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Things to do in Zaghouan

Zaghouan is a famous tourist destination located in Tunisia. The town is located on a low ridge near the Dorsale Mountains. It is built on the famous Roman site of Zigus. The area is famous for its historical aqueducts and water temple that were built during the Roman times. It is also famous for its roses that are said to be originally cultivated by the Muslim refugees who arrived in the city during the 17th century.

Zaghouan attractions

In the Northeast of Tunisia, and around 50 miles from Tunis, lies Mount Zaghouan which has a height of 1,295m. This makes it the highest peak in the east of Tunisia. Below on its fertile, northern slope, the town of Zaghouan is situated at an elevation of 4,249 feet and with an estimated population of 38,445. Visiting the site of the Roman temple in the south of the city at the mountain is one of the things to do in Zaghouan. The Temple de Eaux (also known as the Temple of Water) is the location of a canal network and aqueduct that was constructed in the 2nd century by the then emperor Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus. These Roman hydraulic contraptions are still used to transport water more than 80 miles from Zaghouan to Carthage. This Roman site is called Zigus. The city hosts a lot of tourists and there are many things to do in Zaghouan that will not let you get bored on your trip. The remains of the Roman monuments and architecture will keep you interested and entertained. The small town of Zaghouan is famous for its production of rose essence. The availability of ample water and the fertile soil gives Zaghouan the opportunity to become a thriving agricultural site.

Places to visit in Zaghouan

If you are planning to visit this city and are wondering about the things to do in Zaghouan, we have a comprehensive list of the places to visit in Zaghouan to guide you. As we’ve mentioned before, the Temple de Eaux is a historical site of great importance, and visiting it should be on the top of your list of things to do in Zaghouan. Every part of the temple has its own story, and the beautiful scenes surrounding the ruins will provide a perfect backdrop for your pictures. If the temple interests you, then the next stop for your list of places to visit in Zaghouana should be the Roman aqueduct and canal system. The best remains of this construction are found near Oudna on the Zaghouan-Tunis road. The saint patron of Tunis, Sidi Ali Azouz is said to be buried in Zawouia. The Zawouia of Sidi Ali Azouz is decorated with green tiles and a beautiful green dome. The inside of the architecture is just as stunning. The Er-Rahama Mosque is one other piece of architectural beauty. It is famous for its octagonal minaret that can be seen from a long way. Visiting this legacy of the Ottoman style architecture is one of the most important things to do in Zaghouan.


Things to do in Zaghouan - Temple of Water

Things to do in Zaghouan - Temple of Water

The Temple of Water is a unique destination on your travels. Unlike the rest of the locations on your travel, the temple of water was designed as a temple by the people of the area to pay homage to the god of water. The temple has a connection with water which is visible in terms of art, performance and quality. At the end of the day, the Temple of Water can give you a chance to marvel at the stunning locality and take memorable pictures.