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Meilleures attractions à visiter à Barcelona

11. Casa Terradas "Casa de les Punxes" - Barcelona

Casa Terradas Casa de les Punxes

Casa Terradas - "Casa de les Punxes" A "substantial Gothic château" remaining amidst Barcelona's Avinguda Diagonal gets the attention of any guest to the city. The "Casa de les Punxes" (House of Spikes) is truly a private square inherent the state of medieval mansion which is a standout amongst the most conspicuous modernista historic points on the Barcelona horizon. he earthenware boards surmounting the façade allude to the devoted images of Catalonia. Another case of the patriotism that regularly pervades Catalan "modernisme".


12. La Union y el Fenix - Barcelona

La Union y el Fenix

This La Unión y el Fénix building, planned by modeler Luís Gutiérrez Soto in 1964, is a standout amongst the most illustrative on the Madrid horizon. This tower was worked to stamp the century festivities of La Unión y el Fénix Español, as the choice was made to make new base camp for this organization. The Casa Thomas stands on Carrer Mallorca. It is an example of the highly decorative, purest modernista style, and Casa Sayrach is one of the last modernista buildings in Barcelona stands imposingly on the Avinguda Diagonal.


13. Church of La Concepció - Barcelona

Church of La Concepcio

When you gone over the congregation of La Concepció in the heart of the Eixample locale, you'll find a sanctuary of peace in the focal point of Barcelona. However in chapel of La Concepció, a question stays unanswered: what is a Gothic church doing amidst the present day city? The way to this Barcelona mystery lies ever. some portion of the Monasteri de Santa Maria de Jonqueres are likewise the must went to places in light of his awesome structures.


14. Palau Baró de Quadras - Barcelona

Palau Baro de Quadras

The Palau Baró de Quadras is a little Modernista royal residence, worked in the vicinity of 1904 and 1906 by modeler Puig i Cadafalch. On one side, a neo-Gothic palazzo and, on the other, a "modernista" private square, the Palau Baró de Quadras is a chocolate box overflowing with creative energy which changes relying upon which side you see it from. Once inside, a case of astonishments opens up, loaded with mixed beautifying points of interest and refined taste. It is an unquestionable requirement visit put for tourism.


15. Dr. Robert Monument - Barcelona

Dr Robert Monument

Landmark to Dr Robert is a 12-meter-high landmark, committed to Dr Robert, can be found in the focal point of the Plaça Tetuan, in Barcelona's Eixample region. The figure pays tribute to the man who was leader of Barcelona at the end of the nineteenth century. Landmark to Dr Robert a landmark paid for by the general population of Barcelona which was moved to this square in 1985. The landmark likewise speaks to the restoration of majority rule government and flexibility in Catalonia.


16. Plaça Catalunya - Barcelona

Placa Catalunya

Plaça Catalunya is viewed as the focal most purpose of Barcelona downtown area and, for some voyager, will likewise be the fundamental transport center for their trip. Plaça Catalunya has a substantial focal square (really it's round fit as a fiddle) as its concentration and here you will discover wellsprings, figures and grass borderlines - an appreciated desert garden of green in the heart of the city. Amid celebration times (which appear to happen rather every now and again) there are frequently live melodic exhibitions given in Plaça de Catalunya and the square will be pressed brimming with spectators.


17. Rambla de Catalunya - Barcelona

Rambla de Catalunya

Rambla de Catalunya is rich road is the regular continuation of Barcelona's Rambla, and is contaminated with the abundance of the neighboring Passeig de Gràcia. Regardless of whether you're heading towards the mountains or down to the ocean, the kilometer-long Rambla Catalunya exhibits an exceptional retail advertising. The Rambla Catalunya runs parallel to the chic Passeig de Gràcia and the bustling Carrer Balmes. One either side of the road, there are structures with a plenty of modernista points of interest.


18. The Fundació Antoni Tàpies - Barcelona

The Fundacio Antoni Tapies

The Fundació Antoni Tàpies is both a spearheading Modernista building (finished in 1885) and the real accumulation of driving twentieth century Catalan craftsman Antoni Tàpies. A man known for his obscure work, Tàpies kicked the bucket in February 2012, matured 88; he deserted an effective scope of depictions and an establishment expected to advance contemporary specialists. The Fundació Antoni Tàpies building, planned by Domènech i Montaner for the distributing house Editorial Montaner i Simón (keep running by a cousin of the planner), joins a block secured press outline with Islamic-roused embellishment.


19. La Conceptió Market - Barcelona

La Conceptio Market

La Conceptió Market was implicit 1888 in the focal point of Barcelona, in the Eixample District, one of the most seasoned of Barcelona. Today known to be the bloom market of Barcelona. For planters voyagers and inquisitive: numerous assortments of garden blossoms and seeds. La Conceptió Market's needs to be your "place" the perfect meeting place for shopping, talk, appreciate an eating knowledge and social all around. Hence, aside from an extensive variety of nourishment, you will discover exercises for all ages.


20. Gayxample - Barcelona


Gayxample, the gay area of Barcelona and its appeal. L, Eixample, the Gayxample region of Barcelona second to none is one of the best territories of the city. Despite the fact that in any piece of the city condal inhales a demeanor of flexibility and mental openness in this gay zone is significantly more noteworthy. An area brimming with individuals of all ages, neighborhood shops, greengrocers and the best shops of garments and bars in Barcelona. A place to visit if or if and to make the most of its kin.


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