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How to register?

Just set your email and password and we will create your account for you to enjoy all TouristTube features. You can fill in your profile info at your convenience.

How to change your password?

Sign-in. Go to account info / Account settings. Fill in your old and new passwords.

What is the maximum space available to users?

You are offered as a TouristTube registered user 1Tb dedicated private cloud space for your personal use.

What are Touristtube main features?

  • Tourist Channels – satisfy the online business needs of tourism professionals and organizations

  • Multimedia sharing – upload your videos and photos and albums

  • Mobile applications, downloadable on Android

  • Trace reviews and ratings back to trusted people belonging to a familiar group

  • Build communities and connect people based on common interests, using suggestions by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms working in the background.

How to upload photos and videos?

Sign in. Select upload. Select photos and videos from your device and upload them.

How to search for media?

Click search bar and specify photos, videos, or tubers. Fine-tune your search by selecting a theme / category.

How to edit a photo?

Sign-in. Go to My Photos. Select the photo and click edit. You can edit both text attributes and photo look.

How to edit a video?

Sign-in. Go to My Videos. Select the video and click edit. You can edit text attributes of the selected video.

How to create an album?

Sign-in. Go to My Albums. You can create albums and edit their content and properties.

How to setup your channel on touristtube.com?

Sign-in. In Tourist Channels, select create your channel and fill in your info.

How to view your channels on touristtube.com?

Sign-in. In Tourist Channels, select the drop down arrow and select view all my channels.

How to create a sub-channel?

Select the top channel from my channels view and click embed channel; then fill in the info for the sub-channel.

How to review and rate a hotel / restaurant?

Select / Search for the venue you like to review. Fill in your reviews and ratings and submit them.

How to report an issue?

Contact us at info@touristtube.com