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Things to do in Yasawa Islands

Yasawa Islands, also known as Ysava and Assawa, is one of the main islands located in the Western Division of Fiji. Home to a number of resorts, Yasawa Islands are a popular tourist destination for people all around the world. Covering an area of almost 32 sq km, and has an altitude of 244 meters. The place is famous for its beautiful resorts and scenic beauty.

Yasawa Islands Fiji

Seen as one of the most famous tourist spots in Fiji, the Yasawa Island have a total of 30 resorts that are spread across 12 islands. The place has many cultural and natural sites to visit and will not disappoint you because of the wide range of activities you can do here. If you are making a plan to visit the islands any time soon, we suggest you make a list of things to do in Yasawa Island. You can get to Yasawa Island by taking a seaplane or take a flight from one of the closer islands which will not take more than half an hour. You will find a number of resorts at the island; therefore, it is better to decide what beforehand what activities you are interested in doing, because trust us, you will never run out of the things to do in Yasawa Island. From snorkeling to getting acquainted with the Fijian culture, you will find it all here at the Yasawa Island.

Places to visit in Yasawa Island

You can begin your trip by visiting the Yasawa or Mamanuca Resorts, the most famous of the many you will find here at the island. If you have a thing for marine life, you cannot miss out the chance to swim and snorkel with sharks and manta rays. There are a number of places to visit in Yasawa Island. A summit walk through the various islands will make you trip worth remembering for the rest of your life. To get a glimpse of the cultural beauty of Fiji, you can visit the villages nearby full of one of the most friendly people you will find on this planet. Seeing the Meke performances will also be an amazing experience. If you are looking for places to visit in Yasawa Island and you are the person who likes adventures, you must try the guided kayaking available or try your hand at sea diving. Having a number of water sports available, you will have plenty of things to do here at the island. When at Yasawa Island, don’t forget to explore the Sawailau caves either by yourself or with a tour guide. From fire dancing, learning traditional crafts and crab racing, you will find all here at the Yasawa Island. After you have enjoyed the day, you can relax by getting a massage at the island and can view the amazing sunset with tube cruise.


Things to do in Yasawa Islands - Nawaka Village

Nawaka is a small village located in Fiji. Comprising of five other villages with 12 clans in total, Nawaka is a beautiful village protecting native Fijian culture and traditions. If you want to have a look at the real culture, traditions and norms of the people of Fiji, this is a must visit place. The village of Nawaka is situated in Fiji’s Western Division. The village life of Nawaka is a true description of the cultural and traditional norms of the country. The village life is busy, not the kind of busy that we normally seen in cities. The life of people here is peaceful busy. As soon as you enter the village, you will see children ready to greet you and running around you in happiness. Visiting the Nausori Highlands, you will get the essence of the real village life of the locals living here. You will also be able to know the custom and traditions that these locals follow and how they spend each of their days. You can go out shopping and buy some souvenirs that you can take back home to help you remember the times you spent in Nawaka. The Wailioaloa Beach which is the best beach you will find in the vicinity. There is a club as well as a resort that can help you have a good time in the area. You will find a lot of locals on the beach and can interact with them to know more about their culture and traditions. You can always visit the Fiji Club which offers a number of exciting things to do and will keep you busy and occupied on your trip to Nawaka. From swimming pools to restaurants and amazing food.


Things to do in Yasawa Islands - Koroyanitu National Park

Things to do in Yasawa Islands -  Koroyanitu National Park

If you are a passionate hiker or nature lover, this park is definitely worth a visit. There are six villages within the Koroyanitu National Park that cooperate as part of an ecotourism project. This paradise garden will freeze you with its amazing natural beauty. They maintain the landscape and tracks and subsequently earn tourism dollars through the village and manning the office. The area has beautiful walks through native Dakua forests and grasslands, bird-watching, archeological sites and waterfalls. At the point when many people consider Fiji holiday bundles, they then consider the sunshine, beaches, sparkling water and a relaxing, tropical environment. While these elements and traits can absolutely be discovered and experienced in the island country, exploring at least one of the nation's national parks is an awesome consideration in your Fiji holiday visit. Around 10 km southeast of Lautoka, Koroyanitu National Park has the most accessible walking trails of Fiji’s two National Heritage Parks. The park was created in 1992 to keep the area’s natural forests and endemic birdlife from clearing for pine forest and encroaching grasslands. The mountain forms the belly of the Sleeping Giant and from the summit you can see all the way back to Lautoka and crosswise over to the Yasawa Islands. Then again, a simple two-hour circle trail takes a verdant edge to Savuione Falls which tumbles 80m in two levels to a profound water fall. From the falls, the trail drops into thick dakua woodland back to Vereni Falls near Abaca Village. Climb from Nase Lodge to the summit of Castle Rock and be remunerated with all-encompassing perspectives of the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, permits five hours including the entry trek. There is additionally a two-hour trek that takes in a waterfall and the terraced gardens at the towns of Tunutunu and Navuratu. From Navilawa village, you can take a full-day hike to Mount Batilamu Koroyanitu National Park, which offers splendid views of Nadi Bay; while a full-day hike to Mt Koroyanitu takes in the remains of a fortified village. You can also experience highland village culture by staying with a family in Abaca. Village stays are $80 per night, including all meals and can be organized through the Abaca Visitor Centre.