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Meilleures attractions à visiter à Amsterdam

1. Le Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam

Le Rijksmuseum

2. Le musée de Van Gogh - Amsterdam

Le musee de Van Gogh

3. Musée de la maison Rembrandt - Amsterdam

Musee de la maison Rembrandt

4. Le musée de Anne Frank - Amsterdam

Le musee de Anne Frank

5. Le Palais Royal - Amsterdam

Le Palais Royal

6. Place du Dam - Amsterdam

Place du Dam

7. Le Stedelijk: le musée municipal d'Amsterdam - Amsterdam

Le Stedelijk le musee municipal d Amsterdam

8. Le Begijnhof - Amsterdam

Le Begijnhof

9. Expérience de Heineken - Amsterdam

Experience de Heineken

10. Museumplein - Amsterdam


Destinations similaires à visiter

Que faire a Rotterdam

Que faire à Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a Dutch city in South Holland, it is known as the major port city of the country. There, tourists can enjoy trendy nightlife experience and special shopping places. The city is also home to many interesting and important museums and historical landmarks such as The Maritime Museum, the Pilgrim ...

Que faire a La Haye

Que faire à La Haye

The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland and is the main city of the Dutch government. This city is home to many places that tourists can visit; churches, museums, palaces such as The Binnenhof, Ridderzaal, The Peace Palace ... The Hague is a must-visit city once you visit the Netherlands.

Que faire a Utrecht

Que faire à Utrecht

Known as a religious city in the Netherlands, Utrecht is a touristic place that attracts a lot of tourists every year. There, you can find an old medieval town whit many Christian landmarks and monuments like the Domtoren, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin, The Museum Catharijneconvent and many other.