19th century, a time when classical modernism was famous. The botanical gardens in another must visit place, as it is home to more than 10,000 species of plants and holds flower shows all year long.


Things to do in Wilhering - Landhaus

The Landhaus historical building in Linz was built from 1568 till 1658 and visiting it should be on your list of things to do in Austria. The history of the place dates back to 1563, when the place had an old Minorite. In 1800, a fire in the building destroyed the archive, library, and the art gallery and a large part of the villa in the process. The reconstruction work took two years under the supervision of Ferdinand Mayr. Today it has an entrance gate and three courtyards that connect the Klostergasse to the promenade. It is highly recommended that you explore the north portal of the country house that was built in 1570 and is one of the most important Renaissance pieces of the country. The renaissance building also seeks inspiration from Rocco and Baroque style that add to the aesthetic appeal of the structure. The south portal of the structure is sunken in a metal ring that has a diameter of 3.14 meters and bell rings were added in 1956. If you are fond of old architecture, you should definitely visit the place when in Wilhering.


Things to do in Wilhering - Alter Dom

Alter Dom or the Old Cathedral in Linz should be on your list of things to in Austria. It is said that the church was built between 1669 and 1683 and served as a cathedral of the Diocese of Linz. The church was initially known as the Church of Ignatius in honor of the Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the person who founded the Jesuit Order. The first bishop of the church was Ernest Johann Nepomuk. In the year 1909, the function of the building was transferred to a new building. Beethoven wrote his famous three Equali for the four trombones for a performance in the church back in 1812. The architecture is done in Baroque style and has two towers on both the sides of the main door. The interior of the church is done in pink marble and has three side chapels. The church has a high altar that has many statues in marble and was made by Giovanni Battista Colombo and Giovanni Battista Barbarino. The stalls in the church are decorated with dwarfs and monsters made by local artists. The organ was built by Franz Xaver Krismann, and has not been modified since.


Things to do in Wilhering - Grottenbahn

Thinking about what to add to your list of things to do in Austria? How about experiencing the Grottenbahm? It is also known as the Grotto Railway and is a fairytale setting for fashion shows, celebrations, exhibitions, and other events. If you are travelling with children, you should definitely give the place a try as you and your family will be transported to another world. You will be able to experience an unforgettable journey sitting on the Dragon Train that will take you to the Land of Dwarves. The Cave Railway is an important tourist spot in Linz and was installed in 1906 in the Medieval Hilltop Tower. The tickets for adults are € 4.50 per person, for children € 2.30 per person, for groups of 10 people € 1.80, and for a family of four, € 11.50. The opening hours of the place are generally from 10 am to 5 pm but it always a good idea to check the timings and the prices before visiting the place. Lastly, it is important you know that the last ride is 30 minutes before closing time.


Things to do in Wilhering - Höhenrausch 2015

One of things to do in Austria is to be a part of the Höhenrausch which is a cultural and art event in Linz that takes place every year. The event is huge and a number of people take part in it. The venues of the place in the past have been the open culture house, roof of the Passage Shopping Center, the City-Park house, and the Ursulinenhof. The first event took place in 2009 under the Capital of Culture year, whereas in 2011 the event took place under the title of Höhenrausch 2 - bridges in heaven. In 2012, the event took place on a small scale and was known as the sense of noise, whereas the event in 2013 revolved around the theme of towers. The theme of Höhenrausch 2014 was around the theme of moving spaces. Höhenrausch 2015’s theme was the mystery of birds and it took place at the city parking garage, the roof of the Passage shopping center, and the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter. The event took place from May 29 to October 18 and a giant trampoline was built. The Höhenrausch 2016 is themed ‘Other Angels’.


Things to do in Wilhering - Wilhering Abbey

Things to do in Wilhering - Wilhering Abbey

Known for the use of Rococo decorations, the Wilhering Abbey, a Cistercian Monastery located in Upper Austria’s city of Wilhering is a massive tourist attraction. The building was built before the 18th century, but had to be reconstructed again in that era to maintain its structure and transform the castle into a cathedral. If you love exploring old buildings, your list of things to do in Wilhering Abbey should include walking around the vast Abbey which features buildings, guest houses, chapels and art galleries. Once inside the church, you can enjoy some of the greatest works of art by Fritz Frohlich. Another standout work to watch out for includes the Glorification of the Mother of God by B Altomonte. As you move through the church, you can also view the engravings on the walls and the unique design of the choir stalls. If you are traveling with your family, one of the things to do in Wilhering Abbey is to come equipped with a picnic mat and have a picnic meal on the green grass. Don’t forget to bring a camera along to take in the beauty of the place. The lush green areas which are full of well-trimmed bushes, give you a sense of peace to savor.